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Blessings, my friend!

Have you read Malcolm Gladwell's bestseller, The Tipping Point? I just listened to it on Audible for the first time, thanks to a dear friend's recommendation.

Malcolm affirmed something about myself. I'm what he calls a 'Connector'; someone who deeply loves people, and who often has a wide network of friends. That is me to a T! And as a Connector, I was reminded of why I do what I do, whether it's leading workshops, creating art, publishing books or travelling. It's to connect and feel connected, no matter where, how, when or with whom. (It's good to remember our whys! Do you know yours?)

I say this because these 'LoveLetters' come from that same desire to connect and be connected, and it fills me with great joy to imagine you here with me in spirit. Thank you for welcoming me into your world. (Bowing.)

Below, I've gathered up some goodness I hope will put a smile on your face and inspire you to relax open and drop deeper into your own life.

Whatever it is you need. May it be so!

In solidarity and love,

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Treat yourself to this...

A couple nights ago I stumbled upon a Netflix original called, "The Call to Courage". It's a live talk by Brene Brown, a research professor on shame, and best selling author, filmed at UCLA. I have to say, she had me at 'hello', and I could've watched her talk all night. She was that good. Her ability to share personal stories of vulnerability, shame and courage, woven together with humility, courage and great humour, is a beautiful gift. So, do yourself a favour… go watch Brene. She'll leave you feeling uplifted, brave and ready to do hard things. I promise. (If you don't have Netflix, watch her TEDx talk on YouTube.)


If you want to hear ME...

LISTEN to my interview with Christina Pensa and Emma Kupu Mitchell for their inspired ‘Awakened Woman Self Care Podcast’.

It was pure delight to share my fave goddess myth, and talk about my book, the spiral path, the feminine renaissance, ecstatic dance and divine mirrors. *And if you were inspired, share on social media or with loved ones.


Speaking of my fave goddess myth...

My dear friend Jess, a kindergarten teacher, has been sharing my books, She Reflects, with her class. Her first share was to read aloud the myth of "Amaterasu & Uzume", the Shinto Sun Goddess and a clever shamaness. (How cool is that?) Jess then handed out colouring pages of these beauties from my Journal & Colouring Book.

Now, seriously... How precious are these? I mean... they were done by 5-year olds, for goddess sake! Makes my heart dance with joy. ❤️

*And come think of it, if you're a teacher or parent, consider sharing She Reflects with your kids too! Spread the joy.)


To add in, for good measure...

Here are a few readers' reviews of 'She Reflects' on Indigo and Amazon. And they're not all by women! I am so grateful, you have no idea. Please keep 'em coming:

Reconnect to Your Feminine Soul
“Erica Ross’ She Reflects, a Spiral Journey for the Feminine Soul the author shows us that our lives are rich, expansive, and wondrous beyond measure, continuously unfurling and evolving. Ross’ experience as a dancer and dance facilitator may well have shaped how she sees life as representing eight turns of a spiral. The book flows from this central idea as it presents the various turns and their meanings. Giving readers specific practices that we can do on our own or in a group, Ross invites us to dance more deeply and with greater joy into our own lives. This book isn’t something to be read and discarded, but is rather a resource that we can use - and be transformed by as we heal; love each other, and ourselves. Thank you, Erica for giving me the tools to reconnect to my feminine soul, and to remember that beauty and joy come when I engage in a dance with life.” - Lissa C.

Perfect guidebook for your inner wisdom
“As women in this society, we are taught to disown and ignore our inner desires and wisdom. It takes a lifetime of unlearning to find that place within us that holds the answers, that provides that which we most need to live our lives fulfilled and in service as we are meant to be. Erica Ross's book serves as the perfect guide to find our way back to our inner wisdom. It is perfect for women of all ages and all walks of life. It weaves together adventures, teachings, goddess mythology, playlists, art and practices, designed to be used alone or with the She Reflects Journal & Colouring Book. I found this book inspiring, uplifting, and a place where I can rest and reclaim my feminine nature. Highly recommend to any woman looking for more creativity, freedom and ease in her life.” Julie D.

Erica shares her enlightened wisdom
“Clearly written from a place of compassion, She Reflects embraces everyone, at once inspiring and encouraging us to be the best we can be. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it. In the sacred context which Erica presents her wisdom, empowerment of the feminine principle can only be a good thing. I found I had to bring some creative imagining to some parts, such as listening to my yoni. Listening for signs and synchronicities was highly relatable for me. And it was great fun reading out loud to my partner Erica’s naked accounts of her fascinating adventures. Her courage and love is contagious.” - Jack M.


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