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mai 2020


En hilsen fra Presidenten

Hi friends,

This is going to be different than my normal speech. This month I want to thank all those members, both at Normanna and at all the other District 2 lodges, who are essential members of the work force during these difficult times.
Whether you are in the healthcare industry, food service, or one of our police, fire fighters, or any of the others that have helped keep “the ship afloat”, you have the utmost respect and gratitude of all of us at Normanna. And when this is all done, and we can go back to normal, whatever that is or will be, I pray we don’t forget about you and not give you the thanks that you deserve.

Stay safe everyone, and stay healthy!

Tim Nerison
Normanna 2-003


Notes from the Everett Norwegian Male Chorus

Hello Friends and Greetings from the Everett Norwegian Men’s Chorus!

With so many disappointments lately, it would be easy to get a little down. So many great events have been either postponed, or outright cancelled. The lodge being closed during this has been a real low point. However… I refuse to give in! I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the years following the Spanish flu, and the effects it had on the social networks of the day. Fraternal Organizations like Normanna, and the ENMC saw an explosion of membership and participation as people reconnected with their friends and wanted to be part of a group after extended isolations. I think we are in a dark spot now, but the coming couple years will be fantastic!

The ENMC is actively working to ensure that this coming holiday season will be a great one, we’re already working with Central Lutheran, and Stanwood Lutheran locally to put on Christmas concerts. And we are shooting to really make a show at ALL Normanna’s events. If YOUR church wants a vocal accompaniment to your holiday services, get in touch!

Singing is probably one of the greatest ‘group’ activities, whether it is religious, or just for fun, that feeling of being surrounded by friends, who all share your love of song, is an amazing experience. We’ll be holding a kickoff social and season kickoff dinner at the start of September, so keep an eye on us here, on the Lodge flyers, and on Facebook! So don’t be shy, get out the door, come down and see that we are more than just a bunch of guys, but a living vibrant, exciting group, that will be I hope around for a long time to come!

Gary Strombo
President ENMC

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Child wonder

Bokklubben met last month in a Zoom meeting. This month we will meet on Zoom on Tuesday May 26

Child Wonder: A Novel
by Roy Jacobsen (Author), Don Bartlett (Translator), Don Shaw (Translator)

A glorious evocation of a Norwegian childhood in the early sixties by an author short-listed for the 2009 Dublin IMPAC Award

Little Finn lives with his mother in an apartment in a working-class suburb of Oslo. Life is a struggle to make ends meet, but he does not mind. When his mother decides to take a lodger to help pay the bills, he watches with interest as she freshens up their small apartment with new wallpaper and a sofa paid for in installments. He befriends their new male lodger, whose television is more tempting to him than his mother would like.

When a half sister whom he never knew joins the household, Finn takes her under his wing over an everlasting summer on Håøya Island. But he can't understand why everyone thinks his new sister is so different from every other child. Nor can he fathom his mother's painful secret, one that pushes them ever farther apart. As summer comes to a close, Finn must attempt to grasp the incomprehensible adult world and his place within it.

Child Wonder is a powerful and unsentimental portrait of childhood. Roy Jacobsen, through the eyes of a child, has produced an immensely uplifting novel that shines with light and warmth.

Our reading list for the next three months:

The Red Address Book by Sofia Lundberg
The Bookseller of Kabul by Asne SeierStad
The Boy Next Door by Alex Dahl

“If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world we live in.”

― Rachel Carson


Nyheter Fra Lake Riley

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Normanna Park will remain closed until further notice.

Only stockholders and their immediate family members can use their lots. If a family member is going to come up to the park without you, please call our caretaker, Chris Berg at 360-435-6910 or cell 425-876-3867 to let him know they will be there. Now is not the time to invite friends to the park.

The playground, campgrounds, log house, social hall, restrooms and pool will remain closed.

Mid-Summerfest has been cancelled. We are not accepting any donations to the Country Store.

District 2 has cancelled all Youth Language Camps for 2020.

Garbage - The dumpsters are for household garbage while you are in the park. This does not include chairs, mattresses, BBQ’s and other large items. Please do not bring garbage from outside the park. Cameras are being installed and fines may be assessed. Also, please take your recycling home with you.

If you are a Shareholder, please make sure we have an email address for you. You can send it to Mary Custer at:

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Copy of Untitled 2

Normanna Financial Benefits Counselor
G.A. “Jeri” Schuhmann, CLU, ChFC
Certified Estate Planner

P.S. Ask how you can receive a FREE copy of: "Happy Brain, Happy Life" by Wendy Suzuki, PhD.
P.P.S. Ask how you can have $500.00 donated to the Normanna Lodge in YOUR name.
"Open the Oyster to find the Pearl"


Normanna 2020 Lodge Officers, Trustees and Support Officers

President - Tim Nerison - 425 -293-2647
Vice Pres -Janis Ahern - 425-334-4620
Counselor - Steve Landro - 425-220-2515
Interim Treasurer - Lee Brevik - 360-568-7840
Secretary - Lisa Maher - 425-359-1782
Fin/Mem Sec. - Iva Henry - 360 403-7833
Cultural Dir – JoAnn Molver - 425-244-0654
Social Dir. - JoAnn Molver - 425-244-0654
Marshall - Mary Beck - 425-397-9077
Outer Greeter - Mary Custer
Foundation Dir - Kay Saatvedt - 425.252.9666

Editor – Lisa Maher - 425-359-1782
Publicity - Craig Valvick - 425-501-0913
Youth Director - vacant
Boutique - Lori Shadoff - 425-210-8863
Sports Director - Glenna Zuanich - 425 327 4951

Dave Abrahamson - 425-931-7413
Dave Lawson - 425-343-9407
Inger Molver Lemke - 206-795-2081
Joe Richards - 425-319-7592
Dick Custer - 360-653-2244

President- Garth Wright - 425-252-8440
VP - Iva Henry - 360 403-7833
Secretary - Karen Waidman - 425-359-6134
Treasurer - Mary Custer - 360-653-2244
Karen Sand - 425-252-9071
Joe Richards - 425-319-7592
Dale Anderson - 425-334-5606
Wes Erdahl - 425-923-0030

Dave Abrahamson - 425-931-7413

SON Financial Benefits
Jeri Schuhmann - 206-799-0544

Normanna Lodge #3

2725 0akes Ave. Everett, WA 98201


Sons of Norway International

Headquarters 1-800-945-8851

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