Hello Quilter! Happy to be in your mailbox again. Happy Mother's Day! Here's a picture of Zoey relaxing after a hard day of play. She's got her fav


Hello Quilter!
Happy to be in your mailbox again.

Happy Mother's Day!

Here's a picture of Zoey relaxing after a hard day of play. She's got her favorite pink Minnie Mouse pillow, two taggie blankets, her bink, and Mom's iPad. And yes, she can type in the 4-digit pass-code all by herself.


More Christmas Fabric!

The Merry Merry fabric line has now expanded to 4" SQUARES! That's 4" finished squares (fussy cut 4½" x 4½"). In case you already have a Christmas tree skirt, and no desire to make one as a gift for someone else, you can patch squares instead of triangles to make even more quilty things. Most of the same awesome designs drawn by Ann Marie Cunningham (and some new ones you haven't seen before) are now un-triangled!

Hanging Panties-lowrez

It's Spring!

Time to Dye Your Underpants!

When the cold, dark, dreary winter weather gives way warmth and sunshine, I celebrate the coming of Spring by dying my underpants. And so should you, by becoming a member of the Yo-Yo Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties. (You mail me your panties, I dye them, and then I mail them back to you.) There's nothing more fun than stepping into a pair of hand-dyed undies, especially when you know you helped entertain our neighbors since I dye them outside and hang them on the two pine trees in the back yard.


It is also totally OK if you would rather frame your underwear instead of wearing it. This never crossed my mind until I met a member of the Sisterhood on a recent teaching trip to Texas who brought her panties with her, just not in the "usual" way.

This will be the last year I will offer to dye your unmentionables, so don't put it off. It's now or never. Click the button below to learn more.

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A Day with Valli Schiller!

On Saturday October 28th, prize-winning quilter Valli Schiller from Naperville, IL will be the featured teacher in my @Home Classroom from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. There are spaces for 11 students.

The day will start with a trunk show of Valli's quilts followed by her free-motion workshop called "Quilting On The Half Shell." Imagine free-motion quilting these designs! Wow!

Valli is an extremely talented and imaginative quilter and an patient and encouraging teacher. This is going to be a great class!


On The Road Again

I'm looking forward to visiting the Eastern Iowa Heirloom Quilters in Marion, Iowa on the 22nd and 23rd of May—two lectures and two workshops. Then I'll be with the Lawton Country Quilters in Paw Paw, Michigan. (Too bad Scooter can't come. I would think he would feel right at home in Paw Paw.) Workshops may be full, but there's always room for more at the lectures. Click here to contact the program chairs for more information.


Scooter's Video Pick

I have found another video for you to watch. The dog in this video is spectacularly patient, considering her person can't make up his mind as to what he wants the dog to do. Human! Sigh...


Thank You!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end! Have a wonderful "quilty" day!

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