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Saturday, 9 a.m. October 7th - 1 p.m. October 8th
Dreamland, Worcester, Vermont

Dreamwork is one of the most ancient spiritual/healing practices of humankind, having maintained its influence since Neolithic times. Through this ancient practice, we can discover a deep well of wisdom not only reflective of our personal journey but also of the earth’s dreaming us awake to Her. Both the inner wilds of our dreams and the outer wilderness of the more than human world are two of the most potent guides to experiencing the depth of our soul’s essence. EcoDreaming, an introductory program offered as part of Dreaming Back to the Earth, offers an opportunity to weave the guidance of the dream and the earth’s wisdom as a path to healing the personal and ecological self within.

In this 2-day immersion we will wander the wilderness of our inner and outer worlds. We will explore dreams in a supportive group setting through direct dialogue, wandering the earth, ritual, the expressive arts, movement, imagery, and music. These practices are designed to elucidate the dream realm, illuminate the natural world, and infuse our waking life with a sense of creativity and sacred earth connection. We will re-enter our dreams while deepening our conversation with the more than human world. No prior dreamwork experience is needed. Please bring one or two recent dreams with which to work.

Breakfast and lunches are the responsibility of each participant. We will have a potluck dinner, so please bring something to share for Saturday night. We will provide coffee, teas and water. Participants are also responsible for their own transportation to and from the program location. Participants can camp out on Dreamland and there are local hotels in the area. We will also have an altar for sacred items, so feel free to bring an item of importance to you that you would like to have on the altar. More information will be provided upon registration.

Come prepared to wander among the trees and play with clouds and butterflies in any type of weather.


This workshop is offered by Mary Kay Kasper, a Dreamworker, Pagan Spiritual Counselor & Druid and Laura Smith, an Archetypal Dreamwork Practitioner and Student of the Green Mountain Druid Order.

Cost: $149 per person includes camping spot, snacks, coffee & tea.

Location: Dreamland, Worcester, Vermont 802-505-8011. Home to the Green Mountain Druid Order, Dreamland offers a mystical and sacred gathering place for participants to enter into the dreaming time and Dreaming Back to the Earth.

Get tickets here: Register! or call Laura at 802-734-0180 or Mary Kay at 802-505-8862.


Dreamland, Worcester, Vermont


Mary Kay Kasper works with the intellectually disabled, is an ecotherapist, dream practitioner, rites of passage & wilderness guide, Druid Priest, and ceremonial leader. She has worked with her dreams for over 25 years, facilitated shamanic dream groups and instructed college courses on The Psychology of Dreams and Ecopsychology. She has presented workshops on Shamanic and Integrative dreamwork as well as Pagan Spirituality. She is a seeker of pathways that guide us to wholeness through the deep invitation of our relationships to each other, our dreams, and the more than human world. "Way of the Birch" is a program created to share her passion for teaching and mentoring those who desire to seek this path to wholeness through the mysteries of our soul-rooted relationship to the earth.

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Laura Smith is an Archetypal Dreamwork Practitioner, working with clients nationally and internationally. She has a background in shamanic work and is currently a student with the Green Mountain Druid Order. She lives in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont with her partner of 19 years raising heritage breed livestock on their 78 acre farm. When she's not wrangling sheep, you can find her painting or writing in her studio, connecting to the healing energy of the earth, or engaged in laughter and general mayhem with her friends and family on various parts of the globe. She regularly blogs about her journey through dreams on the dream blog In Search of Puella and her art work has been has been published DeLuge Magazine (2011, 2012, 2015), Collective Magazine (2014), Still Point Arts Quarterly (2014), ARAS, The Poetry Portal (2014), The Light Ekphrastic (2015), and The Global Question (2016). Find out more about Archetypal Dreamwork with Laura Smith on her website

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