sheet set - lavender

Our best-selling massage linens are here to stay! And see the green grass peeking out in the background? Yes, it's coming!


Looks like we'll soon have one of those sudden turns in the weather and we will spring right into summer!
Wishing all a merry month of May and a Happy Mother's Day. And a big thank you for all your support for our local business.


FEATURED TABLE: The Feldenkrais Portable Somatic Table


Only $795! This table offers superior strength, reliable flexibility and a lighter weight than you thought possible.

The best portable somatic bodywork treatment table!

Super stable and strong, with padding developed especially for Feldenkrais work, this portable table is designed to be the perfect platform for the Feldenkrais professional.

Width: 29" or 31"
Length: 73"
Height Range: 17" - 26"
Weight Capacity: 550 lb.
Table Weight: 29" width = 25 lb. 33" width = 40 lb.

The best portable table on the market with a 550 lb weight capacity! This extra lightweight portable table is perfect for the practitioner who travels with their table. It has been designed with a padding and cover specifically to give the firm cushion needed by the Feldenkrais practitioner.

refreshing linen sprays

These sprays will work as "air fresheners" or "linen sprays", and when sprayed on linens act to freshen the whole room.

Into a 120ml bottle with a spray top, add 2-3 tbsp of 99% alcohol USP, and ONE of the following essential oil recipes:
1: Lemongrass 10 drops, Sweet Orange or Grapefruit20 drops
2: Lavender 15 drops, Lemon 15 drops
3: Lemongrass 20 drops, either Japanese Mint, or Peppermint or Spearmint: 10 drops
4: Our pre-blended Clarity Synergy (30 drops in the alcohol) is also a terrific & easy way to make a linen/room spray.

Once you've measured your essential oils into the alcohol, shake vigorously. Then fill the bottle about 3/4 full with water & shake well again. Shake well before each use.
Spray 2 or 3 sprays onto your massage table on top of the linens, once the table is set for the next client.
Use sparingly to avoid too much scent or wetting your set up.


BIOTONE SALE ends May 31st!

Save now! Your clients feel it, you experience it. Hypoallergenic and unscented, Advanced Therapy delivers the performance without the sensitivities. Choose a lotion, creme or a gel and get smooth glide, extended workability and less reapplications.

Don't miss out, sale ends at the end of the month.

fractionated coconut oil 4 litres

Best-seller: Fractionated coconut oil, 4 litres, only $89

LRT and our store

We're in the heat of the Edmonton LRT construction these days, with road closures and detours galore! 95th Ave. is closed, but you can still shop here. Rest assured, our store is definitely open, with ample parking at the back of the building, just off 92nd.

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Operators are standing by!

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