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Discover Your Story Matters

Inspiration & Guidance:
- Celebrating The Natural World: The Universe In Verse Show
Including David Byrne, Neil Gaiman & Regina Spektor
-The Poetry of The Color Spectrum Of Sadness
-Writing Exercise: In This Moment
-Creative Rites Sanctuary Group on Facebook- Resources & Inspiration

NEW, FUN CLASS- Pet Lit Writing: Using Our Animals As Catalysts For Creativity Starts 5/8
-4 Week Session Using Our Pets To Enhance The Creative Process for Memoir, Personal Essays, Solo-Show, Storytelling, Alt Comedy, Plays, Poetry, Fiction, Creative Expression
-Sliding Scale Tuition

Mother's Day Celebration For Pet Moms! 5/10, 4pm
-Have fun with other 'Pet Moms' & nurture your creative spirit
-By Donation

We Need Each Other's Stories: Connect & Be Seen- Spring Online Session
-Sliding Scale Classes for: Memoir, Personal Essays, Solo-Shows, Storytelling, Alt Comedy, Plays, Poetry, Fiction, Creative Expression
-New Students: Take 1 Class To Sample The Creative Rites Method

FREE CONSULT- Story, Solo-Show, Dream Project or Jumpstart Your Writing & Creativity

Develop, Workshop & Perform Your Solo-Show
-Free Solo-Show Consult_
-The Next 6 Month Solo-Show Master Class Starts in September
-Also Offered: 6wk & 10wk Classes, Coaching, Script Critiques, Project Consults To Start, Continue Or Finish Your Solo-Show

-Creative Rites Referrals
-Refer a Friend and Receive a Class Discount or Coaching Session

-Creative Rites Services:
-Coaching, Critiques, Project Consults, Creative Tune-Ups, Mini-Writing
Retreats & Coaching Packages to Start, Continue or Finish Your Dream Project'


Inspiration & Guidance:

I'm featuring poetry because I believe in addition to the stress and challenges of the quarantine, it has also brought about a time of profound contemplation and observation and a greater appreciation and connection to nature, which can be expressed through poems.

The links below come from the fabulous compendium of Art, Literature, Culture & Science- Brain Pickings

The Universe in Verse is an annual show that "Celebrates the science and splendor of nature" through poems, music, and stories by acclaimed writers, musicians & scientists including Neil Gaiman, David Byrne & Regina Spektor
The Universe In Verse- 2019 Full Show
Excerpts of The Universe In Verse-2020

Here's an article & poem featuring Poet Mary Ruefle’s Stunning Color Spectrum of Sadnesses “Pink sadness… is the sadness of shame when you have done nothing wrong, pink sadness is not your fault,
Here's an excerpt from the article:
Two centuries after Goethe contemplated the psychology of color and emotion, Ruefle’s chromatic taxonomy of sadness cracks open the eggshell of our fragility to reveal within it a kaleidoscope coruscating with irrepressible aliveness.

Invitation to join the CREATIVE RITES SANCTUARY
I've started Creative Rites Sanctuary on Facebook as a place for community, connection and well-being.

You're welcome to post any form of your creative expression, or art that moves you, or anything you find soothing or inspiring. I've already posted lots of resources and Arts offerings. There are 2 pages- You can join the Creative Rites Sanctuary - Public Page

The Creative Rites Sanctuary Group is Private and more accessible and responsive- so if you are interested in the Creative Rites Sanctuary- I recommend you join this one. You can request to join on The Creative Rites Sanctuary Group Page

Writing Exercise
To Prepare
Relaxing and slowing down allows you to listen within and connect to your muse and creative instincts. Close your eyes and take a few moments to breathe slowly and deeply. Breathe so that your stomach expands, then exhale slowly, do this for at least a minute or two, to allow your mind and thoughts to slow down To release tension- Consider doing a slow neck roll clockwise and then reverse, then do a shoulder roll forward, then reverse.
Finally-congratulate yourself for having a voice and listening to your creative muse which is always ready when you are.

