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Sculptures, paintings, and seating in the high-ceiling east gallery today

We have recently added many new artworks here at SAPER GALLERIES and thought you may enjoy knowing about them! In the gallery are more than 1,500 works of art by 150 artists from 15 countries.

Please contact us as you may have questions about the art described below. (We can deliver or ship to your home or gift recipient anywhere in the world!)

We look forward to welcoming you online or at the gallery in downtown East Lansing, Michigan 10 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday.

Thank you for your friendship and interest in the art and services provided by your friends at SAPER GALLERIES. We're here for you!

~ Roy C. Saper, Jennifer, and Annette

Side by Side hot pink amaryllis

Side-by-side pink amaryllis watercolor, 36 x 28" (framed) by David Herzig

David Herzig's watercolors are truly remarkable. He captures the essence of the plant based on direct observation of the flowers that he grows. Honoring the life of the flower, he brings focus to its beauty with immense talent, creating a portrait that is seemingly well-lit, dramatic, and perfect as the reality of the living flower before him.

Enjoy the several new transparent watercolors in our east and west galleries to see true excellence in the watercolor medium. The David Herzig collection may also be viewed here. Captivating!


Two figures and dove by window, ceramic bas-relief, 6.5 x 4.5" by Ruth Faktor

Ruth Faktor created several new ceramic bas-relief wall tiles that she recently sent us from her studio in Israel.

Her themes continue to be family, love, couples, sharing, music, and peace. The new tiles are small sizes and are often selected as gifts for house warmings, thank yous, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Each has a loop hanger so they do not need to be framed. Some collectors arrange multiple Ruth Faktor tiles on a single wall. We expect to receive more this fall but wanted you to be the first to see the new additions in our east gallery and here. Enjoy!

St.Martin s Bay24x36

St. Martin Bay (Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Lake Huron), oil painting on canvas, 24 x 36"

Artist Brant MacLean uses light, shadows, and color to create impressive and impressionistic paintings of Michigan landscapes.

Brant paints outdoors, standing in the landscapes that become the subjects of his intended paintings. He captures the mood of the environment and finishes the paintings in his Detroit studio.

We are pleased to welcome Brandt as the newest artist in the SAPER GALLERIES collection. Good value and art that captures hidden parts of Michigan as he sees them. You may view them in the east gallery and here!

Our other most popular artists of Michigan scenes are Michael Callihan, Kathleen Chaney Fritz, Lou Heiser, and Barbara McCleary.


Family of 4, hand-carved serpentine stone sculpture from Zimbabwe, 12" tall

We recently added more unique sculptures to our collection created by Zimbabwe's Shona tribe artists.

Their sculptures depict and honor family relationships, harmony, and peace. Each is carved using hand tools from stones mined and carried to villages where the artists work outdoors.

We have sculptures depicting families of 3, 4, 5, and 6 on display in our center gallery. They are often purchased as family gifts.

You may view them all right now and learn more about Shona stone sculptures here.

P8045067 4

In our four decades of providing tens of thousands of picture framing orders for clients from near and far, we've observed many instances where prior framing done elsewhere has actually caused damage to the item framed.

As a friend of SAPER GALLERIES we invite you to have us inspect framing you may have inherited or had done in the past to ensure that the framing was done properly. We will do that inspection and evaluation at no cost to you.

Here are some of the areas that could be of concern (if observed) and can be corrected:
1. Use of highly-acidic matting will most often cause staining of the artwork.
2. Cellophane, duct, masking and other such tapes should not be used to attach art to backings as they definitely cause staining of the artwork.
3. Brown corrugated cardboard is highly acidic and should not be used as a backing against the artwork.
4. Color photos and prints can fade if not protected with ultra-violet filtering glass or acrylic.
5. Frame corners not properly assembled can break apart leaving gaps at the corners.
6. Artwork that has slipped behind matting or on an angle can be properly "hinged" to the backing and returned to the correct position.
7. Frames that have improper hanging hardware on the back (due to weight, size, or style of the frame) could result in the frame falling off the wall resulting in art and property damage.
8. Art, photos, and other items framed directly against the glass may result in the image being transferred to the glass or, even worse, sticking to the glass. Proper framing requires a space or gap between the glass (or acrylic) and item framed.
9. Art that is rippling can be flattened and the cause of the problem can be corrected.
10. Bugs and insects inside a frame can cause harm to the art and framing.
11. Some fabric mats and other items can cause outgassing, creating a "ghost" image on the inside of the glass.
12. Missing or torn dust covers on the back of frames can be replaced.

Those are a sample of the problems we frequently observe when we take apart framing done elsewhere, often from artwork inherited or old and needing to be reframed.

Curious? You are invited to email us close-up photos of your mats and frames -- or bring them to us for a direct inspection -- and we will provide you with a courtesy report of any areas that could be corrected.

40 Years Ago -- In 1981 Roy Saper took a trip around the world and initiated building a collection of art from artists in Japan and China, the beginning of his representation of Asian artists which continues today.

35 Years Ago -- In May 1986 SAPER GALLERIES moved to its newly-constructed contemporary gallery building in downtown East Lansing, Michigan. Our first exhibition in the new gallery building was Volker Kuhn's whimsical etchings. We now display his message-bearing dimensional constructions.

30 Years Ago -- In 1991 we assembled an exhibition of 51 artworks created by Norman Rockwell -- paintings, drawings, sculptures, and limited editions. We also had an exhibition of Calman Shemi's unique soft painting tapestries, paintings, and sculpture.

25 Years Ago -- In 1996 we exhibited the colorful and energetic pop abstraction of New York artist Peter Max. The artist signed and dedicated artworks that collectors selected at the opening -- and returned for another reception before the exhibition closed.

20 Years Ago -- In 2001 we had an exhibition of Russian-born Luidmila Kondakova's colorful Parisian street scenes. We also created an exhibition of the figurative expressive paintings of Persian-born Hessam Abrishami whose canvases are now displayed in the east gallery.

15 Years Ago -- In 2006 we assembled an impressive 77 works of art by Pablo Picasso including sculptures and ceramics. Content of our Picasso web pages that Roy Saper wrote describing each of the artworks, the women of Picasso, and description of Picasso's graphic media are visited daily by people around the world and are often cited by Picasso researchers. Picasso banners hung throughout downtown East Lansing during the exhibition.

10 Years Ago -- We opened 2011 with an exhibition of Hilary Eddy's large scale paintings of blossoms up close and abstract glass arrangements. We then exhibited James T. Russell's curvilinear highly-polished stainless steel sculptures and cocobolo wood boxes and bowls from Costa Rica.

5 Years Ago -- In 2016 we had an exhibition of Michael Callihan's most recent Michigan landscape paintings. We also had our first exhibition of artist William Hays' "reduction" linocut prints which continue to be very popular due to their quality, beauty, and imagery.

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