Dynamic Zone Based Shipping

The USPS is at it again with another round of hefty increases to the package rates. They also switched to a ZONE based system for first class packages (which is defined as any rigid item that can't be processed by machine). This means that the distance your mail travels will affect the price.

We have done a preliminary update of our shipping system to dynamically adjust shipping prices based on Zone. More details about the zone based changes to first class USPS package rate can be found here

Buyers and Sellers, you are responsible to have your zip code entered accurately in our system to get proper shipping quoted.

Sellers, please note you now need to know the zone you are shipping to in order to calculate your postage or need to bring your item into the post office for them to do it for you.


Gopher Hunt Contest Winner

Congratulations to our Gopher Hunt contest winner purplepat69. They won $25 Cash Back on their next CardShark order for being the first to find the hidden image under the card Giant Warthog

You could win next time as we hunt for Easter Eggs in April.


Booster Boxes and Packs

By popular demand we have added the ability for sellers to list Booster Boxes and Booster Packs.

Note that any additional shipping beyond the one card price should be included by the seller in the price at this time. We may redo the shipping eventually but for now it is similar to complete sets.

Ravnica Allegiance Booster Box

Monthly Booster Box Raffle

Every month, CardShark gives away a FREE Booster Box! How do you enter? Easy... just buy cards! For every dollar you spend on singles, you get one chance in the raffle. The winner can choose from any of the Booster Boxes listed in our SharkShares Redemption Center. The top buyer of the month also wins a free pack.

January 2019 Winners
Booster Box: magic_fer4
Booster Pack: daggerhart


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