What's New at Saper Galleries! As a friend of Saper Galleries we thought you may have interest in seeing what is new here since your last visit! (If

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What's New at Saper Galleries!

As a friend of Saper Galleries we thought you may have interest in seeing what is new here since your last visit! (If not, you may click on the unsubscribe link below.) We sure appreciate your patronage and enjoy the privilege of providing you an exciting collection of more than 1,500 original works of art by 150 artists from 15 countries, the friendliest team of art professionals to assist you, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations always. We look forward to welcoming your return visit, online or when you are in East Lansing! A joyous season to you from your friends at Saper Galleries -- Roy, Jennifer and Elisa


COMPOSICIÓN XI oil on canvas by Juan Carlos Ospina Ortiz

Juan Carlos Ospina Ortiz is a highly skilled painter of realism and still life arrangements who recently visited Saper Galleries from his home in Malaga, Spain. We were impressed with his masterful talent, the richness of his paintings, and technical ability to paint realism capturing the nuances of detail with life-like precision. We invite you to view the exhibition in the west gallery or online here.


CIRCLE OF FRIENDSHIP kinetic sculpture by Jack Hillman

Jack Hillman is a Michigan artist who designs and fabricates softly kinetic lyrical sculptures scaled for display inside a home (or office) or outdoors. With a slight touch, the sculptures slowly rotate around a pivot point bringing an element of fascination to their changing form. We awarded Jack the Saper Galleries Award at a national art competition in 2012 and are delighted that his kinetic sculptures of beauty, simplicity, and harmony are now here for you to enjoy. For photos of the sculptures we have on display and comments from the artist, click here.

FD 1217 Fin de partie

FIN DE PARTIE acrylic painting on canvas by Fabienne Delacroix

Fabienne Delacroix, from Paris, paints scenes of her native France reminiscent of a simpler time and place in the early 20th century. Like the paintings of her famed father, Michel Delacroix, Fabienne's paintings harken back to when families strolled and shared leisure time, pleasures were innocent and simple as she remembers the French countryside, Riviera and neighborhoods. See the paintings and enjoy Fabienne's comments about her artwork here and in the east gallery.


Our Most Popular Artists

We thought you might enjoy knowing who our most popular artists are. Artwork by the three artists shown below have been selected most frequently by visitors to the gallery both online and in person. You may learn more about them by clicking on the links below! And here is a listing of many other artists in our inventory.


Front of the 2015 Gonsalves wall calendar

Rob Gonsalves is by far the most popular of our artists. Every week we ship Gonsalves artwork to collectors in locations around the globe. In his "Magic Realism" Gonsalves uses the device of illusion to create images that appear as though they could happen in three dimensions. Spend time looking at the Gonsalves images and at the "eureka moment" you, too, will smile in amazement. Gonsalves, from Canada, discusses his technique and style in the video shown on this page where you can also see all his painted images and books.



Kathleen Chaney Fritz, from western Michigan, captures the splendors of Michigan in her paintings of the dunes, Mackinac, our lakes, vineyards, lighthouses, and scenes that are memories from our childhood and seasonal destinations for our families and visitors to The Great Lakes State. Her oil paintings are compelling and her limited and open edition prints are captivating reminders of places we've visited and want to remember. Her small prints are very popular gifts. See all the Kathleen Chaney artworks here!


A delicate Phoenician-style hand-blown glass pitcher made in Hebron

The famous swirled-color hand-blown glass from the ancient city of Hebron in the Palestinian territory of the West Bank is unlike blown glass created anywhere else in the world. Saper Galleries displays the world's largest collection of Hebron Glass outside of the Middle East. We selected the glass at the studio where it was made in the Palestinian West Bank and have since had additional glass vessels made for us, for you.

Produced in a Fair Trade environment, the glass is produced slowly by hand just as the artisans' ancestors did over generations. The glass vessels are functional and have been very popular gifts, displayed as rare and unique works of art. Videos of artists creating and talking about the process of making Hebron glass appear with photos of our inventory here.


Art Gifts Under $100!

In inventory today we have more than 300 works of art under $100. Inexpensive gifts by artists mentioned above are:

Rob Gonsalves books and calendars $15 to $19.
Kathleen Chaney Fritz "mini" prints starting at only $25 framed! For real! Many of the images shown here are available in small prints. Stop by or call to see what images we have today.
Hebron glass vases start at $54.

Other low-priced art gift items are shown below!


