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Hello Paddlers!

What a busy, fun and award-winning summer we've had! We are still recovering from our weekend celebrations after winning SILVER at the Australian Tourism Awards on Friday night (see more below).

The Southwest is again drawing our paddlers into its spell, mixing sunshine, still waters, wind and rain to create the environment that whispers (or screams, depending on the weather) in your ear that this is what life in nature is really all about. Dates for our 2018/19 Southwest expeditions are now available.

Our first Flinders Island explorations departed Sunday, with Reg reporting gentle breezes and swimming (wish we were there too). Trips starting February 2019 are now available on our website - they are likely to book out quickly so don't miss out.

Also in this edition we cover:

▪ Reg's tips on kayaking dry bags
▪ Tassie's new mountain bike trails
▪ Kayak instruction
▪ 5 questions with Phil of Fishy Business
Reg's tips on kayaking dry bags
Tassie's new mountain bike trails
Kayak instruction
5 questions with Phil of Fishy Business

See you on the water
Reg and Jen

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Good luck Melzie and Abbie!

Here's cheers to some silverware!

Woo hoo! The Roaring 40°s Kayaking team picked up a lovely shiny Silver Adventure Tourism Award at the Australian Tourism Awards last week, which followed Gold at the 2017 Tasmanian Tourism Awards. This award is a reflection of our amazing staff whose passion for kayaking and Tasmania never cease to amaze us. So yes, we are squeezing in some celebrations amidst the flurry of activity preparing for the Flinders trips and a busy season on the water!

You might be wondering what this award means for you, our kayaking guest. Simply, you can be assured the enthusiastic, knowledgeable people and the processes behind your trips all combine to give you the best possible experience.

Whilst we're very proud of our team and their work ethic, their achievements don't stop there. Melzie (Demelza Wall) has been selected in the Australian U23 C1 Slalom Kayaking team and Abbie Rothery is this week representing Tasmania at the National Badminton Championships. Good luck to you both.

So here's cheers to hard work being rewarded all round!

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Reg's tips on kayaking dry bags

Dry bags are essential kayaking equipment to keep your gear dry, but which ones do you choose? Reg has put together information on dry bags with his tips on materials, shapes, sizes and features along with what he takes on a kayaking expedition.

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Last chance for kayaking instruction this season

Our last Rescue Pool and Introduction to Kayaking sessions for the season are scheduled for 16th and 17th March. The two hour Rescue Pool session gives you the skills to manage a capsize situation and the three hour Introduction to Kayaking teaches the basic techniques and safety aspects of sea kayaking.

Join Reg for the sessions and you'll be ready to get out on the water next season!

Photo courtesy of Dorset Council 2

Blue Derby trails

Tassie's Mountain Biking Trails

Along with on-water kayaking adventure, Tasmania can now offer world-class mountain biking adventure.

Blue Derby Trails in the North East has been dubbed the number one success story in Australian mountain biking whilst the Maydena Bike Park in the South lauded as the most ambitious. Reg, Jenny and Damo have been testing out the trails (with only a few injuries to show for it) over the past few months.

Read our blog to read more about the trails and our tips.


5 questions for Phil of Fishy Business

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We love eating Phil's fresh fish and chips while floating in the Hobart docks.

One of the highlights for guests on our Hobart waterfront paddle is enjoying freshly cooked fish and chips in their kayak whilst bobbing around the Hobart docks. Our favourite fish punt is Fishy Business, operated by Phil and Helen Cooper.

Phil loves being around the water, the wharves and the waterfront so when the punt came up for sale 12 years ago, it was the ideal business for them. Now Phil and Helen are about to retire and hand over the business to their sons, Ben and Jack.

As we thanked Phil for his service over the years, we also asked him a few questions.

1. Let's start with the obvious one … what's your favourite fish?
My favourite is Couta. I like bony strong-tasting fish and coincidently this is one of the cheapest fish we sell too.

2. Any plans to go fishing in retirement?
I love fishing and adventuring. My favourite fishing spot is off Lauderdale, in the middle of Fredrick Henry Bay. We do pretty well there! I am also a keen sailor and rafter. My favourite rafting trip was down the Franklin River but I also love just exploring the Picton River.

3. What interesting sea life do you see in the docks?
Seven gilled tiger shark and seals are always exciting. I've seen up to 4 seven gilled tiger sharks around the fish punt at one time. I have also dived around the punt at various times to do repairs and have found gum boots (maybe the old boss threw at the staff!) as well as bikes, fishing rods and money.

4. Where is your fish sourced from?
Flathead is from the East Coast, oysters from Bruny Island, scallops in the Huon Channel, prawns from Queensland and Blue Eye from Southern Tassie. Our Blue Grenadier, [Ed: this is the fish you usually enjoy on our kayaking tours] is from the Tasman Sea anywhere between Tasmania and New Zealand.

5. Do you have any big plans for retirement?
Besides spending more time on our sail boat around Tassie, we're hoping to sail around the Pacific Rim and the Mediterranean, somewhere that's always been a dream of mine. We'll still be helping the boys out around the punt from time to time as well.


In our next newsletter ... King River Rafting, Tassie's wine trails, Will's
winter adventure cycling the Old Silk Road and more.

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