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Issue 57, September 2018

Wha gwaan?

It turns out that even my mum doesn't know what 'Wha gwaan' means. This became apparent while chatting about the obscure words and links in Whale's Tales. "I just thought it was just you being strange" mum said. And she's my proof reader!

From the Jamaican Patois, 'Wha gwaan' translates to 'What is going on'. Simple. But why? - to find that out I suggest consulting the Rastafarian crime fighting mouse gang our Tasar is named after.

Job done - obscure words explained with obscure links - makin a bad ting good!

The 2018/19 season kicks of on October 6th with the first club championship round. If you haven't already it's the time to renew BSC memberships, check boat & trailer insurance, class association fees, inspect safety gear, and call an exorcist to rid your (still damp from last season) wetsuit of the stench that possesses it.

With all that done, read on to discover the secrets of our winners and more...

Boyd Newton, nearly half of Da Easy Crew, Editor.


Important Info

Please look into the following as others may be relying on you to do so:

▪ Spring maintenance guide
▪ Winners are grinners - and tenacious, methodical, adaptive
▪ Sign On - procedure update
▪ Working With Children - checks complete?
▪ Sausage Sizzles are back weekly - they are beautiful!
Spring maintenance guide
Winners are grinners - and tenacious, methodical, adaptive
Sign On - procedure update
Working With Children - checks complete?
Sausage Sizzles are back weekly - they are beautiful!

Dubious Info

Week after week our rescue crews grab their rowlocks and head out to retrieve the moored rescue craft. It's oar-inspiring.

New Members

Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where our new members is?

▪ Gary & Robyn Ratcliffe - Tasar
▪ William MacKinnon - looking at an Aero
▪ Adam Linton - Contender
▪ Ed Cox - Contender
▪ Rob Stenta - Contender
▪ Davis family; Patrick, Adrienne & James - Junior Sailing
▪ Mowday family; Hylton, Alexandra, Mordecai & Elijah - Junior Sailing
Gary & Robyn Ratcliffe - Tasar
William MacKinnon - looking at an Aero
Adam Linton - Contender
Ed Cox - Contender
Rob Stenta - Contender
Davis family; Patrick, Adrienne & James - Junior Sailing
Mowday family; Hylton, Alexandra, Mordecai & Elijah - Junior Sailing

It's blooming marvellous to have you on board.

BSC Membership Fees

Payment was due by the 3rd September. Thank you to those paid and a reminder to the rest to get on it as soon as possible.

If you received an invoice but don’t plan to continue your club membership please advise membership@balmoralsc.com.au

Australian Sailing

On the 5th September all members should have received an email with their login details for the Australian Sailing website, with another email asking them to login and check their details held on the site.

All members who haven’t done so already are asked to login **and check/update their details. If any members did not receive login details and the request to login or if they have any problems or questions they should contact membership@balmoralsc.com.au


Volunteers of the Off Season

The lack of sailing over winter doesn't mean the work stops. A team of busy working bees got things ready for the new season as many hands made light work of tasks around the clubhouse. Rescue and Race Officer teams have trained new crews. The junior sailing program has recommenced and gains momentum. Your class reps have been tweaking courses and organising events. Admin has dealt with invoicing, memberships, online upgrades and all manner of paperwork and compliance. Our Board has added new people to guide us in what is looking to be a great Season.

Thanks for the hard work and commitment. It makes our club great.

Know someone we should recognise?

Email Boyd details of someone quietly working away behind the scenes.


Spring Maintenance

When it comes to the maintenance of our Tasar’s, lots of fresh water is your best friend but wear and tear does take its toll and for those keen enough, here is the complete list of items to inspect at the start of the season.

For the more relaxed approach to the start of season maintenance here are three items that I would urge all to inspect and fix as necessary.

Tiller extension joint

The majority of Tasar’s use the Ronstan urethane tiller extension joint and if left permanently connected these will crack over time and fail when it is least helpful.

Standing rigging

Any broken strands or rust evident, replace! If you order new ones make the effort to specify your bearing point to bearing point dimensions to ensure compatibility with existing settings on your boat.


Most of us use Dyneema for mainsail halyards, inspect for wear at the locking knot particularly. Lines are consumable’s and do need replacing regularly.

These three items have an application across most classes sailed at BSC and I am sure that the keen members of other classes could draw up a similar inspection checklist to the Tasar version I created.

Brad Stephens, Tasar - Vivace - AUS 2903


Top Tips from Top Sailors

Some boats are always at the front. The rest just can't touch them.

Why figure things out the hard way. Here is a Q&A from last season's champs.

Something that worked

Mel, Windsurfer - An incremental increase in exercise and training as well as recording things learnt after each session, what conditions were etc.
Paula, Tasar 2842 - Communication & keeping boat flat.
Josh, Tasar 2842 - In a nor'easter or easterly a good start can be absolutely critical.
Gavin, Tasar 2952 - Turn up & race. Pay attention to the leaders setup & ask questions. Work really hard on reaches. Depower the rig & sail within your limits.

Something that did not work

Mel, Windsurfer - Overdoing it. Trying to keep up with the kids, pumping a lot more than usual at a national training camp after 3 weeks off and ending up with tennis, or as the case may be, windsurfing elbow.
Paula, Tasar 2842 - Do not go out in gusts over 27kn.
Josh, Tasar 2842 - Getting parked too close to Grotto in a nor'easter.
Gavin, Tasar 2952 - Trying to beat Paula. Loosing your cool (and almost your crew/wife).

