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JAD Celebrates its 20th Anniversary During AAIC

Prize Presentation & Journal Overview

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At the recent AAIC meeting in Chicago, JAD celebrated its 20th anniversary by presenting a special commemorative publication that looks at the journey that lies ahead for AD research. The publication is available online: click here (PDF).

Greg Kennedy received the prestigious 2018 Alzheimer Award for his outstanding article on how excercise can reduce the rate of age-associated cognitive decline published in JAD in 2017. He is pictured here with Editor-in-Chief George Perry at the award ceremony.

We were pleased to meet the many delegates who visited our booth. For those who entered our draw to win a free online subscription to JAD, the winner was selected at our booth on the last day of the exhibition and has now been informed.

Board Presentation

Being in Chicago for AAIC was also an opportunity to meet many of the authors, reviewers and Editorial Board members who work tirelessly to make JAD the success that it is. In order to keep our JAD editors, authors, and readers informed of JAD's progress and development, we are pleased to now share the 2018 editorial update. To view the presentation, click here (PDF).

This includes a wealth of highlights and statistics, including the most-viewed papers, the most popular press releases, and interesting journal statistics such as the turnaround times and submission rates. To discover the milestones that have led to JAD becoming a vehicle for more papers on AD than any other journal, and receiving more citations than any other AD-focused journal, delve into the detailed presentation. We wish to thank our authors and editors for their continued support! For questions or feedback contact us at: editorial@j-alz.com.

Click here to view the 2018 JAD Editorial Update and discover the milestones in JAD's 20-year timeline!

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Your chance to win a copy by spreading awareness of JAD during September!

World Alzheimer's Month

September 2018

Every year in September across the globe, efforts are made to increase awareness of AD and dementia – and the ongoing research into the disease – during World Alzheimer's Month (WAM).

JAD, publishing more research papers per year on AD than any other journal, is advancing knowledge in the field. It continues to push for a diversity of approaches to AD, and its Editor-in-Chief George Perry is the key driver in this. He comments: "As well as therapeutic targets that fall well within the bounds of the amyloid hypothesis, some researchers are calling for an exploration of ideas that are beyond the mainstream.” (Read more about what Dr Perry has to say on that topic here.) We are calling on the JAD community to spread awareness of JAD this month, leading up to World Alzheimer's Day on September 21.

Share & Win!

Spread the word about JAD by any of the means outlined below and you will be entered for a chance to win a copy of the new book Alzheimer's Disease: New Beginnings. This book looks to the future and the journey that lies ahead for AD research. It highlights the latest insights in AD research and, specifically, in areas in which major advances have been made and that are expected to impact future research approaches. You can read more about the book here.

How to Enter
Our competition in support of #WAM18 will be shared on JAD's Facebook and Twitter. To enter:
* Go to JAD's timeline on Facebook and "like" the competition post from September 3; or
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Deadline: September 21
All entries received before midnight on September 21 (EST) will be entered into the drawing. The winner will be informed no later than September 30.

Take part and tell us about it!

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Volume 65, Issue 2 / 2018 Available Online

Review Articles

Neuro-Immuno-Gene- and Genome-Editing-Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease: Are We There Yet?Open Access
Raikwar, Sudhanshu P. | Thangavel, Ramasamy | Dubova, Iuliia | Ahmed, Mohammad Ejaz | Selvakumar, Pushpavathi Govindhasamy | Kempuraj, Duraisamy | Zaheer, Smita | Iyer, Shankar | Zaheer, Asgar

White Matter and Cognition in Traumatic Brain Injury
Filley, Christopher M. | Kelly, James P.

Gamma Band Neural Stimulation in Humans and the Promise of a New Modality to Prevent and Treat Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpen Access
McDermott, Barry | Porter, Emily | Hughes, Diarmaid | McGinley, Brian | Lang, Mark | O’Halloran, Martin | Jones, Marggie

Research Articles

Impact of Osteoporosis on the Risk of Dementia in Almost 60,000 Patients Followed in General Practices in Germany (View press release here)
Kostev, Karel | Hadji, Peyman | Jacob, Louis

Heme Oxygenase 1 Induces Tau Oligomer Formation and Synapse Aberrations in Hippocampal Neurons
Si, Zizhen | Wang, Xidi | Zhang, Zhujun | Wang, Jinxin | Li, Jihong | Li, Jing | Li, Ling | Li, Yuanxin | Peng, Yahui | Sun, Chongran | Hui, Yang | Gao, Xu

Urine-Based Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease Identified Through Coupling Computational and Experimental Methods
Yao, Fang | Hong, Xiaoyu | Li, Shuiming | Zhang, Yan | Zhao, Qing | Du, Wei | Wang, Yong | Ni, Jiazuan

Involvement of the Cingulate Cortex in Anosognosia: A Multimodal Neuroimaging Study in Alzheimer’s Disease Patients
Guerrier, Laura | Le Men, Johanne | Gane, Anaıs | Planton, Mélanie | Salabert, Anne-Sophie | Payoux, Pierre | Dumas, Hervé | Bonneville, Fabrice | Péran, Patrice | Pariente, Jérémie

Postsynaptic Proteome of Non-Demented Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease NeuropathologyOpen Access
Zolochevska, Olga | Bjorklund, Nicole | Woltjer, Randall | Wiktorowicz, John E. | Taglialatela, Giulio

Depressive Symptoms Are Associated with Cognitive Function in the Elderly with Type 2 DiabetesOpen Access
Guerrero-Berroa, Elizabeth | Ravona-Springer, Ramit | Schmeidler, James | Heymann, Anthony | Soleimani, Laili | Sano, Mary | Leroith, Derek | Preiss, Rachel | Zukran, Ruth | Silverman, Jeremy M. | Beeri, Michal Schnaider

