September 17, 2020

The Sun Rises On

The resilience of the human soul is precious and powerful. Of late, I have been moved by all the good people do for one another. Some days can be really difficult and that is when we need to remember, we are not alone and the sun will rise tomorrow. Nineteen years ago we were attacked and the Twin Towers came down, as well as the Pentagon. Not only did we survive, but in many ways we are now stronger.

Currently, we are dealing with keeping a pandemic at bay and changing the racial injustice that has been keeping us separate for years. Not in the too distant past, we have had wild fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes that devastated peoples homes and taken lives. Any one of these creates huge upheaval and disruption in our lives, but we have been hit with them all in a short time frame.

What do you do to cope? A friend of mine, Award-Winning , multi-platinum songwriter Madeline Stone, co-wrote this beautiful song with Dennis Matkosky and Ty lacy. This inspirational song has helped so many people, me being one of them.

To listen click here

One thing we can be sure of is, we will get through all of these together. In the process I hope we realize on a deeper and deeper level, that we are all one.

Click here if you like Madeline's song and are interested in hearing more of her work.

Offerings for Awareness & Transformation


Virtual Services

Many companies are still not back to the office so On-Site Chair Massage is not the solution for stress reduction these days. Since so many employees are not going back to the office yet, we have found another way to serve many of our clients.

According to Brene Brown, human emotions researcher, professor and author, there are two irreducible things people get out of going to work, connection and a sense of belonging. Our virtual services address these plus stress reduction and self-care.

TLC has created virtual sessions of Self-care and Resilience AND chair massage for couples or housemates. The intention of these virtual sessions is to help participants get relief from the stresses of sitting at computers and other devices for hours at a time. Also, it creates a sense of connection when many people from the office are together in a virtual session.


Are you living the life of your dreams?

Spiritual Enrichment as practical spirituality - These are one on one private virtual sessions to help change your life! With the near publication of my book, "From Stressed to Blessed", I am being called to add to the services I provide to help people live happy, productive lives from a place of their/our essence. You can read more on Total-balance Life Choice - see link below.

Virtual Massage Sessions: $16 for Individuals and $60 for Partners/Couples.
Virtual Spiritual Enrichment - From Stressed to Blessed: $60 for 30-minutes and $90 for 60-minutes

You can sign-up for these services on our website. I will send you the Zoom link once I receive your payment.

To register and pay for a session please Click Here.

Sunday Talks

Sunday, September 20 at 10:30, I will be giving the talk at Unity Center of Norwalk. Click here to join me.

Sunday, September 20, the talk is titled:

Purpose, Possibility and Power

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