Dear : Happy Summer! I hope your summer is allowing you some much needed vacation time to recharge and enjoy the beautiful weather with family and f

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Dear :

Happy Summer!
I hope your summer is allowing you some much needed vacation time to recharge and enjoy the beautiful weather with family and friends. In my down time this summer, I have been thinking about ways to grow my clients' careers and specifically about the benefits of mentoring. I have been fortunate to have had some wonderful mentors throughout my career, and am happy to be paying that forward by mentoring a variety of young professionals in their pursuits. I have found my mentor/mentee relationships to be extremely rewarding--sometimes in the most unexpected of ways. I would love to hear about your mentoring experience. Please feel free to email me at, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Have a wonderful summer and stay cool!



The Many Benefits of Mentoring:


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Read about mentors vs. sponsors in a recently published piece on the popular women and career blog: 5 Ways to Find Your Career Sponsor



Mentoring across the generations: Aging Societies Should Make More of Mentorship

Harvard Business Review's take on the benefits of intergenerational mentoring.


Mentorship is Key to Career Success for Young Professionals

Forbes contributor Chris Myers highlights the top three lessons he has learned and how mentorship can help anyone find career success. Best tip: don't be afraid to seek out mentorship!


We are Nothing Without our Mentors

NBA Legend Bill Russell's moving piece on the impact his first mentor had on his life and career. Mentorship so inspired him that he is a founding board member of MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership.


There are few books which focus solely on mentoring, but the following are suggested reads for those looking to sharpen their coaching skills which are beneficial for mentoring:

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The Five- Minute Coach

A practical, easy-to-read and informative guide on how to coach quickly and easily in the workplace. The book is designed for leaders, managers and supervisors and offers terrific, actionable advice from page one.

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The Mentor's Guide: Facilitating Effective Learning Relationships

The Mentor's Guide is the go-to mentoring book for many executives who actively serve as mentors, and for those who are learning how to become effective mentors across multiple disciplines.

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I am a Career Coach and Personal Branding Strategist and I work with a multitude of populations ranging from students and alumni; to professional organizations and corporations; to career changers and women re-entering the workplace.

In addition to one-on-one coaching, I speak frequently to groups at universities, corporations and professional associations. Popular workshop and webinar presentation topics include: “Building your Personal and Professional Brand” "Managing your Quarter-Life Crisis" and “Redefining your Professional Identity after Raising a Family”.

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