November 12, 2020

IT'S HERE and I couldn't do it alone!

Yesterday, 11-11-2020, I launched my first book, "From Stressed to Blessed"! I chose yesterday because of the date. Rau Organics states that yesterday was "the most powerful manifestation day of the CENTURY! In sacred geometry the number 11 represents 2 pillars, a gateway which opens a direct portal between divine inspiration and physical materialization." Knowing this and my goal of being a number one best seller, I figured launching today, 11-11 at 1:11pm on Facebook Live, may give me the advantage I need to accomplish such a lofty goal.

That being said, I want to take this time to express my gratitude for all the help I have gotten in my life! None of us get to where we are by doing it alone. We all need the help of our friends. The thing is, sometimes we don't or can't ask, but when we get honest with ourselves, we realize, we get help anyway.

A few years back when I answered the calling to become a Minister, I had no idea how I was going to pay for such an endeavor. I had the divine idea to start a Go Fund Me page. I received over $4,000 for my new calling and I was blown away at people's generosity. One friend had a concert and donated all the proceeds to me.

This month the song I am including is titled, "Help Is On The Way" written by, non-other than, the fabulous David Friedman and sung by the incomparable Kenneth Gartman! Take a moment and listen, while remembering all the people that have helped you along the way.

To listen click here

For more of David's music or any of his books, you can email him directly at: DavidFriedmancomposer@gmail.com.

Click here to hear more of Kenneth's music and see how you can enjoy more of his amazing music.

Offerings for Awareness & Transformation



You can purchase my book on my website, www.totalbalancelifechoice.com
or on
Amazon Books click here.

Limited time specials

Over the next few months, for anyone who buys a book, as well as all the prelaunch book owners, I am offering two, one-on-one 30-minute sessions, for the price of one. This will give you a great experience of using the book in the best way for you. I will work with you to see how you can change the way you look at things, so the things you look at change and so will your life!

Life of Your Dreams Community

Are you living the life of your dreams? If not, try having a From Stressed to Blessed TEAM Party! These are virtual Zoom get togethers with your personally chosen friends to help you all change your lives! We will come together and use the book as a guide to both go from stressed to blessed and ultimately create amazing lives. I call them 'TEAM' parties because Together Everyone Achieves More! Please email me at TC@Totalbalancelifechoice.com for more information about TEAM sessions.

Virtual Services

Many companies are still not back to the office so On-Site Chair Massage is not the solution for stress reduction these days. Since so many employees are not going back to the office yet, we have found another way to serve many of our clients.

According to Brene Brown, human emotions researcher, professor and author, there are two irreducible things people get out of going to work, connection and a sense of belonging. Our virtual services address these plus stress reduction and self-care.

TLC has created virtual sessions of Self-care and Resilience AND chair massage for couples or housemates. The intention of these virtual sessions is to help participants get relief from the stresses of sitting at computers and other devices for hours at a time. Also, it creates a sense of connection when many people from the office are together in a virtual session.

Virtual Massage Sessions: $16 for Individuals and $60 for Partners/Couples.

Virtual Massage Sessions: $16 for Individuals and $60 for Partners/Couples.
Virtual Spiritual Enrichment - From Stressed to Blessed: $60 for 30-minutes and $90 for 60-minutes

You can sign-up for these services on our website. I will send you the Zoom link once I receive your payment.

To register and pay for a session please Click Here.

Sunday Talks

Sunday, November 15 at 10:30, I will be giving the talk at Unity Center of Norwalk. Click here to join me.

Sunday, November 15, the talk is titled:

The Four Agreements - Part 2

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