Rapper Word One Signs To DMX’s Ruff Ryder/Bloodline Records LOS ANGELES, CA – Though born in Sunny LA, life has taken Word One across the nation to N

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Rapper Word One Signs To DMX’s Ruff Ryder/Bloodline Records

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Though born in Sunny LA, life has taken Word One across the nation to New York, Jacksonville, FL and now currently residing in Las Cruces, NM. Today the New Mexico resident announces his official signing to DMX’s Ruff Ryders/Bloodline label.

Word One tells the story of how he met DMX through friends and legendary hip-hop collective, Bone Thugs N Harmony. “It started with my friends Bone Thugs N Harmony plugging me in. I was kicking it on the tour bus with them after a show they invited me to in El Paso, TX and Flesh & Krayzie plugged me in with the tour manager and told me about the next tour being DMX. They recommended me to the tour manager, and 6 days later, I was on tour, opening for DMX.” It was soon after that Word One met Montana, DMX’s manager and director of Ruff Ryders, in Houston, TX.

"When we got to the next city (which was San Antonio), DMX had me come into his green room and spit 16 bars. After I spit the verse, he expressed how he liked my style and how real my words were. That’s when I caught his attention. We then had Denny’s that night with his wife, manager and security and got to know each other on a more personal level.”

Word One spent much of the early part of the tour spitting verses for DMX, showing the legendary rapper that he too had what it takes to share a stage. Word One, who was already in a label situation with a Sony Records subsidiary expressed to DMX’s manager Montana that he wanted to be signed to a label that acted as a family & had his best interests at heart. Montana, who was very impressed by Word One’s ability to control the crowd and work the stage, proposed that he manage Word One as well.

Following the tour, Word One met up with DMX once again for Houston’s Summer Fest concert series where he told an excited DMX the news of them sharing management. “DMX was excited to hear that news, saying “YESSSSSSS” when I told him. We talked about how things were going much better for me since the tour and that’s when X said to me that he ‘wants to be a part of it’ and proposed to me the type of deal I would have with him. I thought it was awesome.”

It was then, on June 1, 2014 that Word One became DMX’s newest artist and signee to Bloodline Records.

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Word One, DMX, Bushwick Bill, DJ NonStop, and Willie D (Geto Boys)


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