Welcome to Issue 3 of our Slack In Hawaii newsletter! Never mind that Issue 2 was sent in December... of 2017. We actually have a little news!

new name, same great taste

When an online community goes quiet, the solution is obvious: better branding! (Note: I'm joking.) Slack in Hawaii is now Hawaii Slack, with its own website at HawaiiSlack.com that provides some basic information and a sign-up form. It's hopefully a friendlier starting point than the default login page.

So of course there's also a Facebook page and a Twitter account (but no Instagram account because Instagram can tell how many accounts I've set up and I've set up too many). I'm not sure what you'll get if you like and follow them, but I appreciate any like and follow you can spare.

don't be a stranger

It's been quiet. Too quiet. Please stop in and say hello! If you've forgotten how, just log in here at hawaii.slack.com. You can easily reset your password if you've forgotten. And don't forget, Slack has great apps to give you a more seamless chat experience. See below!

What, you may ask, is there to talk about? Well, first of all, we'd love to hear about what you've been working on. What's your latest project, and where can we see it? Are you going to any cool events? Share them! What's your favorite app right now? Read anything good on entrepreneurship? Anything good to watch on Netflix? We want to talk about what you want to talk about... and if there isn't a topical channel covering it, we can create it!

who else has joined the party?

In the last update, we announced 26 new members, bringing the population of our little chat hub to 80. With more than a year elapsed since then, the population of Hawaii Slack has grown to 106. I kind of sort of stopped keeping track, but I can share the names of our most recent recruits. Please join me in welcoming Minn Tun, Kim Yuen, Evian Murphy, Gail Fern, Jason Grower, Sally Brear, Jamie Winpenny, Feda Mecan, and lava76!

If you can think of someone who would make a good addition to the 'ohana, feel free to send them to HawaiiSlack.com or just forward this email and encourage them to email me at ryanozawa@gmail.com.

12th annual hawaii geek meet


As fun as conversations are on Slack, they don't hold a candle to face-to-face talkstory. I hope you'll come down next Sunday to the Hawaii Geek Meet, taking place on Sunday, May 26 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Magic Island. We have more participating groups than ever before, meaning the best mix yet of creative and talented people sharing what they love. You can find more information at HawaiiGeek.com, and you can RSVP and share the event on Facebook.

As an added bonus, Hawaii Slack members can get some free Hawaii Slack stickers! (And Hawaii Geek Meet stickers as well.)

for best results, use the apps!

Sure, you could fire up a browser and point it at hawaii.slack.com, but the instant, talkstory nature of Slack works best on smartphones:

There are also apps for Windows and MacOS as well!


Thank you again for being a part of this great group. I look forward to hearing what you've been up to, and planning when we'll next be able to see each other in person. In the mean time, have a fantastic summer!

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