STACY'S R+F REFERRAL PROGRAM How much are you loving your R+F products? Do you have a new found confidence since getting the best skin of your life?



How much are you loving your R+F products? Do you have a new found confidence since getting the best skin of your life? Want some easy money? If you said yes to any of those questions, check out my PC Perks referral program.




Preferred Customer Perks Cash
Do you have a friend or family member that you know would love our products? If so, send them my way! You'll earn $20.00 for each referral that becomes a Preferred Customer. Do you have twenty friends that you think R+F would be great for? Awesome, refer them! There is no limit to the amount of Perks Cash you can potentially receive!


R+F Consultant Perks Cash
Do you know someone who is looking for an easy way to make some extra cash each month? Maybe they have a shameless shoe obsession or just want to be able to have some play money. I'm always looking for fun, energetic, hard working, and motivating men and women who want to share the word of R+F and all of it's awesomeness to join my team. Depending on the kit they get, you may get up to $100 when they say yes and join me! Are you interested in the R+F business model? Take that money off of your kit!



Here are a few ways to spread the R+F love and get me connected to your friends and family so you can start receiving free Perks Cash!


One of the most powerful and effective tools is word of mouth. Does your family member suffer from redness, rosacea or sensitive skin? I've got the remedy for that... Soothe! What about a new mommy who is spending just as much time awake at night as during the day? Say hello to the amazing little jar of Eye Cream... Do you know anyone with skin? Silly question, of course you do! Connect us and you get Perks Cash once they sign up.


Send me names and contact info of 3-5 of your good friends. I'll get in touch with them and offer a FREE Mini-Facial (a sample of our Micro-dermabrasion Paste, Lip Renewing Serum, and Night Renewing Serum). They get to pamper their face with our products plus get some info about R+F and you get Perks Cash if they become a PC. I'd call that a win/win for everyone.


FACEBOOK POSTS Alright, everyone knows how much I love Facebook. If you see an R+F Facebook Post of mine that you like, share it to your wall. Your network will see the post. That's hundreds of potential connections. AND/OR.... post about R+F and tag me. When your friends see it, they'll be curious. Send them my way for easy Perks Cash!


HOST A PARTY We are not a party company, but that doesn't mean we can't have one! Looking for a fun Ladies Night Out? Have your friends over to your place for a "Mini-Facial & Mimosa's", a "Cocktails & Conversations" get together. I'll do a short, low key, no pressure presentation. Your friends get a FREE Mini-Facial and you get 10% of my sales from the day PLUS you also get the Perks Cash for all the new PC's. It's a fun and casual night of mingling. ~Live in a different state than me? No problem, I'll join you via FaceTime or Skype! Hooray for technology.


HOST A VIRTUAL EVENT Host a Facebook virtual event and your friends/family can RSVP and watch from the comfort of their couch, in PJ's, with a beverage of choice. Pick the date and time, invite your network, and let me do the work. Events last approximately 45 minutes. It's easy, casual, fun and very informative. I give out Mini Facial prizes based on participation and you also get 10% of any sales that go down that night plus the Perks Cash for new PC's. I leave the event open for 2-3 days for those that are unable to attend live.


Thank you to my friends and family for letting me be a "sharesperson" and sharing this gift of fabulous products and hugely successful business model!

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