Thankful for Warm Watercoolers Got baby? New moms & dads, this group's for you... Faced with the unutterably delicious - yet sometimes daunting and


Thankful for Warm Watercoolers

Got baby?
New moms & dads, this group's for you...

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Faced with the unutterably delicious - yet sometimes daunting and often isolating - early weeks and months, infant massage can offer connection, confidence and community to help you and baby thrive.

Mom or Dad, couple or single, gay or straight, outside-working or at-home-working, 4-eyed,
3-headed... matters not.

All parents welcome. Every baby celebrated.

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Love that baby but need a village?

Want support growing closer & tapping into your innate nurturing power?

We believe you're already great but
can't we all breathe easier with a little
encouragement from friends...


Join a November Group

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Full Circle - Harrison, NY
Mondays at 1:30 pm
Holiday Hatch - Starts November 17
Confirmed with new date.
Register at or call 914.421.1500

Lucky Duck Infant Massage - Graduating ClassB

The Yoga Loft at Bedford Post
Thursdays at 1:30 pm
Holiday Hatch - Starts November 13
Register on "Workshops" page at or call 914.234.7800 ext.12

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Create Your Own "Nest"

Private, In-Home Learning & Custom Groups
Contact Gabrielle for Lucky Duck house calls.

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Be a New Parent's BFF

Wow, you're a natural at this!
You and baby both look great!
Here's dinner.
Where's your laundry?
What else can I take off your plate?
When would you like me to come... and go?
I got you this Gift Certificate for an Infant Massage course... you just relax and enjoy! (while I do that laundry...)


Why Infant Massage?

Empowered Parents, Lovingly Connected Kids

Enhance Communication & Bonding
Relieve Stress for Baby, Mom & Dad
Improve Sleep
Ease Digestion
Support Healthy Development
Boost New Parent Confidence
Build Family Joy … and World Peace!

See a Benefits Video from International Association of Infant Massage.
Check out research-documented benefits at

Gabrielle Mason  - Lucky Duck Infant Massage

Gabrielle Mason, CEIM/CIMI
Gabrielle considers herself a most lucky duck to have landed in an infant massage group as a brand new parent and now delights in creating that soothing space for you.

She brings song, story, philosophy and fun to the beautiful art – and science – of infant massage... drawing on many years teaching Music Together & more than 20 empowered Lucky Duck Infant Massage groups to date.

Gabrielle is proud to be part of a "global support village" teaching the International Association of Infant Massage program ... and part of a local one with the Hudson Valley Birth Network.


In creating a new family, we create our own little world.
May yours be full of great joy and growing peace.
- Gabrielle


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Notes from the Nest - Holiday Hatch 2014

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