Hello everyone, PHEW this is a long newsletter, but keep reading to the end for a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! (Hint: it includes a TON of free book


Hello everyone,

PHEW this is a long newsletter, but keep reading to the end for a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!

(Hint: it includes a TON of free books!)

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First, I have a new story!

Bonfire Night is a British tradition celebrated every year on the 5th November. I wrote a blog post explaining its origins and the traditions involved here. My story is a 12,000 word sweet romance featuring Holly, a slightly socially awkward pharmacy technician who's been helping her grandad out by doing his allotment while he recovers from a stroke, and Greg, a widower with three young children who's taken on his allotment at the suggestion of their family therapist. There's a bonfire to build, plenty of chat about the best way to stake your brassicas, and of course there will be fireworks...

Bonfire Night: Amazon US | Amazon UK

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A new name! Now this is really exciting. I've been wanting to write some historical romance for AGES. And in fact, I did write some years and years ago, but it was never published anywhere other than my (now defunct) online writing journal. So I've found this old story from the archives, polished it up, finished it, and I'm publishing it as a serial, since that's how it was originally written. Parts one and two of An Offer She Can't Refuse are already available, part three will be up later this weekend and the fourth and final part will be published next weekend. Unlike Bonfire Night, this story does actually include plenty of gunpowder, treason and plot.

But since I'm writing in a different genre, I thought it was time for a new pen name. So, welcome Sophie Carr!

Amazon US: part one | part two
Amazon UK: part one | part two

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A new anthology, available digitally AND in paperback!

happy endings (beginnings, middles) doesn't contain any new stories, but it is a new collection of four old favourites, featuring:
Island Fling
Twelve Days
Last Night of the Summer
Not My Field

If you already own one or more of the individual stories, you're probably better off buying the rest individually, but if you're new to my short stories, then the anthology is the best deal.

happy endings: Amazon US | Amazon UK

I have one final piece of news, which is that I'm experimenting with putting all my self-published short stories into Kindle Select. That's why there are only Amazon buy links for the books mentioned above. I'm NOT putting all my books there and this is only a limited time trial. There's more information on my website about what this means for readers and how you can still read my books without a Kindle (you can, I promise!)


All my books in Kindle Select will be FREE from tomorrow until Bonfire Night!

(That's November 1st to 5th, in case you weren't paying attention at the beginning.

The books included are:

Twelve Days

Last Night of the Summer

Island Fling

Not My Field

Bonfire Night

An Offer She Can't Refuse parts one and two.

Phew, I think that's all the news for now. Happy Bonfire Night, everyone!


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