Reven in Riches



This is a story about desire. It is desire for power, desire for companionship, desire for approval, desire for discovery, and everyone is racing to get what they want first. For centuries, the untamed jungles of Ixalan have hidden a coveted secret: Orazca, the city of gold, which houses a mysterious artifact, the Immortal Sun. But no secret can remain undiscovered, and no treasure can be taken uncontested.

Set Name: Ixalan
Number of Cards: 279
Release Date: September 29, 2017
Official Three-Letter Code: XLN
Twitter Hashtag: #MTGXLN

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Rules Change

Starting with this set, all planeswalkers past, present, and future have the supertype legendary. They will also be subject to the "legend rule", instead of to the "planeswalker uniqueness rule".

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