Stories, Tips and Resources   ||   Issue #9 May 2016 Dear Reader, Phew, hectic as usual. Just got back from running public workshops in Adelaide and

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Stories, Tips and Resources   ||   Issue #9 May 2016

ChrisB thb

Dear Reader,

Phew, hectic as usual. Just got back from running public workshops in Adelaide and onsite workshops in Sydney and Brisbane.

I'll be running two more onsite workshops at two aged care centres here in Melbourne in June and another one in Adelaide in July.

I think I'll need a private jet to zip around in - first down payment after my anticipated Tattslotto win. :)

Chris Bennett
Chris Chi

Extreme Chair Chi


I've heard of extreme sports but extreme Chair Chi?

The other day I arrived at one of the aged care centres where I deliver Chair Chi workshops and was virtually blasted out of the building by the sound of heavy power drills screeching into walls!

The noise was deafening but, although it made things much more difficult, we decided to go ahead anyway.

We all managed to get through the session but I must admit I was envious of the resident who took out her hearing aid - she couldn't hear a thing!

Chair Chi Video Clip

Chair Chi

Well, it's taken twelve months but we finally produced our Chair Chi video clip, which is now publicly available.

Initially I tried to film a workshop using my camera with a friend of mine who helped out with his camera as well. Although the content was great, the technical aspects were ordinary. So we decided to reshoot using a professional media company - Rockman's Creative Media.

The clip was filmed at Bupa Donvale here in Melbourne where I run regular Chair Chi sessions for their residents. A day's work which included filming two workshops, interviewing staff, residents and myself all condensed down to 4 minutes and 50 seconds.

Here's the link to the video clip - what do you think?

Tai Chi Tip


When extending your arms, don't lock your elbow joints - leave some Yin there (slightly bent)

Aged Care News


Better Practice Guide to Complaint Handling
From the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner this guide is designed to help aged care services in handling and managing complaints. Lots of customisable resources and templates to download, print and tailor to suit your own workplace.

A trip down memory lane
An alternative approach for dealing with dementia that is centred on remembering the past and putting people at ease.

Innovations in Aged and Community Care
This is a LinkeIn group created by ACSA - a space where you can ask questions, share ideas, collaborate with others and learn together. (It's a closed group, so you'll need to request to join and be approved by a moderator.)

Young People in Aged Care - Challenges
This is a brief 5 minute interview with 5 young people who work in the aged care sector - it's interesting to hear their perspectives!

Last Call Hobart - Deadline 31st May


We still have places available for our Hobart Aged Care Chair Chi Training workshops scheduled for next week - 6, 7 June.

If you would like to attend please book here now to ensure your place. Registrations must be in today, Tuesday 31 May by close of business at 5.00pm!

Three Jewels


Compassion - leads to courage

Moderation - leads to generosity

Humility - leads to leadership

Dao De Jing

Chair Chi Updates


New components for: Level Two - Pain Management; Level Three - Anxiety, Sleep, Depression and complimentary mentoring session for both Level 2 and Level 3 participants.

Level 3 workshop scheduled for November 28, 29 Melbourne - 50% discount for interstaters to assist in travel and accommodation (once only offer)

Coming up: Interstate public workshops - Hobart, Launceston. Vic country public workshops: Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Sale, Horsham, Echuca, Mildura.

Chair Chi Plus report completed - awaiting final approval.

If you'd like any more information or have questions about the above, contact me!