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Rocky's Recs for Kids & Families September 18, 2023

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Recommended by Ami

Underwear! by Jennifer Harney

Picture book
Best for Grades PreK+

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Where to wear this underwear? Up there? Down here? Over there? Or EVERYWHERE!

Join in on an adorable bear cub’s bedtime routine as he would rather play with his underwear than put it on and get ready for bed.

Any parent who has struggled with getting their kid to go to bed will definitely relate to Papa Bear’s predicament. The simple rhymes and illustrations make for one giggle-fit inducing story.

dreams from may rivers

Recommended by Becky

Dreams From Many Rivers by Margarita Engle

Middle School

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This book is “a Hispanic history of the United States” and I chose it in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. It is a compilation of poems in chronological order beginning in 1491 in Puerto Rico and continuing through 2018. The poems are by both historical figures and fictitious people, are mostly short, and all serve as windows into our cultural identity. It takes readers through an emotional and factual, first-hand experience of what it was like to be Hispanic in our country over 500 years ago. The art done by Beatriz Gutierrez Hernandez adds to the authenticity of the work.

franik is a big help

Recommended by Miss Elizabeth

Frank Is a Big Help by Sally Rippin

Early Reader
Best for grades K-2

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Have you ever felt like your day was the worst? Or that you just couldn't fit in with your friends and classmates? Well, Frank is having a day like that, but it's about to turn for the better! When his mood is super low, Frank hides beneath the school, and is found by the wise and friendly janitor who knows just what Frank can do to be helpful! After being shown the giant pig and her piglets, Frank learns that he is a loving and gentle caregiver that has strengths he hadn't seen before. This heartwarming tale is followed by a guide to new words the young reader might need help with, as well as a tutorial on how to draw their new buddy, Frank.

jo against the sea

Recommended by Lynne

Josephine Against the Sea by Shakirah Bourne

Best for grades 3-7

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Growing up on Barbados, eleven-year-old Josephine has always been determined to play on her school’s cricket team, and maybe even represent her country in international tournaments one day. There’s just one problem - she knows she’s good enough, but no girls are allowed on the team. Soon though, she faces a bigger problem when her father’s fishing trip catches a beautiful mysterious woman named Mariss. Josephine senses there is something not quite right about Mariss, but no one will listen to her. Josephine and her best friend, a neurodiverse genius, need to learn as much as they can about Caribbean mythology to try to convince their families of the truth. The adventure is fresh and imaginative and the relationships between the characters are warm and engaging. A wonderful story about what it means to overcome your fears and create your own family.

marisol rainey

Recommended by Stephanie

Only Only Marisol Rainey by Erin Entrada Kelly

Best for grades 1-4

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Marisol Rainey has a lot of fears. This time it’s a neighbor’s dog. She loves dogs but this one has pointy, sharp teeth and angry eyebrows. Every time she rides past “Daggers”, she sees him drooling, as if he is imagining Marisol in his food dish. As long as he is behind a fence, Marisol is only frightened when she passes by him, but now he has escaped and is roaming the neighborhood and Marisol doesn’t feel safe leaving her house. Her fear has paralyzed her and things she once loved, like bike riding alone, have become terrifying. Can Marisol learn to control this new fear so it doesn’t take away the things she enjoys? In the third book of the Marisol Rainey series, addressing the anxiety that children face is in the forefront, while lessons about friendship and growing up still have a place in this book. The emotions of the characters are real and intense, while the writing is simple with black-and-white illustrations. It's perfect for children transitioning to chapter books who have big feelings.

emperor groove

Recommended by Ami

The Emperor's New Groove

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Sure, Elsa can make a fierce exit, but can you think of a Disney royal who knows how to make a fierce entrance? It’s Emperor Kuzco for the win!

The Emperor’s New Groove is one of Disney’s most underrated movies. It’s about karma paying a much-needed visit to a young, arrogant emperor named Kuzco who is turned into a llama by his power-hungry advisor, Yzma, who by the way is such an iconic villain. Stranded in the jungle, Kuzco’s only chance at survival and winning back his throne lies with a good-hearted peasant named Pacha. Will they make the journey back in time before Yzma finds them and finishes them off? And more importantly, will Kuzco become a better human being after all is said and done? Watch to find out. !

city spies

Recommended by Katherine

City Spied by James Ponti read by Lisa Flanagan

Middle school and Caudill list

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Realistic fiction and mystery come together in the first book in James Ponti’s series, City Spies. Sara Martinez is in jail for hacking the New York City foster care system in an attempt to expose her foster parents’ wrongdoings. When a British spy, Mother, comes to Sara’s aid by posing as her lawyer, he offers her an assignment within the secret M15 agency as a spy. Sara joins a team of kids from all over the world who each have their own unique skills and quickly hones her skills and gains the trust of her teammates. But will they be able to solve the mystery in time to save everyone?

The audiobook version is particularly fun to read, as Lisa Flanagan assigns different accents and mannerisms to the characters, which allows for an immersive and dynamic reading experience.

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Saturday, September 23rd, while supplies last!


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