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Volume 65, Issue 1 / 2018 Available Online


Greg Kennedy, BSc (Hons), Recipient of the 2018 Alzheimer AwardOpen Access

Review Articles

Alzheimer’s Disease: Advances in Drug Development
Piton, Morgane | Hirtz, Christophe | Desmetz, Caroline | Milhau, Jacqueline | Lajoix, Anne Dominique | Bennys, Karim | Lehmann, Sylvain | Gabelle, Audrey

Morphological and Pathological Characteristics of Brain in Diabetic Encephalopathy
Chen, Rui | Shi, Jiangwei | Yin, Qingsheng | Li, Xiaojin | Sheng, Yanyuan | Han, Juan | Zhuang, Pengwei | Zhang, Yanjun

Association between Alzheimer’s Disease and Oral and Gut Microbiota: Are Pore Forming Proteins the Missing Link?
Aguayo, Sebastian | Schuh, Christina Maria Anna Pia | Vicente, Benjamin | Aguayo, Luis Gerardo

Research Articles

Shear-Induced Amyloid Formation in the Brain: III. The Roles of Shear Energy and Seeding in a Proposed Shear ModelOpen Access
Trumbore, Conrad N.

Quantitative PET and Histology of Brain Biopsy Reveal Lack of Selective Pittsburgh Compound-B Binding to Intracerebral Amyloidoma
Groot, Colin | Tolboom, Nelleke | Ikonomovic, Milos D. | Lammertsma, Adriaan A. | Boon, Baayla D.C. | Barkhof, Frederik | Scheltens, Philip | Klunk, William E. | Rozemuller, Annemieke J.M. | Ossenkoppele, Rik | van Berckel, Bart N.M.

FDDNP-PET Tau Brain Protein Binding Patterns in Military Personnel with Suspected Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
Chen, Stephen T. | Siddarth, Prabha | Merrill, David A. | Martinez, Jacqueline | Emerson, Natacha D. | Liu, Jie | Wong, Koon-Pong | Satyamurthy, Nagichettiar | Giza, Christopher C. | Huang, Sung-Cheng | Fitzsimmons, Robert P. | Bailes, Julian | Omalu, Bennet | Barrio, Jorge R. | Small, Gary W.

Cognitive Function in Individuals with Normal Weight Obesity: Results from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III)
Malandrino, Noemi | Capristo, Esmeralda | Taveira, Tracey H. | Mingrone, Geltrude | Wu, Wen-Chih

Change in Fitness and the Relation to Change in Cognition and Neuropsychiatric Symptoms After Aerobic Exercise in Patients with Mild Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpen Access
Sobol, Nanna A. | Dall, Christian Have | Høgh, Peter | Hoffmann, Kristine | Frederiksen, Kristian Steen | Vogel, Asmus | Siersma, Volkert | Waldemar, Gunhild | Hasselbalch, Steen G. | Beyer, Nina

Distinct Neuroanatomical Correlates of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in the Three Main Forms of Genetic Frontotemporal Dementia in the GENFI CohortOpen Access
Sellami, Leila | Bocchetta, Martina | Masellis, Mario | Cash, David M. | Dick, Katrina M. | van Swieten, John | Borroni, Barbara | Galimberti, Daniela | Tartaglia, Maria Carmela | Rowe, James B. | Graff, Caroline | Tagliavini, Fabrizio | Frisoni, Giovanni | Finger, Elizabeth | de Mendonça, Alexandre | Sorbi, Sandro | Warren, Jason D. | Rohrer, Jonathan D. | Laforce Jr., Robert | on behalf of the Genetic FTD Initiative, GENFI

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Most Read JAD Articles in August 2018

Listing articles published only in 2017 and 2018 so you can read the most popular recent content

Postsynaptic Proteome of Non-Demented Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease NeuropathologyOpen Access (Research Article in Vol.65, Iss.2, 2018)
Zolochevska, Olga | Bjorklund, Nicole | Woltjer, Randall | Wiktorowicz, John E. | Taglialatela, Giulio

How Does Exercise Reduce the Rate of Age-Associated Cognitive Decline? A Review of Potential MechanismsOpenly Available (Review Article in Vol.55, Iss.1, 2017; winner of 2018 Alzheimer Award)
Kennedy, Greg | Hardman, Roy J. | Macpherson, Helen | Scholey, Andrew B. | Pipingas, Andrew

Patterns of Regional Cerebral Blood Flow as a Function of Age Throughout the Lifespan (Research Article in pre-press; view press release here)
Amen, Daniel G. | Egan, Sachit | Meysami, Somayeh | Raji, Cyrus A. | George, Noble

The Amyloid-ß Oligomer Hypothesis: Beginning of the Third DecadeOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.64, Iss.s1, 2018; also in book AIAD, Vol.6, available to order here)
Cline, Erika N. | Bicca, Maíra Assunção | Viola, Kirsten L. | Klein, William L.

Neuro-Immuno-Gene- and Genome-Editing-Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease: Are We There Yet?Open Access (Review Article in Vol.65, Iss.2, 2018)
Raikwar, Sudhanshu P. | Thangavel, Ramasamy | Dubova, Iuliia | Ahmed, Mohammad Ejaz | Selvakumar, Pushpavathi Govindhasamy | Kempuraj, Duraisamy | Zaheer, Smita | Iyer, Shankar | Zaheer, Asgar

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