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Feedback Needed on Presents!

We tried a new location...now tell us what you think!

Greek Council Position Nominations on the 27th

Here's a Cheat Sheeton what each position does. If you are interested in learning more...read the job descriptions in the Greek Council Constitution.

Calendar meeting

This year’s Calendar meeting will be held on April 5 2017 at 5pm in HOL 100. This event is for Clubs and Orgs that want to hold events and space for the next academic year.

Service Opportunities

March 31st: Donation Day More Info TBD. All Greek Hour.
SERVICE HOURS DUE in Google Sheet: April 3rd!!!

Relay for Life: April 8-9 (won't count towards service hours this semester)

Transition Meeting

April 6th and 7th FREE Lunch Drop-in

Greek Council Minutes

Check out the hard work of your Elected Officers Here. (for those with an active Redlands.edu e-mail only)

The Greek of the Week is a spotlight on a member of the Greek Community who has excelled in upholding our Greek Life Mission and Greek Pillars. If you would like to nominate someone who has excelled recently and is a member of Greek Life, please e-mail Christy ASAP! Check out past Greeks of the Week on campus in their Greek of the Week shirts!

Brian Wright CRP

Brian Wright

Brian from Chi Rho Psi has been amazing this semester on our Bulldog Swim team! When Brian isn't in the pool, he's also a member of the Native American Student Union and Phi Mu Alpha! Brian shared, ' chose to join Greek Life to expand my social circle and find a group of people who would help me become a better person. Greek Life, personally, was the best way to find a home on campus.' Brian is a busy guy but he shared 'My favorite hobbies are going camping, hiking, going to the movies, and playing Uno.' Keep representing Greeks well Brian!

Nicole Yeager GOTW

Nicole Yeager

Nicole, from Theta, has done an amazing job on campus inspiring students to rethink our sustainability efforts and put together a great Sustainability Fair this year. Nicole is not involved in many areas of campus but she also is involved with the community as a Redlands Legal Aid Intern, Congressional Campaign Intern, Building a Generation Volunteer, Boys and Girls Club Volunteer, Redlands Sustainability Network Member. Nicole shared, "In my sorority experience, I have known such tremendous diversity of personalities and strong women, all of whom are gracious, kindhearted, and motivated. Being apart of this community has allowed me to practice leadership skills and my contributions in Greek Life complement my work professionally and in other areas on campus."

Save the date 4/12/17 from 6-9pm in Orton

Here is the link for the meal sign ups

This is a new section for information where you can support other greeks, advertise for personal projects outside of Greek Life or events that will further you as an individual or organization.

Greek Intern Job Applications Due on March 24th

Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:
• Establishes new and creative ideas to be implemented within the Greek Community.
• Coordinates Greek meetings and event set-up with the Office of Campus Events.
• Assist in advertising all Greek events in Greeksheet/ URConnect Calendar.
• Maintains the party request forms and puts together event binders.
• Manages office filing, Parent and Alumni mailings, organizational and alumni correspondence.
• Acts as a liaison to voice special community concerns between members of the Greek Community and the Greek Life Office.
• Provides assistance to the Director of Greek Life and SLIC staff.
• Performs other related duties and projects as assigned or directed.
• Assist in planning all greek events.

Coming Out Monologues on March 21, 8pm, Orton

Judge Sunshine Sykes (first Native American judge in Riverside County)

Speaker at the Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Conference, Friday, March 24, 1pm, Orton

Manzanar Japanese Internment Camp Trip

THIS Saturday 7 am-7pm. The link to register for the trip is: https://goo.gl/forms/HNFzJ0dQYfprYQU93

Student Organizational Board Applications Available

The Student Organizational Board (SO Board) is an important part of leadership and self-governance for the over 120 active clubs and organizations on campus. It allows students to make decisions about whether organizational misconduct has occurred and what the appropriate response should be.

The Student Organizational Board has a significant impact on clubs and organizations at the University of Redlands. This important leadership opportunity also offers training and ongoing advising from University administrators to develop in-depth knowledge of University policies and procedures, as well as interviewing and deliberation skills. The experience can also be a valuable addition to a resume for many positions/fields.

Did You Know That Living in the ORG. Houses You Have....

• Easy Parking!
• Less people using laundry facilities (except for those on the row)
• Your Own Backyards!
• Less people using kitchen than residence halls.
• You can sign-up for the Apartment Meal plan which is cheaper
• For those on the row, you get the triple room rate
• For all rooms, you have the double room rate (even those in singles!)
• Televisions provided in the houses
• No CA’s! No one is regularly checking on policy enforcements
• Public Safety does regular checks for safety
• Students living in Org Houses are the ONLY students (other than the 44 CA’s) who have access to submit facilities work requests.

Organizational Houses for Next Year

The due date for the names of who will be living in your organizational house for the following year are DUE March 21st. Please find minimum occupancy numbers in the Organizational House Supplemental Manual.

Returning Keys

Org Houses close (for those not registered in a May Term Course) with the residence halls for the Spring on Sunday, April 23rd at 1 pm.
Org Houses close for the Summer on May 26th at 1 pm.

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On Friday, Saturday March 11th, all of the Greek organizations took part in our twice-a-year Presents dance. They came together to show their organizational spirit through dances put together by their new member class. Every organization was able to attend and most of Greek Life was present to cheer their organizations on. Along with Greek Life, many independent/non-greek students also attended. Presents portrayed a great look for our university as it showcased our school spirit on our beautiful admin steps.

IMG 7341

All-Greek Frosh Fest

On Friday, March 10th, the Greek organizations came together for the first big recruitment event of the semester. All 13 organizations were present with many members of each there organizations to represent themselves to students thinking about rushing in the fall. Each fraternity and sorority had a table displaying who they are and what it means to be a member of their organization. Greek members operated the food, game stations, and DJ booth as others mingled and reached out to those interested in Greek life.

IMG 7428

Orange Blossom Trail - All Greek Community Service Event

On Sunday, March 12th, members of the Greek community collaborated with CSL to help clean up the local Orange Blossom Trail. On this hot Sunday, 40 Greek students met from 12:00-2:00 pm to touch up and paint CSL Murals, gather trash, and pull weeds on the public trial. It was a successful service hour helping both our school's CSL and also the City of Redlands.

Alpha Sigma Pi Fundraiser

Alpha Sigma Pi is having a fundraiser at Cornerstone bakery (Redlands 402 Orange Street) on Wednesday, March 22 from 7:00am-9:00pm.

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