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From Developing Athlete up to BC Provincial Team members. Strathcona Nordics has it ALL.

Mark your Calendars

Upcoming dates of interest and ways to represent Strathcona Nordics in the community!

May Ski Camp: May 4,5 and 6. This will include our year end banquet. This year it will be at the VIMC.

Tri K triahtlon: May 27, 2018

YANA Ride: Aug. 19, 2018

Perseverence Run Cumberland: Oct.28, 2018; registration opens April 1st and race sells out - sign up early!

AGM/Ski Swap/Fundraiser: Oct.20, 2018 at the Native Sons Hall in Courtenay. Mark this important day and please make yourself available for volunteering. This needs to be in all-out club effort. More information to follow in the months to come.

Perseverence Run Cumberland; Oct.28, 2018; registration opens April 1st and race sells out.

Club Raffle

Raffle tickets will be distributed to families of the racing teams. These will be available on March 17, 2018 and the draw date is May 6, 2018 during our year end banquet.
teams. These will be available on March 17, 2018 and the draw date is May 6, 2018 during our year end banquet.

The following prizes can be won:

1. Supercamp Ski Package Vernon, valid for the fall of 2018, valued at $1200 (transportation and accommodation not included).
2. Fischer RCS Carbon skate skis, 187, stiff, valued at $850
3. Salomon Aero Skin, classic ski, 206, valued at $400
4. Halti Ski Jacket, valued at $250
5. Salomon Ski Jacket, valued at $250
1. Supercamp Ski Package Vernon, valid for the fall of 2018, valued at $1200 (transportation and accommodation not included).
2. Fischer RCS Carbon skate skis, 187, stiff, valued at $850
3. Salomon Aero Skin, classic ski, 206, valued at $400
4. Halti Ski Jacket, valued at $250
5. Salomon Ski Jacket, valued at $250

Prizes can’t be exchanged for different size, colour or length


CIBC Wood Gundy XC Ski School Program

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The 2018 CIBC Wood Gundy XC Ski School Program season has flown by! Our amazing instructors and volunteers Heather Clarke, Paul Brown, Elise Caron, Kenna Winterburn, Johanna Ferrie, Jessica Reynolds, Damien Jannet, Danielle Ennis have shared the joy of XC skiing with over 900 students from 17 schools in Cumberland, Royston, Courtenay, Comox and Campbell River during the past 11 weeks. Thank you so very much for all that you have done to enrich these students' lives by introducing them to our sport, or expanding upon their ski skills.

There were so many smiling, happy students every day. And many times we heard the students say "That was awesome", "I love skiing", "I don't want to go back to the lodge yet", "This is the best day of my life" (said by a 6 year old) and a favorite "I am going to bring my mom here on Saturday so she can learn to ski too, it's her birthday"!

A huge thank you to Rick Morson for providing financial support to ensure that students in need are able to participate in the school program with their friends.

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BC Ski Coaches, and one of our own, Recognized by Canadian Sport Community

The following cross country ski coaches have each made a significant contribution to high performance cross country skiing in Canada, and for doing so have been recognized for their achievements by the broader Canadian sport community. To learn more visit the history section on CCBC’s website.

Bjorger Pettersen
(Hickory Wing Ski Club, now the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club - Prince George)

Bjorger Pettersen was hired by the Canadian government to establish/coach the successful TEST program in northern Canada. He was also coach, jury member, Chief of Competition, Technical Delegate and Assistant Technical Delegate at eight Winter Olympics. More....

Mary Anderson
(Omineca Ski Club - Burns Lake)

Mary Anderson (1922-2017) was a club coach who established a highly successful junior racing program in Burns Lake. In 1992 she was awarded the Governor General’s Commemorative Medal for her contribution to cross country skiing in Canada. More....

Gary Murdoch
(Bulkley Valley Cross Country Ski Club - Smithers)

Gary Murdoch was a club founder and Jackrabbit coach who later established a junior racing program and coached his club/team to be the top ranked club at the National Junior Championships in 1993, 1994 and 1995. One year during this period the National Coaches Association of Canada named him Coach of the Year.More....

Dave Battison
(Strathcona Norrdic Ski Club - Courtenay)

Dave Battison had a long and successful coaching career including his role as head coach of the successful Strathcona junior racing team. In addition Dave was a committed NCCP Facilitator and mentor to developing coaches for which he was recognized nationally by the Coaching Association of Canada with a ‘NCCP National Coaching – Coach Developer Award’. More....

Dave Wood
(Caledonia Nordic Ski Club, Prince George)

3M Canada, in collaboration with Coaching Association of Canada, annually honours a male and female coach in high performance sport for their outstanding contribution to their profession and to athlete development. In 2006 the male recipient of this award was cross country ski coach Dave Wood. Dave took over the head coaching position of Canada’s national cross-country ski team in 1998. Following that Canadian skiers became major international players, highlighted by Beckie Scott’s medal at the 2002 Olympics. Dave Wood profile. More....

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Devos having a riot in the powder snow! Jumps, off-road, and mixed terrain are always the best way to develop balance and confidence.

Masters Recreation Progam

Neil Smith, longtime masters coach, captures some amazing improvement from the skiers in his weekly group!

Check out this video! PW: Ski

IMG 2010

Gabe Gledhill, Juvenile category, captures bronze in short sprints at Nationals in Thunderbay. Look for a more detailed update of all the athletes at Nationals next week.

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