Dear Legislator, As 2015 legislative session approaches Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights would like to begin a productive dialogue with our leg


Dear Legislator,

As 2015 legislative session approaches Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights would like to begin a productive dialogue with our legislators in order to help you understand who we are, what our goals are, and why we are working so hard to get them accomplished.


MPVR is a a fast-growing group of over two thousand loving educated families across Mississippi who seek the fundamental right to make medical decisions, specifically regarding vaccines, for our children without government coercion, discrimination, or interference.


We are NOT anti-vaccine. That is an unfair, false label. We have legitimate concerns and simply want the same options that parents in 48 other healthier states have. Most parents want to vaccinate their children, however, our children are each created as individuals and many parents would like the freedom to treat them as such.

Vaccination is currently a one-size-fits-all government program that started with good intention but has grown very profitable and out of control. Our children receive 49 doses of 14 vaccines before kindergarten. With a schedule this expansive, parents must have input. Vaccines are being added continually. Where will it stop? How many is too many for a given child?


Mississippi has the most heavily vaccinated children in the WORLD.

Mississippi is unique in that we give our MS State Department of Health power to override our doctors' opinions and they do so habitually, creating great hardship on
many MS families, even causing some to move out of state. This is how MSDH maintains the highest coverage rate in the country, but the people of MS are not okay with this!

We have given the MSDH legal authority to grant or deny our pediatricians'
requests to either vaccinate our children according to each child's unique needs or even for an exemption on medical grounds. This is problematic and is simply not working. We do not believe that unelected bureaucrats who have never seen our children should be the final authority over our children's healthcare.

We believe that authority lies with the parent along with the advice of the child's pediatrician.

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We are not asking you to decide if shots are good or bad or safe or unsafe.

We are asking those of you who represent the people of Mississippi to restore our fundamental parental right to make these medical decisions for our own children.


Starting now and throughout the 2015 session MPVR will continue sending you brief, interesting and informative biweekly emails.

We hope you'll take the time to read what we have to say, and please check out our MPVR Blog.

It's our pleasure to address any questions you may have so please call or email any time. We are looking forward to working together.

MaryJo Perry and Lindey Magee
(601.540.1665) (601.341.4359)
CoDirectors, Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights