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How to price your handmade garments

In case you missed it: We've written a very thorough blogpost on how to price your handmade garments. As I'd like to call it, a guide on not selling yourself, your time, your skill and your garment short by underpricing.

This method applies to any kind of handmade item, not just articles of clothing. I know many boutique owners struggle with this and have trouble finding balance in pricing, and this question is asked a lot in our pattern group. I hope this is of any help to you, or to someone you know.


Customer spotlight

42 Peppermint Swirls. That's FORTY TWO Swirls! Karen Harris sent this beautiful picture to us and told us:
"I thought you might like to see a few of the Peppermint Swirls we made for Kennington Amature Dramatic Society (based in Oxford, England), worn whilst they proformed America from West Side story.
We had 2 ladies cutting out, I sewed and over locked and another lady attaching waist bands... That's 125m of white fabric alone.

All the ladies that wore them loved swooshing and twirling.

Our cast are aged from 8 to 83. And they all love them! "


Customer Spotlight

Sierra Pryor made these amazing dresses to celebrate the 4th of July. They all look so lovely!

The ladies Peppermint Swirl Dress add-on can be attached to any kind of bodice you'd like!
Of course, you could do the same with the girls Peppermint Swirl!

I think Sierra did an amazing job, they all look beautiful!


Customer spotlight

Gosh, did you see the amazing Chuck Norris sweater Amanda Davis made? Amanda is such a talented and creative seamstress that regularly posts her creation in the Candy Castle Patterns Group. Such a statement piece for a cool guy, I immediately fell in love with that Chuck Norris hoodie! I couldn't pass up on it so I asked Amanda if her son liked it as much as I did, and she told me:

"For this jacket, I sized up by 2 sizes so he could get more wear out of it (growing like a weed lately, 8 inches last school year!!).
The boy loves some thumb hole cuffs so he was excited to know those were part of the pattern.
I picked this pattern because he wore the first one I made him every single day from October-May last year! He loved the fit so much but grew so quickly that we had to retire that jacket long before he wanted. The hood is so much fun to put together and I love the way that the lining pulls the main outer fabric back into the lining for a binding look without having to do binding!"


Customer spotlight

Lisa looks STUNNING in her Peppermint Swirl Skirt! Ready to twirl around all night! Did you know we have a tutorial on the website (free to download) that tells you how to make a skirt using the dress pattern pieces?

Lisa said: "I am a member of one of towns classic car clubs as we hold an annual rock n roll ball. This is the first time I’ve ever attended and knew in my head the Peppermint Swirl would be perfect for it after making my daughter 2 already.

It is made from red and white polka dot poplin with 16 flounces and I had a tulle petticoat under it for added 50’s style.

The pattern is very very easy to understand, cut and sew. I cut 8 of each flounce at a time and serged all together. I just love this pattern and plan on making a few more (little bit more sedate) skirts with pockets and a flat front for work. I felt magical in it.

Thank you so very much for such an awesome amazing flattering pattern."


Customer Spotlight

Lisa Soto Michelob sent in this beauty of a dress. Doesn't she look gorgeous? Lisa said: "I made the Vintage Very Cherry for my niece’s Game of Thrones Party. I wanted something cute and fresh that went with the theme so I picked out this dragons fabric from Lewis and Irene. It was also going to be outdoors in 90 degree weather so I needed a dress that was comfy and cool. The Vintage Very Cherry is the perfect summer dress! It showed off the fabric perfectly and the back details on the straps are gorgeous and kept her cool. I also love the elastic waist because it will grow with her! The pattern and directions were great- easy to follow and had different options for the skirt. I only had a yard of fabric so I did the everyday version. It was a pretty quick sew, I’ve just started making clothes for my daughter and this pattern had great directions! I love how it came out And have another one planned!! Thank you for a great pattern!! "


Customer Spotlight

Last month, we updated the Citron Twist Shrug to include layers, and Alyssa Cotter jumped at it making this awesome shrug. Check out the text on the back - she's so right!

She said: "I have been wanting to make one for quite some time and I thought this was the perfect panel for it. I picked this pattern cause I thought it looked so cute and your patterns always have personality in them like in The Citron Twist it says "Optional: lemon cupcakes and caramel coffee." Whenever I sew with Candy Castle Patterns I always feel like I'm actually sewing with the person who made the tutorial."


Free hack for the Sweet Cinnamon Latte Sweater

I've written up a free hack to turn your Sweet Cinnamon Latte Sweater into a maternity sweater. You can download it from the website now! Let's sew ALL the sweaters!


And in other maternity news, I've designed an easy-fitting maternity lounge shirt that will be ready for testing next week. The testing call will be up in our sewing group, so make sure you're in if you want to test out a maternity pattern!


New release!

The Okashi Baby Set was released last week! This awesome baby outfit is perfect for baby shower gifts or coming home outfits.

The Cute as a Cupcake Baby Collection is a perfect match with the Okashi Baby Set and we updated it to now include printable layers.

Feel free to shoot us an email if you already own the pattern but haven't received the automatic update.

I hope you got tons of sewing inspiration; let's get creative!

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