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Greetings from Spain

Happy bank holiday weekend! Looks like it could be a corker.
It's also not long now until the Big Royal Event of the year. Wedding season is certainly extra regal this year and better have a smart suit to wear.

Not that long ago we had the beast from the east to disrupt trade, now the yin and yang of the weather gods, could (fingers crossed) give us a lovely weekend.

Last week I was in the UK, and telling you about Widya from Bali and her woodwork factory, making bath bomb display stands. We are actually giving them away with various starter packs. You can read about it here.

We also (unofficially) launched the Agnes & Cat website, and Andy and lovely wife Cheryl were here to celebrate. But like anything there is still so much work to do, please bear with us while we add all the details and products to the website.
You can check it out and register your interest here. Agnes + Cat If you are interested, please give us as much information as possible about your trading location and trading style as possible. Exclusivity deals available!

If you have been following this newsletter, you will know about the ever rumbling Volcano Agung in Bali.. it was threatening to blow it's top when I was there, and then calmed down again - the news is that is been throwing forth plumes of ash again, and this time nobody seems to worry about it, one of these days I fear the tourist authorities will get too complacent.

Anyway the summer is here, so you might like to stock up walking sticks from Bali, see below.
Last time I was there I went along to see our supplier, a guy named Ni Made Muki, (Made is pronounced Mad-Hay) - he is head of the local village, and organises and trains artisans as well as making a lot of the stock himself.

Here's Made with his latest creation, the Big Buddha Staff (coming soon).

The whole village makes walking sticks and staffs. Originally to supply the temples all over Bali that use ceremonial staffs in their rituals, gradually they have adapted to an export market and produce a range of designs inspired by western designers.
The village is hidden away and untouched by the tourist industry, life here goes on pretty much as it did years ago with addition of a few mobile phones and motorbikes. Old ladies still walk about topless and chickens run underfoot. The compounds are close knit family units and tradition and ritual run through everyday life.
In Bali you often see ceremonies in action and it's easy to dismiss them as another tourist attraction. But here was a ceremony for the dedication of a renovated family temple, close to Ni Made Muki's place.

Here's a link to a video I made.

We recently received a delivery - so right now we have stocks, and more are on the way. But please understand these are artisan items, and in limited supply. So really it's quite hard to get the Staffs..

So, enjoy the weekend, don't work too hard, and... don't forget to check the post box for any wedding invitations :)

Take Care,

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