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I write this "From the Editor" in December 2021 for publication in January 2022. Thinking about 2022, I began to read articles about predictions for this new year. One article '10 Tech predictions for 2022' written by Katie Sanders and published in The Enterprisers Project caught my interest especially with the statement, “If the past two years have proved anything, it is the importance of rapid adaptability in the face of uncertainty.” I found that all of these tech predictions were work-related and thought they would be interesting to share:

1. “Hybrid cloud adoptions grows in the hybrid work era
2. New hybrid workforce tools emerge
3. More choices for multi-cloud deployment
4. Kubernetes and AI/ML get together for next-wave applications
5. Expanded use of analytics in digital transformation
6. Open source experimentation grows
7. Diversity and inclusion efforts expand on tech teams
8. Moore emphasis on tech skills, less on degrees
9. Decentralized databases and edge computing gain popularity
10. Augmented reality rollouts increase” (
1. “Hybrid cloud adoptions grows in the hybrid work era
2. New hybrid workforce tools emerge
3. More choices for multi-cloud deployment
4. Kubernetes and AI/ML get together for next-wave applications
5. Expanded use of analytics in digital transformation
6. Open source experimentation grows
7. Diversity and inclusion efforts expand on tech teams
8. Moore emphasis on tech skills, less on degrees
9. Decentralized databases and edge computing gain popularity
10. Augmented reality rollouts increase” (

Although we can’t predict the future, I hope that we heed both Helen Keller’s words, “Life is an exciting business and most exciting when it is lived for others” and Albert Einstein’s, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

This issue of WORK has 25 articles. There are eight free-to-read articles on COVID-19 with other papers on topics such as work-related musculoskeletal disorders, whole-body vibration exposure, and prevalence of low back pain among many other interesting subjects.

Karen Jacobs


Work-related tech predictions for 2022 – Openly Available
Jacobs, Karen

COVID-19 related factors affecting the experiences of neurodivergent persons in the workplace: A rapid review – Openly Available
Mellifont, Damian

Exergaming to improve physical, psychological and cognitive health among home office workers: A COVID-19 pandemic commentary – Openly Available
Sadeghi, Hassan | Jehu, Deborah A.

The influence of organizational commitment on the perceived effectiveness of virtual meetings by Filipino professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic: A structural equation modeling approach – Openly Available
Prasetyo, Yogi Tri | Montenegro, Lorenzo Dones | Nadlifatin, Reny | Kurata, Yoshiki B. | Ong, Ardvin Kester S. | Chuenyindee, Thanatorn

Impact of COVID-19 on rehabilitation experiences of physiotherapists – Openly Available
Ciddi, Pınar Kaya | Bayram, Gülay Aras

Physical therapists’ knowledge and implementation of best practices in the outpatient physiotherapy department during the COVID-19 pandemic: A cross-sectional study – Openly Available
Kashif, Muhammad | Ahmad, Akasha | Ashraf, Ayesha | Imtiaz, Zara | Albalwi, Abdulaziz | Hussain, Muhammad Nouman

Concerns and mental health of teachers from digitally underdeveloped countries regarding the reopening of schools after the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic – Openly Available
Milić, Sanja | Marić, Nada

Exploring the mediation role of employees’ well-being in the relationship between psychosocial factors and musculoskeletal pain during the COVID-19 pandemic – Openly Available
Sutarto, Auditya Purwandini | Wijayanto, Titis | Afiah, Irma Nur

Evaluation of the economic impact of COVID-19 on Brazilian private dental clinics: A cross-sectional study – Openly Available
Villarim, Natália Lins de Souza | Muniz, Isis de Araújo Ferreira | Perez, Danyel Elias da Cruz | Martelli Junior, Hercílio | Machado, Renato Assis | Cavalcanti, Yuri Wanderley | Bonan, Paulo Rogério Ferreti

Contributing effects of individual characteristics, behavioural and job-related factors on occurrence of mining-related injuries: A systematic review
Ajith, Michael Mayom | Ghosh, Apurna Kumar | Jansz, Janis

The role of contextual factors on participation in the life area of work and employment after rehabilitation: A qualitative study on the views of persons with chronic pain – Open Access
Friedli, Thomas | Gantschnig, Brigitte E.

Chronic conditions and self-perceived health among older employees in relation to indicators of labour participation and retirement over time – Open Access
Jennen, Jacqueline G.M. | Jansen, Nicole W.H. | van Amelsvoort, Ludo G.P.M. | Slangen, Jos J.M. | Kant, IJmert

Prevalence, pattern and predictors of work-related musculoskeletal disorders among oil workers in Nigeria
Omojunikanbi, Oluwagbejami Alfred | Akinpelu, Aderonke Omobonike | Ekechukwu, Echezona Nelson Dominic

Augmented reality for virtual training in the construction industry
Placencio-Hidalgo, Dario | Álvarez-Marín, Alejandro | Castillo-Vergara, Mauricio | Sukno, Renato

Risk analysis of factors in clinical anxiety among undergraduate and postgraduate students in dentistry
Ahmad, Paras | Chaudhary, Farooq Ahmad | Asif, Jawaad A. | AlSagob, Eman I. | Alkahtany, Mazen F. | Almadi, Khalid H. | AlMubarak, Abdulrahman | Abduljabbar, Tariq | Vohra, Fahim

Assessment of the influence of psychosocial factors on musculoskeletal disorder symptom intensity
Silva, Jonhatan Magno Norte da | Dantas, David Anderson Cardoso | da Silva, Luiz Bueno | Melo, Igor Eduardo Santos de | Correia, Lucas Miguel Alencar de Morais

Reaching in sitting: The effect of seat design and body manipulations
Ademiluyi, Adeolu | Aruin, Alexander S.

Reader fatigue – Electroencephalography findings: A case study in students
Mohammadi, Abbas | Nematpour, Leila | Dehaghi, Behzad Fouladi

Injury analysis of teachers’ occupational accidents
Rey-Merchán, María del Carmen | López-Arquillos, Antonio

Career adaptability as protagonist on contemporary rural migrant workers’ turnover intention: The mediating effect of organization embeddedness and organizational identification
Meirun, Tang | Bano, Sobia | Jafri, Syed Khurram Ali | Arshad, Muhammad Zulqarnain | Javaid, Muhammad Umair

Association between Whole-Body Vibration exposure and musculoskeletal disorders among dumper operators: A case-control study in Indian iron ore mines
Upadhyay, Rahul | Bhattacherjee, Ashis | Patra, Aditya Kumar | Chau, Nearkasen

The prevalence of low back pain among nurses in Serbia
Bozic, Andrea | Gajdobranski, Djordje | Brestovacki-Svitlica, Branislava | Medic-Pericevic, Sonja | Mikov, Momir | Vasovic, Velibor | Mikov, Ivan

The role of anthropometrics in predicting the maximum oxygen consumption in emergency medicine students
Heydari, Payam | Ghiasvand, Farzaneh | Varmazyar, Sakineh

How organizational citizenship behavior is promoted among nurses: A moderated mediation model
Anitha, Elavarasi G.N. | Suganthi, L.

Validity and reliability of a smartphone goniometer application for measuring hip range of motions
Sarac, Devrim Can | Yalcinkaya, Gamze | Unver, Bayram

Rasch analysis of the firefighters’ critical incident inventory questionnaire
Nazari, Goris | Lu, Steve | Packham, Tara | MacDermid, Joy C.

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