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IOS Press Quarterly Update | Dispatch Date: Jul 21, 2021

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IOS Press News

During 2021 Quarter 2 (Q2, Apr–Jun), we have been busy working on a number of initiatives behind the scenes, some of which are shared here. Another big project is brewing – our new corporate website – but for the moment, that is under wraps!



CLAIRE Innovation Network

As a supporter of the creation of a central place for European research on artificial intelligence (AI), IOS Press is very pleased to partner with the Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe (CLAIRE) and proud to be a founding member of the new CLAIRE Innovation Network that was launched in June 2021. This network comprises companies, legal entities, and groups or units within these companies that develop or use AI methods or technologies (for-profit). As more organizations get involved in the network, it will help to strengthen European excellence in AI research and innovation. Via the network, there will be opportunities to collaborate with AI scientists, research groups, and start-ups from all over Europe. If you are working or planning to work on a project following the European vision and mission of AI, CLAIRE and IOS Press’ collaboration could be of help. We'd love to hear from you! Get in touch | Discover more



Diversity and Inclusion Statement

As announced in the last mailing, IOS Press is a signatory of the SDG Publishers Compact. In Q2 2021, an IOS Press working group tasked with setting targets relating to supporting specific sustainable development goals (SDGs) collaborated with editors of five journal. The resulting case studies formed the basis for a number of recommendations in relation to our initial priorities, i.e. SDG 5 (gender equality) and SDG 10 (reduced inequalities). We support an inclusive and diverse culture within scholarly publishing and IOS Press now has a Diversity and Inclusion Statement (DIS) in place. Editors will be informed of the listed actions and considerations that we hope will lead to improved geographical and gender equality. Any editors supporting the DIS will be invited to promote, spread awareness, and implement the relevant actions for their journals during Q3 and beyond. View SDGs page


Don't miss the Labs post about IOS Press' sustainability targets; click image below to view:



IMPACT FACTORS: The latest Journal Citation Reports (Source: Clarivate, 2021) have been released and we are pleased to announce the continued growth of Impact Factors for our journals.


Overall, IOS Press is looking at close to a 10% increase in the Impact Factors across its 28 titles currently covered in the Journal Citation Reports, with notable rises primarily for our Medicine & Health journals. The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease remains the most-cited Alzheimer's journal in the Neurosciences category of the Web of Science and it now has an Impact Factor of 4.472, which is an increase of 14.4% over the previous value.

Selection of IOS Press Journals with Increased Impact Factors*

Journal of Parkinson's Disease Impact Factor 5.568 (view JPD announcement)
Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering Impact Factor 4.827
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Impact Factor 4.472 (view JAD announcement)
Cancer Biomarkers Impact Factor 4.388
Journal of Vestibular Research Impact Factor 2.435
Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience Impact Factor 2.406
Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation Impact Factor 2.375
Journal of Berry Research Impact Factor 2.352
Semantic Web Impact Factor 2.214
NeuroRehabilitation Impact Factor 2.138
Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments Impact Factor 2.105

*Journal Citation Reports (Source: Clarivate, 2021)


SPECIAL ISSUES: Special issues were published in Q2 2021 focusing on important topics. Below are two published in May and June, respectively, in: Model Assisted Statistics and Applications and Information Polity.

Statistical Modeling of Pandemics and COVID-19

This special issue of Model Assisted Statistics and Applications focuses on the problems of statistical modeling of pandemics in general, and of the COVID-19 pandemic in particular. The goal was to consider all approaches, as this may help in the future preparation for as yet unknown pandemics or epidemics. The selected papers outline a variety of approaches to statistical modeling, the methodological value of which are all useful. View Issue

Digital Government and Gender

This special issue of Information Politics, with guest editors Mila Gasco-Hernandez, Giorgia Nesti, Maria Cucciniello, and Yenisel Gulatee, highlights that digital government needs to improve and to take women’s digital needs into account. In the content, experts explore the persisting digital gender gap in digital government research and practice and present a vision for future research. View Issue & View Press Release


NEW JOURNAL WEBSITE: The very first blog post on our Labs website explained all about how we approached designing a scalable infrastructure for our journal websites. We are now pleased to announced the latest one!

New JPRM Website

The Journal of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine (JPRM) now has its very own website that is a brand new online destination for the global pediatric rehabilitation community. Editor-in-Chief Elaine Pico invites you to view the journal content, discover the latest special themed issues, and read the latest blog posts. View website


During Q2 2021, a number of articles were published in the IOS Press journal issues that cover the topic of SDGs. Here we share extracts from some of those articles.

Sustainable Futures (Editorial), Information Polity, A. Meijer and W. Webster: "Our ambition to contribute to a sustainable future is an important stance for an academic journal to take, as we are not just committing our scholarly endeavors to creating and disseminating new knowledge and understanding, but also to using this for the greater good – in this case a stronger sustainable democratic information polity."

Techniques for Analyzing and Presenting Official Statistics Indicators (Research Article), Statistical Journal of the IAOS, R.S. Kenett and F. Maggino: "This paper considers different perspectives of indicators produced by official statistics agencies, with an emphasis on technical aspects. To illustrate the points made in the paper, we use examples from well-being indicators, e.g. from the UN's Sustainable Development Goals."

