August is for Peaches, Grilling, Vinaigrettes and The Mighty Tomato!Mmmmm, Peaches Peaches are here and they are awesome! If you have access to far

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August is for Peaches, Grilling, Vinaigrettes and The Mighty Tomato!

Mmmmm, Peaches

Peaches in baskets photos by rex hammock

Peaches are here and they are awesome!
If you have access to farm stands, these peaches will be the freshest and most flavorful. If you are the the mercy your nearby grocery market's ethics - ask the produce buyer which peaches are local and when they arrived. This will give you a good indication of which peaches will yield perfect texture, flavor and water content.
I have a few suggestions for adding this season's peaches to drinks, sauces, rice dishes and desserts.

Mastering Vinaigrette

inside of a blender from Vivere Libero

The perfect condiment in so many ways - Vinaigrettes can brighten up more than the most basic of greens. The right balance of acidic tang with smooth oil texture can transform dishes in every category. If you have a blender, food processor or simple whisk, you can create your own magic.
Here are a few great vinaigrette recipes as well as the basics of understanding the different types of vinegars and oils.

Learn Perfect Grill Results Right Here

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You can grill anything you can cook in your oven! Keep your house cool, your taste buds happy and amaze your friends and family with your grill savvy!
Its all right here - the three steps to grilling greatness!

Build a better Caprese Salad

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IMG 1382
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Gorgeous Heirloom tomatoes are here! They are delicious eaten alone just as you would a piece of fruit - but they are also wonderful in Italian summer classic: caprese. Just a few slices of perfect tomatoes, fresh mozzarella (or buffola mozzarella, burrata, cieligini, or even as pictured above whipped goat cheese) and add either a few fresh basil leaves or a teaspoon of freshly prepared pesto. Some prefer this with a balsamic reduction - but I prefer the tomatoes to be the standout flavor in this dish! You may choose to lightly salt the tomato slices first - just make sure to let them rest on a clean kitchen towel a few minutes before assembly to absorb any excess liquid.
For interesting variations, consider scooping the seeds out of a larger beefsteak tomato and layering in your sliced of heirlooms and fresh mozzarella - or Create a Napoleon style Caprese with slices of tomatoes, mozzarella held into layers with parmesan frico chips between every two slices.

A Perfect Summer Evening

IMG 1295

If I were to create for you a perfect summer evening it would be in a field of wildflowers at sunset.
We would start with chilled Languedoc rosè Rose, and shared table antipasti full of figs, mixed milk cheeses, Charcuterie,olives and breads.
There may be some delicious ceviche and crudo in chilled martini glasses.
And as the sun descends we must share nice slice of a white peach napolean as we toast to summer!

Book Your Fall and Holiday Parties Now

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For many of us, August is bittersweet - we never want summer to end but look forward to the happy times Fall will bring. Autumn produce is exciting full of deep flavors, heartier textures and reunions with friends who have been out of town.
If you are considering having friends or family over for dinner, contact me and book your dates now.
I currently have two remaining weekends in each Fall Month: September, October and November. I hope to be cooking for you soon.

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