Loppet Registration Reopening!

Did you miss the Loppet and Coast Cup 6 registration deadline? Or were you waiting to see what the weather was doing? This is your chance. Registration will reopen on Thursday, Feb 8th from 18:00-24:00. e

Loppet Route Update

Due to the closure of the Park trails an alternative Loppet Route has been planned.

The 15k and 30k routes will leave the stadium and proceed out Jutland, up the Grind, up Legacy, around Marmot flats and back down West Meadows and the Grind, then down Raven.
Half way back along Raven the course will take the mid Raven connector and climb back up to Jutland.

At this point the 15k will turn right and return to the stadium along Jutland and the 30k will turn left and proceed for another loop up the Grind, Legacy, Marmot, West Meadows, and Raven, mid Raven connector back to Jutland and back to the stadium.

Note that there will be marshalled two way traffic on a 700m section of the lower grind.

Feed stations will be at the Hub and at the intersection of Raven’s and Jutland.

Check back to our event page for further information and updated maps coming soon.

Loppet Finish Line Food

As part of hosting the upcoming Teck Coast Cup and Vancouver Island Loppet we offer finish-line treats in the form of cookies, squares, cupcakes and muffins to the depleted racers. For those of you who have raced before you know how valuable and important this aspect of racing is!

We respectfully request (respectfully as in we understand deeply and personally how busy family life can be) that you help us provide some of these things to racers not only from Strathcona Nordics but from other mountains who do such a graceful and welcoming job of hosting us when we travel to their hill. If you have a favourite recipe or a quick and easy recipe or a favourite purchased item that you can deliver for the morning of race day this upcoming weekend, we would be deeply appreciative.

For those families with children in a large jackrabbits lesson group who are not signed up to provide hot chocolate and snacks for your group, this would be a great time to support the jackrabbits program.

Please sign up using this link:

Finish Line Goodies

Volunteer for 2018 Coast Cup and Loppet

With thanks in advance, here are some other jobs we need filled. (Click the link...)


On Sunday March 11th at 2:00 p.m. SNSC will be drawing the winning raffle tickets for the following prizes:

• Vernon, BC “Super Camp” (to be used by end of December 2018): $1200 value
• Fisher RCS Carbon Lite Skate 187 cm (stiff) skis: $850 value
• Salomon 9 Skin Classic 202 cm skis: $500 value
• Halti Ski Jacket: $200 value
• Salomon Ski Jacket: $200 value

Tickets will be $5 each and will be sale starting the weekend of the Teck Coast Cup & Loppet on the weekend (February 10-11) until 1:30 p.m. on March 11th.

Please support our club by offering to sell tickets and purchasing your own!

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