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Concierto de Tarde-Evening

"Concert of Evening" by Sunol Alvar. Banner image at top of the page is titled "Estimant la Natura". Both are 14-color original, embossed lithographs with unique watercolored panels.

In celebration of exactly 20 years since famed Spanish artist Sunol Alvar visited East Lansing to open an extensive exhibition of his sculptures, limited edition lithographs, and drawings here at SAPER GALLERIES, we have added dozens of his original prints to our collection for your enjoyment.

Although Alvar, age 88, has stopped creating lithographs, you can view more than 60 of them in our east and west galleries and on our Alvar page.

Many of Alvars lithographs are in suites, a set of 2 or 4 or 5 images of a common theme such as music, the Bible, the arts, times of our days, mythology, and family.

Enjoy the breadth of imagery and extraordinary talent of the renown artist, Sunol Alvar, in our collection since the 1970s!


"The Cat's Debut", limited edition print of the original concept drawing for the endpapers of the 1957 The Cat in the Hat book! Dr. Seuss' multitude of books all started with this book and with this Cat!

It was 15 years ago that we celebrated the 30th anniversary of SAPER GALLERIES with an extensive exhibition of Dr. Seuss artwork, along with displays of his early work in advertising, drawings for magazines and cartoons, his "adult" books, and "unorthodox taxidermy" wall sculptures.

You can see all of the Seuss artwork at links from our Seuss page. Although many of his limited edition artworks are sold out, please view this flipbook to see a selection of Dr. Seuss limited edition prints that are available from his five classic books that you are sure to recognize!

From this page you can view other available Dr. Seuss artworks: his book illustrations, sculpture, taxidermy, and "secret" art!

We also have some Dr. Seuss prints on display right now in our west gallery. SAPER GALLERIES remains a leading source of artwork by the beloved Dr. Seuss!

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A hand-blown unique fluted black edge large bowl by Rick Hunter, 6" tall and 14" across

The beauty of California artist Rick Hunter's hand-blown glass is that they are unique in design and color, contemporary, affordable, and one of the most popular gift selections here at SAPER GALLERIES since we started carrying his glass in 2010.

For house-warmings, thank you and hostess gifts, holidays, weddings and anniversaries, and for one's self, a Rick Hunter vase or bowl is always appreciated for its beauty, but also for its functionality.

See the dozens of Rick Hunter hand-blown glass vases just added to our collection and displayed throughout our three galleries!

Rick Hunter glass is one of the best value art selections one could make. And unlike candy, wine, or flowers, they last a lifetime!

New Hebron Glass on Display!

IMG 7312

Cone shape pitcher with spout

Nearly 10 years ago Roy Saper visited Hebron, a city in the West Bank Palestinian territory in the Judaean Mountains south of Jerusalem.

There he located the site where generations of glass makers have made hand-blown glass vessels for more than 700 years. This is near the area where Phoenicians developed free-blown glass more than 2,000 years ago.

On our Hebron Glass page you can see photos of the dozens of Hebron glass vessels that we recently received and are on display in our center gallery.

You may have interest in learning more about the history of Hebron Glass from the links on the Hebron page and viewing the two videos showing the glass vessels being made.

The story is fascinating, and the glass is truly impressive in its beauty, form, and the swirling colors made by the addition of cobalt and copper to the glass.

Be among the first to view the most recent additions to the SAPER GALLERIES Hebron Glass collection!

45 Years Ago -- In 1978, after collecting art for many years, Roy Saper started an art gallery at his East Lansing, Michigan home on an appointment basis. It was then known as 20th Century Fine Arts. He built his inventory by surveying prominent people in the community to see what artists they like most, and then proceeded to buy artworks by most of the artists named. Included were Agam, Appel, Braque, Calder, Chagall, Dali, Magritte, Peter Max, Miro, Henry Moore, Picasso, Norman Rockwell, Ben Shahn, and Vasarely, among others.

40 Years Ago -- In 1983 Roy traveled to Japan to select and purchase a large collection of bright, contemporary, compelling, high-quality silkscreen prints by Fumio Tomita.

35 Years Ago -- In 1988, two years after moving into our new downtown East Lansing Saper Galleries building, we created exhibitions of still life mezzotint engravings by (Korean) K.B. Hwang and (Japan's) Tomoe Yokoi, the contemporary Chinese artist Jiang, and ethereal urbanscapes of Robert Kipniss.

30 Years Ago -- In 1993 we acquired and opened a major exhibition of 44 Rembrandt etchings

25 Years Ago -- In 1998 we eliminated our outdoor sculpture courtyard and added 2,010 square feet of gallery space to the west side of our building (now referred to as our west gallery). The space is naturally illuminated by a 48-foot long skylight and three large dome skylights.

20 Years Ago -- In 2003 we exhibited impressionist landscapes and still life paintings by local artist Barbara McCleary, mezzotint engravings by French artist Laurent Schkolnyk, and our second exhibition of paintings, watercolors, sculpture, drawings, and limited edition lithographs by Spanish artist Sunol Alvar.

15 Years Ago -- In 2008 we hosted a major exhibition of artwork by Theodor Seuss Geisel, known to most as Dr. Seuss. The Seuss display was the most popular exhibition in our 45 years. We stopped counting guests after 20,000 visited. You will recognize some of his most popular book images in the artworks shown in this flipbook referenced above.

10 Years Ago -- In 2013 We had three exhibitions: Magic Realism of Rob Gonsalves for whom we've received more requests than any other artist, Cocobolo (wooden) Bowls and Boxes from Costa Rica, and the estate paintings of Dutch-born, Michigan-then-Chicago-settled artist Tunis Ponsen (for whom we have a dedicated exhibition space off our west gallery).

5 Years Ago -- In 2018 we celebrated our 40th anniversary exhibiting the sensitive beauty and exquisite mezzotints of Japan's Mikio Watanabe.


Stained print of Abraham Lincoln before and after our restoration!

Paintings, prints, sculptures, documents -- we can properly restore them so they look like new!

We have many clients who inherit older works of art or buy art at estate sales or auctions and discover that the artworks need cleaning, repairing, and other restoration treatment. Email us photos of what you would like to consider having restored and we will advise you of what can be achieved with proper professional treatment.

You can see several examples of our successful restoration treatments on our About page -- and you may also have interest in viewing this before and after comparison.

Give a gift certificate and let them choose!

We can email or print and mail or deliver gift certificate for any art and/or custom framing services at SAPER GALLERIES. Let us know the dollar amount and the text you'd like to appear on the gift certificate and we will quickly email you a draft for your approval. Contact us and we will respond immediately and guarantee electronic delivery to anyone, anywhere for any date and time! Give a gift certificate and let them choose!

Here is a link to view previous e-newsletters you might have missed!

Thank you!

Erin Roy Jennifer 12-23

Erin, Roy Saper, and Jennifer

We appreciate the opportunity of serving you and look forward to welcoming your visits online or in person at SAPER GALLERIES and Custom Framing where friendly, knowledgeable, helpful art professionals are here for you always in a relaxed, welcoming, and comfortable environment. No request is too small and no project is too large. Framing services, art restoration, art for home and businesses and as gifts, installation services -- for 45 years we thank you for calling on SAPER GALLERIES, where excellence is the standard.

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