The spread of perennial forest gardens continues! If you missed the last one, this is your big chance to make a Permablitz in 2014! This is our last


The spread of perennial forest gardens continues!

If you missed the last one, this is your big chance to make a Permablitz in 2014! This is our last blitz of the year and is on the weekend after Thanksgiving, December 6-7 and goes from 9am-5pm each day. It will benefit Clint Small Middle School located at 4801 Monterey Oaks Blvd, Austin, Texas 78749. Breakfast and lunch will be provided both days.

We will be creating a small berm and swale system (earthworks garden) that will be about 60ft in length. Our team of volunteers (that means you!) will then get to plant it with native and cultivated fruit and nut trees, nitrogen fixing farmer's trees, perennial plants and food crops, annual food crops, and cover crops. We will also be installing a drip irrigation system to ensure the health of these trees.

Expect a talk about Permablitzes and permaculture design on Saturday morning around 10am by Kirby Fry.

This site already has many projects that the students currently benefit from including a chicken coop, labyrinth, raised garden beds, and a large greenhouse. I'm so excited we are building a learning space for a permaculture style perennial food garden here!

To Bring:

Digging forks
Pitch forks
Pick Axes
Wheel barrows
Planting tools
Canteen for water
Appropriate clothes for the weather and something you can get dirty in
Your friends!

How to help:

If you have any extra vegetables or food that you have grown please bring it out to share!

You can also share this newsletter and/or event with your friends! Here is the Facebook Event Page as well as the Permablitz Website as an alternate medium for sharing.

This is a community organized and run event that exists purely to serve the people. We organize this event to spread hands on permaculture knowledge to anyone who seeks these invaluable skills.

Please support this movement with a $20 donation

Every dollar goes directly back into these events supplying food and supplies. Thank you so much for your contributions, and for showing up to make these events happen!


Local Food Potluck and Holiday Party at Barr Mansion

Join APG and Sustainable Food Center for our Bi-annual local food potluck in celebration of the Citizen Gardener class graduates and to showcase the final designs of the permaculture design course students.

It kicks off on Sunday, December 14th and goes from 6pm-8:30pm and is located at Barr Mansion. Please bring a dish to share with as many local ingredients as you can. Of course that means from your own backyard too!

This is an excellent opportunity to meet and mingle with members of Austin’s sustainable food movement and to promote your own local food projects. That being said if you own a business or farm please come out and share what you do with us!


The host site for APG needs your help!

The Whole Life Learning Center is the home base for the Austin Permaculture Guild along with One World Permaculture and it is also a private progressive children's school for kiddos 5-13. The core curriculum is based on nature and child-centered learning.

They are helping to support the community growth and interest that has risen up over the past year and they are busting at the seams! Please support them in their Indiegogo Campaign fundraiser so that they can build a new Math and Music Classroom. This will benefit this center of learning and growth in so many age groups and disciplines.


Permaculture Course Inspiration and Gratitude

This past Saturday was the last in our Fall '10 Saturdays' permaculture design course. Every single time one of these courses comes to a close I am filled with gratitude and respect for all of the beautiful people that commit to this practice. I also feel deeply inspired by how many lives we've touched and overjoyed that so many students express to us that their lives are changed forever.

This course truly changes the lens you view the world through. Every single problem is now a solution. What a beautiful paradigm shift to make in the good fight for true regeneration of our ecosystems along with our livelihoods.

If you are feeling as inspired as I am or if you have any friends or family who you feel this course can make an impact on please see our website for more information and to register. This course truly would not exist with out all of the dedicated humans who take the time and space to make this a part of their lives, growing new skills and relationships.

I wish the best to each and every on of you,

Taelor Monroe
APG Visionary Director


An update from our last Permablitz at Green Gate Farms!

At our last blitz we successfully completed the largest earthworks structure we have ever attempted by hand spanning a whopping 240ft! It was all dug completely with human power by volunteers. Great work from the whole gang that was out there!

The farm's owner, Skip, very articulately described the work weekend in this article on the Green Gate website. This is the kind of feedback that makes the time committed to these events so rewarding for all!

You can also see a video of the structure we built here.


Weekly Workdays at the Whole Life Learning Center

If you have a hankerin' to get your hands dirty and learn about permaculture design in the process please come see us here at the Whole Life Learning Center next Friday, December 5th!

You will surely leave here with a smile on your face, dirt on your boots, and as much kale and arugula as you can carry!

We have these workdays every Friday (accept for the day after Thanksgiving). For more info and to share please see our MeetUp Page.


Ouzel Give: Holiday Awareness

Ouzel Give helps non-profits raise awareness and money for their causes. They are currently raising awareness for folks to be generous to others during this season of celebration. Please help out families in need this holiday season by supporting your favorite charity, donating to food drives and by sharing your abundance. Happy Holidays everyone!

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