For Optimum Results- Don't read ahead until you've done each step

Writing Exercise: In This Moment
Here's an exercise to explore a moment expressionistically, with sensory details or observe the world sensorily.

Here's a choice of writing prompts:
-1 Write down a sound, color & image, that describes how you're feeling in this moment.

-2 Look out the window and select a sound, color & image that you see & hear.

-3 Take a walk and notice a color, sound & image that grabs your attention. They don't have to be connected. You can select each one individually during the walk. You can decide if you want to take a photo of the color & image and, if it's feasible, to record the sound as reference when you return from the walk and start writing.

You can apply this exercise to yourself, or- write from the point of view of a person or character in your story.

Based on the prompt you selected- Write about the sound, color and image that you've identified or- are feeling.
If it interests you, see how specific you can get about these three sensory details and see where it lead you. As always, if it goes someplace else, trust wherever your imagination takes you.

Allow yourself to be surprised about the form the writing takes- be it a poem, prose or perhaps a memory or story.
Write for 5-8 minutes, longer if you'd like.

After You've Done The Exercise
What we or our characters notice, reveal our state of being and is an effective, concrete way for the reader or audience to understand you or your character.

In my workshops, we do an in-class exercise like this one, to spark ideas, practice releasing the inner-critic and help you investigate your story. The exercises can also be tailored to a story or character you're working on.

If you like writing exercises to spark ideas or guidance-- I offer coaching and can tailor exercises for your writing practice or a project you're working on. I also offer story/ script critiques project consults creative tune-ups & mini-writing retreat

If you’d like to share any writing or ideas that comes out of this exercise- you can email me or join my Creative Rites page by 'liking' Creative Rites Facebook page

Rev. Pet Lit Writing Workshop for Newsletter

Pet Lit Writing Workshop

I'm excited to be offering this NEW, FUN 4 WEEK Session
May 8 - May 29, Fridays - 12pm*
*If you're interested but have a schedule conflict, it can be on a
Monday, Wednesday or Friday afternoon or evening-Let me know your availability

As many of you know I'm an animal person and began offering writing and creativity classes a few years ago, featuring Nigerian Dwarf Goats because of the impact animals have on us to relax, de-stress, be in the moment, be non-judgmental and connect us to our playful creative spirit.

I just did a PET LIT STORYTELLING PARTY and it was so fun and joyful, that I want to continue online writing experiences with animals, so I've created this class, which is ideal for live-stream, since we can write with our pets, without concern if everyone's pets will get along with each other.

Pet Lit Writing Workshop is for all forms of Writing & Creative Expression:
Memoir, Personal Essays, Solo-Shows, Storytelling, Alt Comedy, Poetry, Fiction, Plays, Stories, Journaling & Creative Expression.


This class is about allowing our animals to calm, soothe and connect us to our playful, creative spirit without judgement. You’ll be guided through fun mindfulness & meditations exercises as well as writing & creativity exercises, with your pet by your side, to write, express & tell stories with fellow pet lovers.

$225 - For those that are working or able to pay the standard rate

Sliding Scale
$90-160 For those financially affected by the quarantine
Tuition payment plans can be arranged

For More Info/To Register / 310-281-3175

 me in hat julia C.U.

With My Mother's Day Celebration Co-Host Julia

Mother's Day Celebration For Pet Moms!

Sunday, May 10, 4pm- 6pm pdt
Here'a a unique way to Celebrate Mother's Day & have fun with other
'Pet Moms' to nurture your creative spirit & enjoy community &
connection with those who share your love & deep bond with animals.

You'll be led through fun writing & storytelling exercises to share stories
& joyous moments of being a Mom to our animal companions.
All levels welcome, no previous writing experience needed
Celebration live-streamed on Zoom

I want this to be accessible to all Pet Moms who'd love
& need a fun afternoon, so this is by Donation.
Eventbrite Ticket Registration/More Info
You'll receive the Zoom link following the ticket registration

Keep Calm Free Consult Story Solo-Show Project- newsletter


Get Guidance, Support & Encouragement

We all need guidance, support & encouragement to begin, continue or finish a creative project. Or-- would you like to reignite your creativity. Contact me and I'd be delighted to help you with an idea, story, creative project, TED Talk, etc. Or if you'd like to start a writing practice or any form of creative expression this year.