Exploring the Analytical, Normative and Transformative Dimensions of Earth System Law (Research Article), Environmental Policy and Law, L.J. Kotzé and R.E. Kim: “Sustainable development is now so ubiquitous in many of our social systems that it ‘has become ingrained as the rationale for social and economic policies and, as such, is rarely challenged, but accepted as necessary and inevitable.’ The Sustainable Development Goals are an apt example in this respect.”


EPL recently published a special issue and book on the theme of Our Earth Matters. These publications were officially launched on World Environment Day 2021 (on June 5) with a number of the authors joining together for a webinar to discuss the urgent action required for environmental governance legislation; click banner for more details:


Tech News

The power behind our linked data (LD) portal has been getting put to good use in Q2 2021. There are still more possibilities and applications for LD Connect to help us extract useful insights from our data. Read more below, along with the call for feedback!

LD Connect: Tools

Our linked data portal LD Connect has been helping us to unlock relationships in the full text data across all our journals. Supporting the task of our SDG working group with an aim to get insights into where our authors are based, we used the power of LD Connect to assess the geographical data for all authors who have published articles in our journal portfolio during the last 3 years. This was the first phase of the project and we will be sharing information into the process and outcomes in due course, with an article planned to appear on the Labs website.

We need your help!
We are looking for experts on linked data and AI tools who are willing to provide their feedback on LD Connect. We very much welcome information on any use case projects where our data has been utilized, so we can share stories and spread awareness of the power of linked data. Please submit via the "Feedback” button on the website or submit your comments by here!



During Q2 2021 (Apr–Jun), eight books were published on topics ranging from digital heath technology to stem cells and regenerative medicine. Visit our website to keep updated about new releases.

The top three viewed* books in Q2 2021 are listed here:

Handbook of Satisfiability, Second Edition
Editors: Biere, A., Heule, M., Van Maaren, H., Walsh, T. | Series: FAIA, Vol.336 | This new, revised edition captures the full breadth and depth of satisfiability (SAT), bringing together significant progress and advances in automated solving. It was officially published in May 2021 and is proving popular; be sure to get your own print copy at a discount, see below! View book | View press release | View mailing

Alzheimer's Disease and Air Pollution
Editors: Calderón-Garcidueñas, L. | Series: AIAD, Vol.8 | This book is a compilation of research pursuing the goal of establishing plausible links between air pollution and neurodegeneration. Pollution is much more than smog and hazy summer days, and we ought to be aware that the source of pollutants play a role in the brain pathology. Discount available, see mailing! View book | View press release | View mailing

Advances in Pattern-Based Ontology Engineering
Editors: Blomqvist, E., et al. | Series: SSW, Vol.51 | This book covers recent advances in ontology design and patterns, ranging from a method to instantiate content patterns, through a proposal on how to document a content pattern, to a number of patterns emerging in ontology modeling in various situations and applications. View book

*Top viewed new books in Q2 2021 via (published Apr–Jun 2021)


Get 35% off the print edition of the SAT book using the discount code SAT2021 at checkout before August 31, 2021.


COVID-19 Content

A number of new COVID-19 articles have been published in our titles during Q2 2021 (Apr–Jun) and the top viewed during this period are listed below.* View the full content list on the IOS Press site here.

An Assessment of Ergonomic Issues in the Home Offices of University Employees Sent Home Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, by T. Gerding et al., Work
Summary: The authors recommend companies accommodate workers to ensure sufficient, ergonomical tools are available for the home office environment. View Article

Parkinson’s Disease and the COVID-19 Pandemic, by C. Fearon and A. Fasano, Journal of Parkinson's Disease
Summary: The authors state a coordinated effort is required to assimilate data to answer various questions relating to COVID-19 and Parkinson's disease. View Article

Dementia-Friendly “Design”: Impact on COVID-19 Death Rates in Long-Term Care Facilities, by N.L. Olson and B.C. Albensi, Journal of Alzheimer's Disease
Summary: The authors review models in the home, community, and long-term car facilities, and argue how they could have saved lives during the pandemic. View Article

*Top viewed journal articles in Q2 2021 via (published Apr–Jun 2021)


Open Access Open Access

We are pleased to share some news from Q2 2021 about one open access agreement and one of our open access journals. Discover all about our Open Library via our website.

Open Access Institutional Agreements

New agreement for Italian institutions linked to CNR

Did you know about the "Read and Publish" agreements that are available to support open access publishing? The "Publish" element means that the article processing charges (APCs) for authors from affiliated institutions can publish open access at a discount or no cost. Under the "Read" element, affiliated institutions are granted access to IOS Press journals. The latest agreement covers a selection of institutions linked to the Italian National Research Council (CNR), as announced on our website in June 2021. Read more


Open Access Journal

Since launching in 2018, StemJournal has been establishing itself as an open access forum for stem cell research. Articles published in Q2 2021 include: a research study detailing a new intestinal organoid that can be used in the study of properties of the human gut (read the interesting author Q&A here to discover more about the system's remarkable versatility and how there are plans to customize it to mimic a desired component of the real human intestine); and a review article about the current status of stem cell therapy trials in India that highlights how treatments could be made more affordable to address the needs of patients. View more interviews with authors and board members online!

View website | View interviews | View content



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