In this edition Blog: When you have that 'f... it' moment; and health consequences Top Tips for surviving the Festive Season A Christmas Gift to yo


In this edition

Blog: When you have that 'f... it' moment; and health consequences
Top Tips for surviving the Festive Season
A Christmas Gift to you : Song sung by Joe Cocker - Just Pass It On
WI Speaker
Listen to my Radio Gorgeous interview
Herb and I offer B & B in Rowlands Castle

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year

When you have that 'f... it' moment; and health consequences

Hi everyone not sure this is a great intro to my newsletter but I've been off colour, quite badly for over a month. I've had a dose of ulcers where, believe me, you wouldn't want them. I have a condition that needs treated with some respect and whether related or not I felt poorly recently for the first time in absolutely ages. I initially avoided the prescriptive pills and creams and tried to go 'alternative' but without enough knowledge- hence a delayed recovery.
Read my Blog: That 'F... it' moment and health consequences' which shares insights into why we can become ill.

Please contact me if you can relate to Lichen Sclerosus or are having skin issues 'down below' . No medals for ignoring medical concerns.

And now on a lighter note

Top Tips for surviving the festive season

1. If survival is in doubt then have more wine!
2. Choose lots of fun
3. Why not ignore those who drain you?

Herb and I are having Christmas Day at my son Graeme and Louise's home. I'm so looking forward to enjoying the days before the 25th and being off duty for the first time in, well, feels like all my adult life!

A Christmas Gift: Joe Cocker - Just Pass It On

I would LOVE you to accept this gift from me. I occasionally recognise a need for being less driven; a time for more quiet and inner peace; so give yourself 5 minutes to listen to this glorious song with beautiful words sung by Joe Cocker in his very own style. Here's the link

Joe Cocker 'Just pass it on'.
The message is simple and pure. It always makes me feel good, makes me feel a better person actually.
Please share this if you think it will bring a smile and some inner quiet to others you know.

WI Speaker

I have officially been accepted as a Speaker for Hampshire WI. Loved the Audition process: 50 or so members critiquing me. I wanted to know what they thought and actually I went down very well. I have some dates booked already.

illustration3-final (730x800)

Listen to my Radio Gorgeous interview

My fairly raw interview on Radio Gorgeous; Listen

by Josephine Pembroke for Radio Gorgeous.

Recently Josephine interviewed Kate Adie so I should feel slightly out my league which of course I do, but my friends never forget we are all special and we all have a gift , a message, a light which shines brightly.

Herb and I offer Bed and Breakfast in Rowlands Castle

Well who'd have thought? Bet my big children didn't although they seem suitably impressed. I redecorated (with some help from my lovely Herb) the childrens' bedrooms- never done since we moved in perhaps in fear that the kids may stay longer than expected :-) I love you both!
We are running B & B airbnb We do have 2 rooms, a separate page for each room and prices can vary but at the moment we have an Australian family for a week and it's good. We're learning and it's fun.

Happy Christmas

Susan x

My book 'Survive and Thrive after Trauma' is now available on Kindle.
My story plus informative and shared insights on how we deal with emotional trauma.

My Home Study Programme helps those moving on from divorce: Recharge your POWER.

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