To schedule your Consult - (310) 281-3175 /

Creative Rites Story Sanctuary

Creative Rites Story Sanctuary

Online Classes For Writing, Connection & Well-Being

You're welcome to join the spring session, each class is self-contained, so you won't be behind.

I know we're all affected by the Covid quarantine so having community, connection & creative expression is a way to help yourself cope during this challenging time. Thank goodness for the technology that allows us to gather as a group and see and hear each other.

Whether you're working on a project you want to keep going with and receive support, guidance and encouragement, or would love to take a break from the stress of the world, to nurture your creative spirit-- I'd be overjoyed for us to create, have fun, laugh, mine the absurdities and be part of the sacred giving & receiving of each other's stories, wisdom and experiences.

Be part of a supportive, creative community and receive guidance to release the inner-critic, write from a wildly creative place, strengthen your storytelling skills and discover the deepest truth of your stories.

Each class is self-contained, so you won't be behind if you begin after the session's started, space permitting.
Special Offer For New Students
-Take 1 class, if it's a good fit, you can then register for the session

Tuesday 7pm pdt
Thursday 12pm pdt
If there's interest- a weekday or weekend class can be added

All Classes will be on Zoom, PDT
If you don't have Zoom- it's easy to use & quick to download

Donations For Scholarships
If you happen to be in the position to do so and would like to help subsidize those that can't afford class, you can make a donation towards Class Scholarships

Info/To Register / (310) 281-3175

Classes For All Forms Of Creative Writing or Writing For Performance:
- Memoir, Personal Essays, Storytelling, Alt Comedy, Fiction & Plays, Screenplays
- Truth Lies & Memory: Creating The One-Person Show
- Creative Expression
- Solo-Show Master Class- 6 Month Intensive- Starts in September

All classes are taught concurrently except for the 6 Month Solo-Show Master Class, so you can write in any genre & your feedback is tailored to whatever you're working on in class

If you're not able to fit classes into your schedule or prefer to work One-on-One, Private Coaching is also available- via phone, Zoom, Skype or Facetime

-Creative Rites Services:
-Coaching, Critiques, Project Consults, Creative Tune-Ups, Mini-Writing Retreats & Coaching Packages to Start, Continue or Finish Your Dream Project
Coaching can be done by phone, Zoom, Skype or Facetime

Creative Rite-es include; Doctors, plumbers, visual artists, actors, writers, moms, therapists, lawyers, an ex-nun, an infomercial producer, a neuroscientist, a ballerina AND.. LARAINE NEWMAN (original SNL Cast Member), JACKIE TOHN (Glow) MELORA HARDIN (The Office, Transparent) OLIVIA D'ABO (The Wonder Years) HEATHER WOODBURY (Obie-Award Winner) ANN RANDOLPH (Squeezebox, produced by Mel Brooks/Anne Bancroft, Off-Broadway) JOHN FUGELSANG (Sirius Radio Host, PBS- The American Dream, Best Monologist- Manhattan Theater Club) LOUISE GOFFIN (Acclaimed Singer/Songwriter) CATHY LADMAN (National Stand-Up, I'm Dying Up Here) MELANIE CHARTOFF (Broadway, RugRats) ROMA MAFFIA (Nip & Tuck) ROBERT WISDOM (The Wire), JEANNE DARST (Fiction Ruined My Family) LISA CRON (Wired For Story & Story Genius) SHAWN HOWARD (The Single Guy) CATHERYN BROCKETT (The Dysfunctional Family Fun Book) ANDREA ASKOWITZ (My Miserable, Lonely Lesbian Pregnancy) SUSAN ISAACS (Angry Conversations With God- Memoir & Solo-Show- Winner Best Adaption, United Solo-Show Festival) HANK ROSENFELD (The Wicked Wit Of The West) STEVE MIZE Best Comedy- United Solo-Show Festival) JONNA IVIN (Will Love For Crumbs) JEAN FRANZBLAU (Coming Out Kinky) LIZ FEMI (Take Me To The Poorhouse-Best International Show- Hollywood Fringe Festival, Best Solo-Show Nominee-NAACP Theatre Awards) MICHAEL KASS (Ceremony-Best in Show- San Francisco Fringe Festival) STEVE MIZE (Life Audited- Best Comedy, United Solo-Show Festival) JACK SUNDMACHER (Fragmented-Selected to be published by The United Solo-Show Festival) AUDREY FREUDBERG (Breaking Through The Wall) CINDY CHANIN (Broadway-Annie & The Secret Garden) JENNIFER HOWD (Sit, Walk, Don't Talk) & Kelly Carlin (Carlin Home Companion- Memoir & Solo-Show)

