The Sylvia Lake Association is built around the idea of Volunteerism. Preserving, Protecting and Promoting the Welfare of Sylvia Lake" has become even more challenging, with Eurasian water milfoil, Tent Caterpillars, and the inevitable impact of more camps around the lake.

The SLA Board is an all volunteer group and they invite all of those who love Sylvia, to get involved in some aspect of the mission: "Preserve, Protect, Promote the Welfare." Contributions certainly help, but because of the current Eurasian water milfoil threat, we really need "hands-on" help.

We are reaching out to anyone who has ever sent anything via email to the Sylvia Lake website... Ice Out predictions, classified ads, party registrations, paid dues online, etc. Your email will never be compromised. If you want to be removed from this list, just use the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of this page.



Bring Masks & Snorkels, Small Boats Needed, Nets, Scoops, Weeding Tools.

You don't have to be a diver, there are jobs for everyone. The mat moving stirs up the weeds and they spread. Scoopers with nets can capture the floating bits of weed before they can settle and root.

SATURDAY - AUGUST 11 @ 1:PM Volunteers Meet at Sprague's Dock

Join the rest of the volunteers and contribute IRL to the welfare of Sylvia Lake. The Milfoil is spreading. The Association has contracted with Adirondack Ecologists, LLC, who conducted a reconnaissance inspection and assessment of the Eurasian water milfoil population in Sylvia Lake. Given the nature of the Eurasian water milfoil infestation around the lake, it is the opinion of AE that physical control techniques (i.e., utilizing diver hand harvesting and the application of benthic barriers) are the most cost-effective and environmentally-sensitive approaches to invasive plant management.

Next summer, a professional dive team will be contracted to hand harvest and suction harvest the EWM in the expansive bed located at the inlet/South Shore area. Contact any member of the Sylvia Lake Board if you have questions or comments.

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