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July 20, 2022


Why You Should STOP Doing Kegels

Did you know that doing kegels is often NOT what you should be doing? In fact, for many women doing kegels is harmful.

Taylor Physical Therapy and Wellness wants to spread the word that doing kegels is not always the answer to pelvic floor problems. Many women have overactive pelvic floor muscles and doing kegels further tightens these muscles and can worsen a woman’s symptoms.

If you have bowel, bladder, or sexual issues, give them a call to find relief! 336-310-5038


Help Your Children Learn as They Grow

Did you know 80% of brain growth happens before age 3? To help your child make the most of
these first years, use The Basics! Developed at Harvard University, The Basics offer five free and easy ways to help young children learn as they grow. Visit to learn more and follow The Basics on Facebook and Instagram for tips on using The Basics to prepare your child for school and life.


Sensory-Safe Gym for All Children

We Rock the Spectrum Triad is a sensory-safe gym for children that provides kids of ALL abilities a place to play and grow together. WRTS Triad features a toddler area, arts and crafts, swings, slides, a trampoline, zipline and multiple climbing structures that stimulate the senses while promoting play. The gym offers an inclusive setting where the owners fully embrace the motto: “Finally a place where you never have to say ‘I’m Sorry.’”

Find them on Facebook or Instagram.


This newsletter is sponsored by Taylor Physical Therapy, Guilford Basics, and We Rock the Spectrum.

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