Reason #1) Environmentalism A portion of your retreat fees goes directly to Whales of Guererro Research Project, and we will also connect with Campam


Reason #1) Environmentalism

A portion of your retreat fees goes directly to Whales of Guererro Research Project, and we will also connect with Campamento Tortuguero Ayotlcalli, and quite possibly participate in their turtle release program (this depends entirely on when the baby turtles choose to hatch - it looks good - fingers crossed!)

Support the ongoing work of local fIsherman and a team of international scientists to preserve the natural habitat of the teaming sea and bird life in the region!

Reason #2) Economics

Support the Mexican economy directly by avoiding expat owned retreat centers. Support your own economy by paying far less than standard yoga-retreat prices. This is the travel equivalent of shopping at a farmers market - your logding and meal fees are paid directly to local vendors - keeping our prices down while ensuring that the people cookng and serving your food are being paid well. It's a financial win / win! Plus it sets the stage for reason 3:

Reason #3) Cultural Exchange and Education

Engage with Mexican fishermen, artisans, business people, and families. Show your support to the preservation of small-town Mexico in the modern world, and expand your own world while doing so.

If you are already a traveler, this one's a no brainer. You already know the value of human interaction, no matter how small, within the culture of the country you are visiting. If you are new to travel, this is the perfect way to dip your toes in - with a loving group of Yoga friends to share your experience.

Reason #4) Location, location, location. And Food!.

Our B&B is like a little tropical oasis of palms and turtle ponds, complete with swimming pool and covered palapa-style yoga space. Our rooms are artuflly simple and elegant, our meals equisitely prepared and presented with flair. The pristine white sand beach, adorned only with palm leaf structure and a hammock or two lies a few steps beyond.

Your retreat includes seven nights at the B&B, delicious, fortifyong dinners and brunches PLUS a farewell fiesta dinner on the beach.

Reason #5) And did I mention? Yoga!

Oh, the yoga. Your retreat includes comprehensive and concentrated yoga education five of the six days (with the trip of the whale research boat the remaining day).

Think potent teachings offerred by way of relatable metaphor and skilled alignment instruction.

The frequent practices make for intensified cumulative learning and progress - it's like a mini immersion rolled into a week on the beach!

There are only Three Spots left.

Make one of them yours.

Much love,



March 3th to March 9th, 2017 - Mexico!!

Myth, Multitudes and MatterYoga and Biodiversity retreat in Barra de Potosi, Mexico - all levels welcome. HURRY - ONLY FOUR SPOTS LEFT!

Spring Myths & Methods - Hanuman_

Now Offering 2 Sections for 2 types of Learners!

6 Wednesdays, March 22 - April 26, 5:30 to 7:pm & 7:15 to 9:00 pm at The People's Northeast Second Studio

2017 Loom Immersion and Integration Intensive

The Art of Living Skillfully, the Skill of Living Artfully - 100 hours - dates and Location TBA. For teachers, teachers to be, and dedicated students of all levels. Yoga Alliance certified. Contact me for more information

Dr Douglas Brooks

For reals. Fall of 2017. Details to come SOON

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