Something new to try

Mel, Windsurfer - I have just bought a windsurfer LT which is lighter, has a lighter rig and rules with a lot less pumping so better for my arm.
Paula, Tasar 2842 - Practice better roll tacks.
Josh, Tasar 2842 - Sacrificing favoured end to get & keep clean air.
Gavin, Tasar 2952 - Keep calm. Skipper getting butt out of the boat and hiking harder.


Contender News

The sailing season has started off strong for the Contender class at Balmoral with a number of new faces joining over the winter break. We have 9 boats registered to sail this season which is fantastic for the class and club.

New faces include Adam Linton who has moved to Sydney from the Perth fleet, Rob Stenta who is sailing his newly purchased beautiful timber Bonezzi (some say it probably shouldn’t leave ones lounge room), Ed Cox who purchased the sister ship to the “Wonky Donkey” and Niall Kinch (not so much a new face around the club) who has spent the past little while pulling a deck off an older boat and giving it a stunning refurbishment.


The first 3 weekends of the season saw no less than 6 boats on the water with the final weekend of sprints getting 8 boats on the water.

The races have been super close throughout the fleet with multiple winners each weekend.

Now that the sprint series has been completed the Contender guys are looking forward to stretching our legs on the courses out in the sound.

It is a great time for the Contender class with plenty of variety in the second hand boat market from entry level to near new boats able to win a world titles. Prices range from $1,500 for a basic learn to sail boat, around $5,000 - $8,500 for a extremely competitive boat or $20,000 for a new boat that has been on the water for 10 races.

Interested in the class?

Come up for a chat on Saturdays, we don’t bite.

Matt Mulder - Contender Class Captain


Rastasarmouse > Rastaeromouse

The first day of Spring Sprints and what better way to celebrate becoming Tasar Class Captain than having a demo in the RS Aero!

Boyd Aero BSC 8 Sept 18

RS Aero:
* Lightweight, fast, agile
* User friendly
* Growing in popularity
* Available on the Saturday

* Available on the Saturday

Many thanks to Nick Collis-George for organising the boat and Michael Aero-Savery and Stephen Aero-Johnco for the assistance all day.

Initial impression

Lightness. I could carry this 'Moth Style' with the right hold. Rigging is quick & easy as all the tricky bits and ropes stay attached to hull or spars. For transporting you could throw the thing on a roof rack and the short battened sail could fold to go in the boot along with the folding trolley. I found it easier to let Nick deliver it to the foreshore though.

Like Donkey Kong

There was a good show of boats from most fleets sailing a combined start - with a few Tasar's thinking they were on a 2:55 countdown - and it's on...

The Aero is quick off the mark even using a '7' rig over the '9' that would suit my size. The controls are well balanced, have low loads and are easily accessible. It's comfortable sailing given the performance.

It steers, tacks, gybes effortlessly and pops up planing early without any fuss. Perhaps my biggest surprise was not going swimming even after kneeling astride a raised dagger board on an oversquare run - an extra 10kn and the 9m sail may change this and is something I'd love to try one day.

Give it a try

Too knackered for a Laser?
Junior coming from an MJ, Optimist?
No trailer but have roofracks?
Crew threatening divorce?
Helm losing crew?

BSC has a growing Aero fleet with State, National & World Championships to keep them busy outside of weekly Saturday & Tuesday sailing.

For more info contact:
Nick Collis-George - Aero Class Captain


Sign On - procedure update

New season introduces electronic race sign on procedure.

BSC's website has an online form available for the days racing that can be used from your home computer, tablet or smartphone. To cancel a previous sign on there is a separate online form.

On each race day there will be two tablets available at the club if you prefer signing on there.

Help will be available at the club for the first races in and October.


Working With Children - check complete?

If you don’t already have your Working With Children check completed please do so now. There is no fee for the check as we are all unpaid volunteers.

There are just three steps:
1. Apply online for an application number. Click here to apply.
2. Once you have been issued with an application number go to a Service NSW office to have your identity verified. Take your application number and proof of your identity with you.
3. You should then receive an email stating your WWC Number. You must then email this number with your full name and date of birth to Michael Payne, crew@balmoralsc.com.au.

Your identity will then be further verified and your WWC Number will be linked to Balmoral Sailing Club.

Contact Details:

Michael Payne
e: crew@balmoralsc.com.au
p: 0425 275 398



Australia is often at the forefront of innovation - but not in this case.

One year on from the plastic bag ban in Kenya, this film looks at the innovators who have responded in amazing and unexpected ways. On the eve of the Flipflopi prototype launch, we get a glimpse into the story behind the team building a Dhow made completely from recycled plastic waste, a worlds first.

While a shame Australia missed the boat on this, it may have been for the best. The Thongthongi doesn't quite have the same ring to it!


Important Dates


29-30 Sept : Tasar TT1
6 Oct : Start of Season
20 Oct : Tasar TT2
11 Nov : Tasar TT3
7-9 Dec : Sail Sydney
26-30 Dec : Mirror Nationals
31 Dec - 6 Jan: Mirror Worlds
5-12 Jan: Tasar Nationals

Breaking News

It's not just our politicians with dubious citizenship paperwork. It has been reported that Rastamouse may be deported from the UK.

Authorities are putting this lovable rodent through the grinder - speaking of which... Sausage sizzles are back this season!

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