take the leap-your solo-show dream artwork

Dare Yourself To Dazzle: Create & Soar On-Stage

Guidance, Support & Community To Create, Workshop & Perform
Your Solo-Show In 6 Months

The Next Solo-Show Master Class Starts in September

Small Class Size, Enrollment by interview/invitation

Call For A Complementary Consultation

If you'd like guidance & support- Here are ways I can help during our consult session:
-How to begin developing a Solo-Show
-A jumpstart to continue or finish your Solo-Show
- Chat about your idea(s) for a Solo-Show
- Questions about Solo-Shows and the opportunities and benefits of Solo-Performance

To schedule your Consult - (310) 281-3175 /
For more info:
(310) 281-3175 /

Here's a way to make your Solo-Show Dream A Reality.
If you've always wanted to develop a Solo-Show and don't know where to start, or--you've been working on a Solo-Show and want to finally finish it.

You'll receive guidance, support, encouragement & community to Create, Workshop & Perform a Full-Length Solo-Show. From the first draft to a workshop performance, through weekly classes, writing and performance exercises and assignments, private coaching and script critiques

Nobody is born knowing how to do a One-Person Show.
Everyone has doubts of whether they can create a show or if anyone will care about their story. That's the beauty of being in community with your solo-performance classmates. You cheer each other on, you become engaged and connected to each other's stories. And you have a safe, supportive place to try things out.

I know what it takes to create a solo-show since I am a Solo-Performer. I know the doubts, obstacles and fears that arise and apply my knowledge and experience as a Solo-Performer, Facilitator, Director & Dramaturge to help you mine the humor, truth and wisdom of what you want to say with clarity, authenticity and theatricality

The only requirement to take this class is the willingness to discover the
story you need and want to tell.

I can help you investigate the story that wants to emerge and then help you shape and structure your creative vision.

The class culminates with a full length workshop performance for an invited audience.

Private Coaching Packages Also Offered Tailored To Fit Your Schedule

Workshop Package Includes:
- 6 Months of weekly classes
- 6 Private Coaching Sessions
- 2 Script Critiques
- Handouts: To Help With Structure, Scheduling, Support, Recommended Books & Solo-Shows & The Solo-Show Genre
- FREE Creative Rites Classes the last 5 Weeks leading up to your performance
- 40 min, 50 min & 60 min in-class performances with written feedback- to allow you to workshop large chunks of material & prepare you for the final workshop performance.
- Full Length Workshop Performance for an invited audience
- Post-Show Consult

If you're not able to fit classes into your schedule or prefer to work One-on-One, Private Coaching is also available
-Creative Rites Services:
-Coaching, Critiques, Project Consults, Creative Tune-Ups, Mini-Writing Retreats & Coaching Packages to Start, Continue or Finish Your Dream Project

Solo-Show Clients & Master Class Student's Testimonials:

You're the best at this.
- Mimi Kennedy (Dharma & Greg, Midnight in Paris, Mom)

I think we are doing great work together. it's so great to have to write and think and get something out without the time really to judge it. I'm enjoying the process. Thanks for everything.
-Melora Hardin (The Office, Transparent, Cabaret on Broadway)