Square cocobolo box with T-shaped handle, $46.

Cocobolo wood boxes are created for us by artisans in Costa Rica under Fair Trade sustainable conditions. Today we have 75 cocobolo wood boxes in the $24 to $98 range, the largest collection of cocobolo wood boxes outside of Costa Rica. Discover the full collection of unique, solid cocobolo wood boxes here!


Mini vase, 5" tall, $68

Rick Hunter, California glass blower, creates colorful vases of unique designs, with wonderful iridescence, and in a range of sizes and styles. They have been popular gifts for weddings, thank you gifts to hosts and speakers, and many have given a Hunter vase instead of a bottle of wine as the vase lasts forever! They are fully functional so when you present a Hunter vase as a gift, consider presenting some flowers as well! See them all here.


Hand-colored etching $90

Joanne Isaac recently retired from producing intimate, exquisite, delicate hand-colored etchings. We have bought hundreds of her etchings and monoprints over more than 30 years, each created lovingly on her own hand press at her farmhouse studio in rural Pennsylvania. To learn more about the artist and her daughter Rachel and to see the Joanne Isaac etchings we have, click here.


LOV YA! ceramic wall relief $60

Allen Littlefield, New York sculptor, creates imaginative, unique ceramic wall reliefs, each depicting a personality. His ceramic forms depict facial features while communicating feelings, emotions, and relationships. We have several in the $60 to $75 range shown here.


Hand-painted Brazilian wooden box $66

Monica Martinez, from Brazil, creates unique hand-painted lids to boxes that can be used to hold letters, jewelry, coins, and collections. Functional works of art, they look beautiful on display and may contain clutter or special treasures. We have many for you to view in various sizes and designs and some with divided sections. See the full selection here!

Leslie Mitchell of Mineola, Texas has been creating raku vases for us for more than two decades. We have a variety in several sizes. Some display a grouping of them on a counter top and others have them in corporate offices. They are nice on a rotating turntable so the color variations can be viewed while slowly turning the vase. The selection of sizes and styles are shown here.

Ruth Faktor, from Israel, is one of our most popular artists, and her ceramic bas-relief wall tiles have been a frequent gift selection for nearly 30 years at Saper Galleries. We frequently send them to other countries where many are building collections of them, particularly in Australia. The ceramic tiles displayed here we personally selected at the artist's studio so you may enjoy the best of the best for your own home and gifts for others. See all that we have here!

Alice Scott is a California artist who has been creating small hand-colored etchings of delightful images since she studied print making at UCLA in 1976. She is most noted for creating her "Alice's Alphabets", small hand-colored etchings where the image contains objects beginning with the alphabet letter shown. What a beautiful book the collection would be! We can order for you letters other than those shown here.

Dr. Seuss' The Cat Behind the Hat book is a hefty 320 pages of Dr. Seuss' 70 years of artwork including both his "secret art" and the imagery used in his 60+ books. From his early advertising art to political cartoons, magazine illustrations to the drawings used for his famous children's book illustrations, it's all contained in this book along with commentary describing the art of Dr. Seuss through the years. See the entire Seuss collection here.


Stone sculpture of family of 6, $78

Shona tribe hand-carved stone sculptures from Zimbabwe, Africa depict the importance and value of family relationships, respect, support, and love. Artists in Zimbabwe live under harsh conditions with unemployment recently reported at 85% and poverty effecting most of the population. Zimbabwe sculptors tell us that our purchasing their sculptures allows them to send children to schools. See the collection here.

Jenny Tapping, from Great Britain, has created very small, intimate etchings that she carefully hand-colors with great detail. We have enjoyed her etchings as small portraits of floral arrangements, some drawn in a loving heart shape with heavy embossing. You can see the detail enlarged when clicking on the photographs of available etchings shown here.


A Gift From the Framing Team

Museum glass display 1000x750

Display showing the reduced reflection benefit of "Museum Glass"

Our professional picture framing team is headed by Jennifer who has managed our in-house framing operation for more than 20 years. With experience having framed more than 31,000 projects, the friendly and helpful team are experts in properly framing every item brought to us with a keen sense of design, aesthetics, precise accuracy and finishing detail. Here is more information about how the Saper Galleries team is different than most others and a gift to you for reading it!


Comments or questions? We would love to hear from you! Visit Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm eastern time or the First Sunday monthly from 1 to 4pm, call (517-351-0815), write or Live Chat now! Here is what others have written.