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March 23rd, 2020

(No energy to read? Then jump down to the image of me in my apartment and click to hear about 1) my new online offerings and 2) how I've turned my living room into a disaster zone. Don't worry, you cannot contract COVID-19 via Youtube.)

Greetings from Tel Aviv-Jaffa,
It's Day 9 of my government-mandated 14 day quarantine as a result of from my trip abroad. While traveling around the States earlier this month, I experienced a lot of fear from watching the news and being in a lot of airports.

(My last pre-virus show....hoping for many Jewish tomorrows.)

Now that I'm locked down in my apartment (and still feeling healthy), it's been an interesting time, watching the world react online while managing to find new ways to laugh at our current situation.

With so much time at home, I entered quarantine with great optimism....which inevitably turned into realism. While I have in fact cooked many new and exciting things, let's be honest....the daily 4 pm yogalates Zoom calls have yet to begin.

Here's a related image I posted which just passed 3,700 shares on FB (don't judge me, how do you think we content-producers measure ourselves?) : )

Since the way we do everything seems to be changing, what better time to change my newsletter? Instead of typing what I'm up to these days, how about I just tell you?


Aside from private group programs, hopefully I'll be doing some public Zoom shows soon. I'll be sure to update my FB Events page, my website, and all the other social media channels. (I guess I can temporarily remove my website's separate "Schedule Abroad" and "Schedule Israel" lists.

^^^Trying to provide a bit of levity in a Nahum Goldmann Fellowship alumni call

It's Ok to Laugh

It's interesting to me that this virus "belongs" to nobody. That is, it's the rare topic that everyone can joke about with nobody claiming, "YOU can't laugh at ______, only WE can laugh at ______."

Of course, every group will put their own personal spin on a topic and this virus is no different. This article from online magazine No Camels mentions me while looking at Israeli humor during these times. Don't miss the video of the Israeli mother discussing online learning.

And in this Times of Israel podcast, I speak with journalist Amanda Borschel-Dan about the same topic, answering questions such as "who can make what joke?" and more. Have a listen here....

So stay healthy out there, keep smiling, and keep in mind: if there will EVER a time to clean your garage, start to meditate, or learn origami, I promise, it's now!

All the best,

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