News letter May 2018

We launched our new ECO CLUB!

Tuesday was a big day for our outreach team who launched the first cycle of the new and improved ECO CLUB.


ECO CLUB is no longer an open class twice a week, but is now instead taught in smaller groups for a period of 6 weeks. The students applied a few weeks ago and were then put into smaller groups of around 30 kids. This way fast learners are paired with fast learners and everyone can enjoy their ECO CLUB experience to the fullest.


The children and volunteers had lots of fun and took our ECO CLUB rules very seriously. We started out with a fun "get to know each other" game and then filled out a starting survey.

We noticed that the playground at the school wasn't in the best shape so we decided to build the team spirit with a fun game of rubbish collecting!

A recap video is on its way so keep an eye on our social media to see it when it comes out!


A new GlobalGiving project

We have a new project on GlobalGiving!

If you've come to volunteer with us, you know that hot water can be a problem at our camp. The way we get our hot water here is by donkey boilers (which are used by burning wood), but those have breaking a lot lately so we think it's time for something new.

That's why we would love to get your help with buying solar geysers. They are more environmentally friendly and thus fit in with our whole mission here at DAKTARI.

We already get all of our power from solar panels, so adding solar geysers to provide hot showers will take us one step closer to the greenest camp ever!

You can click the picture or this link to check out our project on GlobalGiving and donate! Thank you :)


Two new friends at the camp

August was quite calm in terms of animals in need here at DAKTARI, but this last week turned everything around. We got a call from the vet to pick up a small squirrel that had been hand-reared but the owner could no longer take care of it.

IMG 20190904 101337

Little 'Squirt" is currently in our nursery getting accustomed to his new bush life and will soon be released near the camp.

A few nights ago Michèle found a little scrub hare near her house. Beth has since taken up the responsibility of acting like its new mommy!


Goodbye Pat!

After a year and two weeks at our camp, on Saturday it was time to say goodbye to our lovely Pat. Pat was our outreach manager for the last year and poured her heart and soul into her job.


We are very sad to say goodbye to Pat but obviously wish her the best of luck with her new adventures. We certainly can't wait to see what she does next! Thank you for everything, Pat. We love you!

DSC07215 copy

And as we said goodbye to Pat, we would also like to welcome our new outreach assistant Camilla!

Camilla is 21 years old and will be joining us as the outreach assistant for 9 months. Good luck, Camilla!


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