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Greetings from Spain where I have spent the last few days.
Last week I was telling you about THE CROW.. Merlin the Crow.
You can read about it here.
Lots of people wrote to me suggesting what it might mean have a pet crow adopt your company. Apparently crows are extremely intelligent, one of the few creatures that can use a tool. Merlin is there every morning bashing the front door with stick.. but not apparently bright enough to figure out it's not working.


Merlin The Crow

Did you know of all the birds, crows have the biggest brain-to-body size ratios. And lab experiments show a degree of cognition that puts them on par with the apes. In fact, research has shown that they have a much higher density of neurons in their fore-brains than primates do. Thus, it looks like Merlin the crow is a pretty smart cookie.

But what does it mean.. it seems that crows are not all doom and black magic, a crow can be the fore-bringer of creative change and exciting times ahead.
According to Dreaming & Sleeping website.. A Crow is a Symbol of.. wait for it... Ancient Wisdom! Wow.. They say if you listen closely to the crow it will make you wise and help you pass on that wisdom to others.

That makes sense, we have so many things happening right now.. Wise up! Check out the deals below :)

Not long until Father's Day in the UK.. so there is lots of activity at AW.
It's June already, I can hardly believe we are half way though the year, it's going to be a world cup year.
That can affect trade in different ways, usually in a good way apart from the grand final. But I know even less about football than I do about crows.

Anyway we don't want to crow about it too much.. but there is no place better for your wholesale gift supplies than AW.
Check out the deals below.. and as always always new stock coming.

Until next week.

Take Care,


Paper Cutout Picture Frames

Family / Relationship images perfect for weddings or family celebrations, the sporty ones perfect for guys (Fathers day).
These pictures sell really well, they are a proven range - delicate paper cut outs mounted in simple classy frames with beautiful family or sports-oriented themes. A gift for any person and occasion.


Craft Soap Flowers

By popular demand, some of the components that make up the hugely popular Soap Flower bouquets. Now the crafty and creative can design your own products.

Drop the flowers in the bath and they will dissolve to soap. But really you just want pretty flower displays you will want to keep. Lightly scented and in this wide range of colours.


Demon Drink Set

A tribute to the Skull of Doom, which Mayan legend claims have the power of life and death, the power to heal or to smite, the power to create miracles.


Brass Topped Walking Sticks

Designed with a beautiful brass topped detail, these walking sticks are made to last a lifetime. They are strong, solid, comfortable to use, and have a striking finish.


Bali Wooden Walking Sticks

These wooden walking sticks are hand-carved by Balinese artisans. Carved by hand from Suar wood, bringing each detail to life our walking sticks are work of art.


Vintage Brass Bells

Beautiful authentic Wholesale Vintage Brass Bells made from solid brass with rope. Ancient Wisdom brass bells are cast from solid brass for a deeper and traditional sound, allows your customers or visitors to attract attention.


Wholesale Vintage Magnifying Glasses

These Wholesale Vintage Magnifying Glasses are high-quality instruments that have been made with full attention to detail. Made in Moradabad, India by the same families for generations.


Pocket Paper Soaps

Compact, convenient and easy to use wholesale paper soaps! Just add water to these pleasantly fragranced, wafer-thin soap sheets and watch them instantly transform into a sudsy lather.


father's Day Gifts Ideas

Father’s Day gifts should be all about celebrating the wonderful men who have given us so much. That’s where the gift trade comes in, and if you need that special Father’s Day gift for your customers - you’ve come to the right place.


Vintage Style Boxes

Wholesale Vintage Boxes. If you prefer they can be described as replica antiques, aged to look old with lots of nice details including brass fittings and leather handles. These vintage boxes have a distinct colonial charm but don’t expect perfection, designs, sizes and finishes may vary a bit - but the effect is truly vintage.


Handbag Mirrors

A lovely designed Handbag Mirrors with flowers, angels and pretty ornate scrolling and beautiful carvings. These gorgeous and colourful wholesale handbag mirrors are just perfect addition to your jewellery corner.


AW-Bamboo Massage Candles

These Wholesale Soybean Massage Candles have been carefully blended using only pure essential oils and natural plant waxes. Jojoba oil adds a tactile and luxury feel to this warm wax massage.

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