Dear small business owner, It’s October and there is a festive pumpkin display in my local grocery store. The grocers know that demand for pumpkins i

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Dear small business owner,

It’s October and there is a festive pumpkin display in my local grocery store. The grocers know that demand for pumpkins is highest in October with both Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween this month. They anticipate the seasonal need, and respond with ample product to sell. It’s a simple formula that works every year. This month I’m going to talk about the sales science.

Here we go.


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Sales Science – 6 Signs You Could Improve Your Sales Process

Selling is a process. That process involves a systematic approach that creates business value and builds trust with prospects. 80% of selling is science and 20% is art of knowing when to apply the science. The whole organization needs to work together, or sales fall through. Here are signs you’ve got things to fix.

Six signs you need to look at your sales structure

1. Leads come in, but they don’t go anywhere
2. Prospects start to engage, but then they stall out
3. Your sales cycle is 9-12 months long!
4. You get to the demo stage, but most prospects are not buying
5. Executives kill deals the sales force has ready to close
6. You’ve hired a previously successful salesperson, and they can’t generate sales with you, so they quit.

How to fix your sales structure:
• Control the sales process
• Manage your metrics
• Know your numbers
• Focus on the next step

For a useful infographic on constructing the perfect lead generation form *Click Here*

Next Month: Closing

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Important Security Changes Coming for Google Chrome

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Enterprise Toronto Small Business Forum

Building a Digital Workplace with WordPress

The most popular online publishing system in the world, WordPress, is an exemplary platform on which to build a digital workplace for your business for a number of reasons. With its tens of thousands of plugins and themes and an army of inexpensive developers to customize it, WordPress is capable of integrating a vast array of business services and processes. In this talk we will describe and demonstrate how your business can use WordPress to transform into a digital workplace.

Tuesday, October 26, 2016, 2:00 PM
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, Level 800, Seminar Room 2 (801 B)
222 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 3L9

global 442814408

Site Review and Business Discussion

WordPress Toronto - North Edition is a meetup for WordPress users to share and learn from each other.

Monday, October 31, 2016
3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

4646 Dufferin Street (Sloan Group entrance)
North York, Ontario

Cost: A $5 donation to defray the meeting costs. Please donate $5 via PayPal.


• Introductions (max 30 min)
• Site Review and Recommendations (30 min)
• Business Discussion (60 min)

Calling for presenters on these topic options: please visit the Meetup page (via button below) to vote:

1. Page builder plugins.
2. A primer on security in a WP site.
3. Managed WordPress hosting update
4. Monetizing your plugin/website/business - Business Model Canvas
5. Digital workplace transformation

Wishing you continued business success.


Alex Sirota
Director, NewPath Consulting
(888) 781-2539

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