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October 2017 Newsletter

Italian prune plums Damsons

We take our annual vacation in September, not in July and August as most French people do, because places (especially beaches!) are much quieter than during the summer crunch. We headed down to Provence, and you know you're in the south of France when you get into a lively discussion with the cashier when buying boat tickets, about what makes a proper soupe au pistou, and which bakery makes the best tarte tropézienne in town.

He was surprised that I knew what socca was, (in fact, I have a recipe for it in The Sweet Life in Paris), but he told me about cade, which I'd never heard of, but is similar, and made with cornmeal, "like socca," he said. I corrected him, saying that socca was made with chickpea flour. After consulting Google, he laughed - and said, "You're right!"

I was looking forward to having a real vacation, the kind where you make a dent in the stack of books you've been meaning to read. If you haven't read Dark Matter, I read it in 1 1/2 days - it's a wild ride of a book.

Utopie baguettes

We got some sun, until the mistral blew through, the famous violent winds of Provence. As we held on to our hats, we ate fresh seafood on terraces, drank iced rosé, and even sampled a tarte tropézienne or two, the famous "cake" made of brioche, filled with custard and a hint of orange, topped with crunchy sugar. (Yup, there's a recipe for that in My Paris Kitchen, and a cheater's version in my upcoming book, L'appart.) It was lovely and very relaxing...and all those pastries were very (very) filling.

Breaking the calm for a bit was the server on my site going down, and I spent a few frantic days on the line, from our maison in the Mediterranean, trying to get help from the people in Michigan, pleading to get it back online. Kudos to Andrew Wilder of Blog Tutor for his heroic help.


Anyhow, it finally got fixed, and I got fixed, too, after blowing a gasket in my brain with them. And a jellyfish gave me a nice going-away present that's still healing on my thigh from when we took our final plunge in the mer, before saying goodbye.

In other news, I spent September saying au revoir to the beautiful mirabelle and quetsche plums that were spilling forth at the markets in Paris. I made some mirabelle jam with the little yellow orbs, and a silky plum compote with the inky, purple prune plums to go with rice pudding.

My site also got a tune-up and some upgrades, including a move to https, and some spiffy new social media buttons, so you can share posts easily to Facebook, Pinterest, and on Twitter. Which is nice, since I think we could all use a break from some of the less-pleasant stuff happening on Twitter. The site's speed should also be improved for your viewing pleasure as well.

And...I finally got off my duff and finally put up my Paris Pastry page on my blog, a shortlist of my favorite bakeries and chocolate shops in Paris. I'll be updating it as I find new places - in fact, I added two this week! So check back before your next trip to Paris, and I'll probably have added more, in the meantime.

- David

French Provencal Pastis Chicken Recipe-2

Fall Book Tour News


Now Available for Pre-Order!

I've added a few dates to my Schedule page, including events in Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The event I'm doing in New York with Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen sold out quickly. They're considering finding a larger venue so if you're interested, put your name on the waiting list. If not, maybe we'll all go out for ice cream with rainbow sprinkles since I think Deb may be the only one who likes rainbow sprinkles as much as I do. And yes, she shares. (Unlike me...)

There are also ticketed lunches in Washington, D.C., and in Seattle. If those are sold-out (which I just learned the Seattle event is), or you just want to come and say hi, like every city I'm visiting, there are other events that are open to all.

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Balsamic Glazed Pork Recipe-6

Recent Posts & Recipes on My Blog

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Lots of ginger, and garlic, went into the marinade for this balsamic, soy sauce, hot sauce, and honey-glazed pork loin (shown above)

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- dl

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