New AnimalConcepts Collaborator

AnimalConcepts is delighted to announce our new collaborator Dr. Eduardo J. Fernandez! Dr. Eduardo Fernandez will be collaborating on research projects, publications, infographics, and events, including Data: Optimising Animal Training and Welfare With Your Animals coming up in the UK this October.

“Dr. Eduardo J. Fernandez received his Ph.D. in Psychology (minors in Neuroscience and Animal Behavior) from Indiana University, where he worked with the Indianapolis and Cincinnati Zoo. He received his M.S. in Behavior Analysis from the University of North Texas, where he founded and was President of the Organization for Reinforcement Contingencies with Animals (ORCA). Most of his past and current work involves conducting research on the behavioral welfare of captive exotic animals found in zoos and aquariums. He has worked with close to 50 species of animals, with a focus on marine animals, carnivores, and primates.”

You can keep reading about Eduardo in his BIO.


Career Coaching

Do you want to work with wild animals? Looking for advice to start your animal welfare career? Are you thinking of changing your animal care career but unsure what your options are? Schedule a career coaching call with Sabrina Brando to get feedback, ideas, and insights. For more information, check out our new Career Coaching flyer here!


Call for 24/7 Horse Welfare Collaborator

Do you have extensive experience caring for horses? Do you have an MSc in a related field like animal welfare and care? Are you interested in animal welfare research and joining a team working on 24/7 horse welfare?

AnimalConcepts is seeking a dedicated, hard-working collaborator to aid in a research project aimed at improving welfare for horses every hour of every day.

Contact us at for more information on this internship opportunity!


Call for Marine Mammal Collaborator

Are you interested in marine mammal welfare research? Do you have an MSc in a related field like animal welfare or biology?

Contact us at for more information on this internship opportunity!


Animal Training Facebook Group

Are you interested in growing your animal training expertise? Join our Facebook group Expanding Your Animal Training Skills to see daily content and connect with caregivers around the world.

Please share your training or other animal interaction stories! On the basis of working together, enjoying being together, and considering the animal's life and perspective. Anyone can post, and different views can respectfully be discussed. Thank you!

Expanding our horizons on animal training, exploring a wide variety of related topics, with positive animal welfare at the forefront and opportunities to increase choice and control for animals under human care.

Topics can include animal behaviour, cognition, physiology, neuroscience, learning principles, reinforcement schedules, setting up animal training sessions, nutrition, but also how animal learning, cognition and training can relate to environmental enrichment, conservation, education and research.


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