What's so great about un-sewing? Find out! Plus, the color test every quilter should take, dog stuff, and more. It's all in the June 23rd newsletter.


What's so great about un-sewing? Find out! Plus, the color test every quilter should take, dog stuff, and more. It's all in the June 23rd newsletter.


Zoey is getting the hang of baby food and offers a hair styling tip: oatmeal. Thankfully she enjoys baths too. At 8 months she's crawling everywhere, mostly trying to get to the dog's water dish. She grabs my hands and pulls herself up to stand, loves to jump, and puts everything in her mouth. Thank you for indulging The New Grandmother. Now on to the quilting news!


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How Many Colors Can Your Eyes See?

Ever wonder if you see the world the same way other people do? What implications would this have with your quiltmaking? Professor Diana Derval has come up with a simple online test so you can see where you stand (or see) compared to others. Fascinating. Click here to take the test.


Sewing Machine Light




Featherweight Replacement Bulb

Lights Are Back in Stock!

I have Sewing Machine Lights in stock now. The NeckLites are in transit to me and are expected to arrive here in Michigan by June 27th.

PLUS, I now have LED replacement lights for featherweight machines.

Click here to see all the lights.


Click photo to learn more.

Old Dogs / New Tricks

I'm not building this quilt I'm actually taking it apart. I am "harvesting" the blocks for another, more exciting purpose. It's my quilt top; I can do that. Besides, it's been sitting in a drawer for 14 years. It's time to move on. See what I'm getting myself into over on my blog. Click here.

Skunk Kit

Skunk Kit: Hydorgen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.


Speaking of dogs...Scooter got skunked the night before I left for the Genesee Valley Quilt Club in Rochester, NY. What a stench! He barked himself right into that mess. That is NOT A CAT! NO! NO! SCOOTER NO!

Luckily I always have a "skunk kit" on hand. Steve and I spent an hour and a half outside with the hose washing him down and swatting mosquitoes. The magic potion took the stink off Scooter, all except for his eyes and the inside his mouth. You can't wash those places with this solution. When he burps he can clear a room. And no face kissing for another week at least.

Here is a really great article published by the University of Nebraska about everything skunk. Read it now before you need it.


Click here to watch Scooter's video.

Bark Box

After all that de-skunkinng, Scooter needed some serious treats. Jennie gave him a subscription to BarkBox and it's wonderful. BarkBox is a monthly service that sends premium treats and toys to your dog. Click the video to watch Scooter open his first BarkBox.

You get 4-6 items in each box, and you'll never get a repeat. It's a wonderful way to try out new yummies. All the stuff inside is appropriate for your dog's size. Scooter and I would like to give you a free month.

Free Month

Click banner.

Click here using a special link to subscribe and you and Scooter will each get a free BarkBox added to your subscriptions.

BarkBox is a fun company with a clever web site and a good heart. They share "Frequently Arf-ed Questions" and other "imPAWtant" stuff accompanied by cute doggie cartoons. And a part of every purchase goes to help shelter dogs in need.


Thank You!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

Have a wonderful quilty day!

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