August 2015 - NEW Look and FREE Gift for You! Dear Friend, Summer is the time to unwind, relax and feed your soul. We just finished our retreat here


August 2015 - NEW Look and FREE Gift for You!

Visiting seal lions in our bay at Diamond Heart

Sea lions in our Diamond Heart bay, July 2015.

Dear Friend,
Summer is the time to unwind, relax and feed your soul. We just finished our retreat here at Diamond Heart (see below for more photos.)

I'm thinking of those of you that couldn't make it but really need some time for yourself. So I've included some tips below on how to have your own personal retreat wherever you are.

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“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you."

-- Maori Proverb


A Gift for Your Own Personal Retreat!

Energy Rebalancing CD

FREE Audio - Path of Life Meditation

Has life been getting a little out of control lately? Too much coming at you all at once? Are you ready to take time to reflect and plan the next steps in your life? Give yourself what you need... take a mini retreat right at home.

1. Schedule a day to unplug - no phone, no computer, no TV, no electronics at all.
2. Eat only fresh, clean food or fast for the day. Drink lots of water to cleanse your system.
3. Plan to spend some time in nature - find a local park if you live in a city. Focus on the beauty.
4. Create a sacred space in your home - clear away clutter, set up a small area with an inspiring photo, a candle and a meaningful object, add some comfy pillows or a chair to sit on.
5. Choose a quiet time to listen to this FREE Path of Your Life guided meditation. Just click on the button below and enter your email address.

I hope you enjoy your mini-retreat and my gift to you.

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Overcome Your Greatest Fears!

NEW This Fall: 'Fear Transformed' Life-Changing Program

FearTransformed Vert

FEAR TRANSFORMED is a powerful program that will move you from fear to love. Examine the fears that have been holding you back. Stop being a slave to the negative effects of your past and worries about the future.

This program includes revealing Fear Assessments that identify specific areas of focus for you, like; fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of failure or success, and fear of loss of control. Get actionable solutions to overcome these obstacles.

Participate in a complete self-study program or do it with friends.
• Increase harmony in relationships.
• Greater intimacy with yourself and others.
• Act on and achieve your life goals.
• Build an authentic brave heart.
• Become the person you always wanted to be.
• Develop more trust and self-confidence.

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'Love Yourself Well' Retreat 2015 - Photo Gallery

My thanks and appreciation to everyone who made the Diamond Heart meditation retreat so successful! The weather was perfect. Click here to see more pictures.

Love always,

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Tanis Helliwell
International Institute for Transformation

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