Terrie’s class is gold to me. She allows one to explore and go deep in such a safe, nurturing environment. I developed all my pieces in her workshop. Her comments and guidance are so right on! -Ann Randolph 'Sqeezebox' produced by Mel Brooks, 'Loveland' Best Solo-Show, LA Weekly, Inappropriate In All The Right Ways- Touring Nationally & Internationally

Whether you are tapped out or yet to be tapped, Terrie S. will get that maple syrup of the muse flowing. Terrie really helped me out of a creative winter. I recommend her class to any writer or performer. Heather Woodbury, Obie Award-Winner

I was never able to fully integrate my acting and writing until I found Terrie's class. Terrie's nurturing spirit, insight and playful curiosity helped me to develop work I didn't realize I had in me. She helped me write material that mattered, and perform with confidence and vulnerability. I ended up with a solo show and a book deal, and it all came out of Terrie's class. It's the best work I've done in years. -Susan Isaacs, Angry Conversations With God- Memoir & Solo-Show, Best Adapted Solo-Show- United Solo Festival

Terrie helped me to find my authentic voice and gave me the courage to do my one-woman show. I recommend her to anyone who wants to do a solo-show. -Mary-Beth Manning, LA Weekly Best Solo-Show Nominee

I want to thank and congratulate my teacher, Terrie Silverman for guiding me through the writing and performing process which lead to my solo show. An inspiration. She read more than my words, she heard my soul. She kept me off-balance, without letting me fall, and she inspired throughout. I have exercises, habits, and rituals to incite my creativity and being forth inspiration. I now have no fear in the process. Everything is valuable, nothing is fruitless. Thank you. You are an artist teacher.
- Steve Mize, Winner- Best Comedy, 'Life Audited'- United Solo Festival

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are changing my life.
- Julia Robinson Shimizu, Wacky: Love, Loss, Laughter & Mental Illnes

You are so inspirational, helpful, creative, and kind. - Brian Baldini, Smile Damn It, You're A Clown

Thank you! Honestly, the show would never have gotten written without your workshop.
- Michael Kass-Ceremony, Best in Show- San Francisco Fringe Festival, Pick of the Week- LA WEEKLY, Duende Playwriting Award, Best of the Hollywood Fringe

Thank you Dear Teacher ‪Terrie! This has been such an earth-shaking, enlivening, life changing process you have guided us through and I am so grateful to you for that.- Alan Gaskill, Entitled: An Odyssey of Becoming

I was honored to have this woman, Terrie Silverman, direct both my successful solo shows. Her work is outstanding and her gift to ask qestions and pull out of you your greatest stories in an encouraging, inspiring way is life changing. If you've ever wanted to tell a story, contact Terrie now. - John Fortson, Loveswell- Being developed as a feature film

It's been an amazing experience…thank you a million times for your direction and support. I owe so much to you- my amazing director. - Nancy Murphy, 'Freak Out', Directed by me, Producer's Encore Award, Hollywood Fringe Festival

I could never have gotten that far without your constant support and guidance during my creative wandering and floundering and discovering and crying. I can't fully express how profoundly grateful I am to you for all the guidance and support you provided me over the last six months to bring this story to life. -Laura Carson "Booze, Balls & Bluegrass" Hollywood Fringe Festival
You are so inspirational, helpful, creative, and kind.
- Brian Baldini


Creative Rites Referrals

Receive a Class Discount or Coaching Session
If you know anyone who you think would benefit by working with me- You can get a class discount or private coaching session. I love doing this work and would be honored to help your friends or colleagues jumpstart their writing or dream project or provide a space for them to nurture their creative spirit.
Refer a friend who registers for the workshop or works with me one-on one via: Coaching, Script Critique, Project Consult or Creative Tune-Up and you can select-
a $25 class discount (excludes early reg discount) or a 30 minute coaching session
Refer 2 people who register and get a $50 discount or a 60 minute coaching.

Be part of a creative, supportive community- Click here to join Creative Rites on Face Book

Keep telling your stories!

Your faithful Creative Rite-er,
Terrie Silverman

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