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Hello !!

Ah! Fall is upon us, one of my favorite times of the year--enjoying the many fruits of the summer gardens with that unmistakable crispness in the air!
The blackberries are everywhere it seems, and while picking some during a hike, I was struck by the elegant brain-body coordination involved. Visually assessing a bunch of berries, noting the one or two that are a bit more plump and project that glossy sheen indicating ripeness. Stretching out a hand, carefully avoiding thorns, to gently grasp the berry identified. Pulling a tiny bit, gauging its willingness to be picked with the slightest of effort on my part. Adding it to the container to enjoy later (or maybe sampling right now). All occurring almost automatically. And while maintaining balance as I reach, feeling the sun on my back, hearing the birdsong nearby!

A simple task, a world of possible inputs to savor. Feels a bit like an Awareness Through Movement® lesson. Expanding my internal and external attention makes it all the richer!

May you find some mini-ATM experiences in the coming season!


Research: ATM Classes Improve Awareness, Comfort and Function for Older Adults

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I’m used to hearing the positive results students notice from taking weekly classes. Things like less pain; sitting, standing or walking taller; feeling more confident, flexible, or stronger; doing things they hadn’t done in years. But when a published research study comes out with the same responses, I’m especially excited, though not surprised.

In a study reported in the journal Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine (v.3; Jan-Dec 2017), older adults took a series of Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes. One group met weekly for 12 weeks; the other group met twice a week for 6 weeks. Results did not indicate significant differences between the two formats on most measures. But compared to the control group, who “waited” for the class to begin, there were some significant differences.

Considering all their usual activities, three-fourths (74.5%) of the class participants reported that half or more of their activities had improved. 25.5% thought that most activities were the same, and none felt their activity worsened! However, among the control group, 75% felt no change, and only 12.5% felt at least half their identified activities improved. 12.5% felt at least half their activities worsened. In addition, nearly half of the class-goers “reported positive changes in awareness, visualization, and confidence” that were helpful in other classes and activities. Quite a return for an investment of 12 hours! Read more

Looking for improvement in your ability and ease to do the things you enjoy? Fall is a good time to try something new. Check out the classes below!

Senior Center Provides Free Drop-in Sept 24-28

So if you want to introduce a friend to the Tuesday class (details below), here's your chance! Applies to all the Fitness classes at the Center as part of Senior Center Month.

A Strong and Flexible Spine

arm to ceiling
▪ Learn to use your skeleton for support**
▪ Relieve lower back and muscle ache to bend, turn, lift, reach and walk with ease**
▪ Improve comfortable movement of your spine and ribs to increase ease and pleasure in all activities!
Contact Marg for information.
Learn to use your skeleton for support**
Relieve lower back and muscle ache to bend, turn, lift, reach and walk with ease**
Improve comfortable movement of your spine and ribs to increase ease and pleasure in all activities!
Contact Marg for information.

Chintimini Senior Center - 2601 NW Tyler Street

Tuesdays Sept 25 - Oct 30 -- 10:30 - 11:30 am $40 in-city discount; $50 regular fee; $8 drop in if space. Classes tend to fill so sign up early at the center or online. You'll need to set up an account if you don't have one.
Can't get to the floor? A raised platform allows you to participate.


Friends Meeting House - 3311 NW Polk

Tuesdays Sept 25 - Oct 30 -- 12:00 noon - 1 pm
Register at first class please. $48 for series; $10 drop in/session. Bring mat or blanket for carpeted floor. Please do not park in front of neighboring homes.

What's the right class for you? Please contact me--details below

Mindful Movement with Parkinson's - Thursdays

Elders sitting

Photo Courtesy of Feld Guild of N America

BOTH classes have available space!

1:15 - 2:15 pm -- Chair-based

2:30 - 3:30 pm -- Faster-paced - includes floor work

Both classes include Parkinson's Wellness Recovery Moves (PWR!Moves) addressing the movement challenges of PD. We also include cognitive challenges, balance and fall prevention practice, and address individual concerns.
Location: Fitness Over Fifty: 6735 SW Country Club Dr Corvallis
Dates & Cost: Thursdays
Sept 13, 20 & 27 ($30); Drop-in $12/class.
Oct 4, 11, 18 & 25) ($40); Drop-in $12/class.

New students--first class session free!

More Info? Click here or Contact me in advance to determine right class for you

Walk Well with Poles Workshop - Starts Oct 3

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Ready to get more out of walking? improve your posture and calorie burn while you upgrade your walking exercise?

Three-part Workshop: 1:30 – 3:00 pm

Wed Oct 3, Fri Oct 5 and Monday Oct 8

Rain Day: Wed Oct 10

Includes classroom and outside instruction. Please bring poles if you have them -- loaner poles available if registered by Sept 28
CLASS LOCATION: Walnut Community Room – 4950 NW Fair Oaks Drive, off Walnut just south of Martin Luther King Park, 4905 NW Walnut Blvd, Corvallis
COST: $38 in-city discount; $47.50 outside city; no-drop-in
REGISTRATION: Chintimini Senior Center 2601 NW Tyler Ave. Corvallis, Oregon 97330 Phone: 541-766-6959 or on-line

For More Information

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Contact me: or 541-286-4678

or check out: My Website

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