Thank you for being part of the IsraelDev community. Each month we bring you reviews of past and upcoming events, featured members, international deve

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Thank you for being part of the IsraelDev community. Each month we bring you reviews of past and upcoming events, featured members, international development articles, opportunities to get involved and more. Feel free to contact us about anything you read below or to get involved!

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Upcoming Events

For those of you looking to travel there are some exciting international events coming up. Please let us know if you attend any of these events we would love to hear about your experiences!

September 2nd: SOCAP, San Francisco

SOCAP is an annual event series that connects leading global innovators – investors, foundations, institutions and social entrepreneurs – to build this market at the intersection of money and meaning.

Will you be there? Contact Curtis Peterson, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Pears Program to let him know and get connected to other IsraelDev members attending.

**September 17-19th: Glocal Convention, Kigali, Rwanda

An African developer and startup convention, Glocal Convention aims at promoting locally developed content with global quality and market appeal.

This year’s convention shall bring together top technologists from the continent and beyond to share experiences, inspire and challenge the next generation of techpreneurs as well as create an agenda for continental innovation policy.

Other features of GLOCAL 2014 are the Innovator space and Exhibition, the Glocal Convention Start up Awards and Scholarships, and various Networking Events.

28 August & 8-9 October, South Africa: Tech4Africa

Tech4Africa's Vision:

We think that the best tech ecosystems in the world have regular events which bring together people in tech to learn, meet new people and have lots of fun.

We don’t like suits and ties, there are no plenaries, committees and chairpeople. We focus on great content and value for all who attend, free wifi, coffee all day, fun at night, and an electric atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else.

Past Events

July 17-20th: Innovation Workshops in Rwanda

The Pears Innovation for International Development Program partnered with nfrnds, an innovative Israel start-up that has developed a social network platform that can be accessed even on the most basic phones who ran 2 successful Innovation Workshops in Rwanda's KLab, two in Kigali.

Read more about these exciting workshops in the Next Billion and stay tuned for more Innovation Workshops in East Africa coming up soon!

Food Security Summer Course, Tel Aviv University

This July, Tel Aviv University's Manna Center Program in Food Safety and Security launched its first 2-week long graduate level summer Institute which was attended by 100 students from various disciplines and countries that included Israel, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, Tanzania, India, Ecuador, and Canada.

Next year's Food Safety & Security Summer Institute will take place over 3 weeks: July 5-24, 2015 and the program will continue the conversation about Food Security with public lectures throughout the year.
For more information, contact:

Israeli Innovation for Development

How Israel's Leading Ebola Expert could irradiate the Virus and Why the U.S. Military is investing in Him

Africa is facing its worst Ebola outbreak in history, with over 1600 reported cases of infection, a death toll of 880 and rising and a startling mortality rate of up to 90 percent and no existing cure.

However Dr. Leslie Lobel, an Israeli researcher at Ben Gurion University and one of the world's experts on the Ebola virus, is currently ahead of many of his international colleagues when it comes to discovering a vaccine that could make humans immune to the virus. (Read more)

The ‘Memory’ Of Starvation Stays In Your Genes For Three Generations, Tel Aviv Researchers Show

In a paper published recently in the journal “Cell,” Dr. Oded Rechavi and his colleagues at Tel Aviv University‘s Faculty of Life Sciences and Sagol School of Neuroscience explored a genetic mechanism in worms that passes on the body’s response to starvation to up to three subsequent generations, with potential implications for humans exposed to starvation. (Read more)

All the more reason to take food security seriously! (See above)

Innovation for Development News

African Heads of State attend U.S.- Africa Leaders Summit

President Obama welcomed leaders from across the African continent to the nation’s capital for a three-day U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, the first such event of its kind.

The theme of the Summit was "Investing in the Next Generation." Focusing on the next generation is at the core of a government’s responsibility and work, and this Summit provided an opportunity to discuss ways of stimulating growth, unlocking opportunities, and creating an enabling environment for the next generation. (Read more)

GE to Invest $2 billion in Africa by 2018

GE announced last week that it will invest $2 billion in facility development, skills training, and sustainability initiatives across Africa by 2018. GE made the announcement in advance of President Obama’s U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, where GE is hosting African and global government officials, policy experts, NGOs, entrepreneurs and business leaders for a conference on investment, infrastructure, and innovation in Africa. (Read more)

A tablet a day

There are millions of children out of school in the conflict-ridden northeast of Nigeria, but in one classroom the future is looking brighter. In a co-educational private secondary school in Yola, the capital of Adamawa state, teenagers each sit in front of a computer. They are enrolled in an extra-curricular class run by the nearby American University of Nigeria (AUN), which prepares them for university degrees in science, technology, maths and engineering. At the front of the class, their teacher—an engaging doctor from the university—uses a $40 credit card-sized computer known as a ‘Raspberry Pi’ to project mathematical charts on a whiteboard. (Read more)

IsraelDev Member of the Month

​​Maya Oren is the Program Director of Tel Aviv University's Manna Center Program for Food Safety & Security. Maya was instrumental in launching the program’s first interdisciplinary Summer Institute this past July, which brought together Israeli and international students to study about the various issues of dealing with global food insecurity.

Throughout her life, Maya has been committed to both international development and environmental issues across the globe, participating in diverse project such as working on homeless gardening projects in San Francisco to studying Permaculture design in the Arava desert, to managing a study on the adoption of agricultural innovation among Ugandan female farmers. TAU’s program allows her to combine her two passions and train the future generation of global leaders to speak a common language of food security.

Fun Feature

How to to look smart to development geeks

Here’s a few tips to instantly up your credibility no matter who you are meeting with…


Spend 6-8 Weeks in Rwanda mentoring African entrepreneurs

African Entrepreneur Collective’s Global Mentor Program brings experienced professionals from around the world to guide Rwandan entrepreneurs through the challenges of operating a business. You’ll work one-on-one with a young innovator, improving their enterprise, teaching him or her new skills, and, ultimately, contributing to job creation in Rwanda.

Mentors recieve free free lodging in a spacious, seven-bedroom guesthouse in a safe and well situated neighborhood in Kigali and in-country staff will assist you in getting situated in the city and learning new customs.

Contact us for more info

Pearson Affordable Learning Fund and Village Capital are looking for their next batch of edupreneurs in Africa.

The edupreneurs program will operate in South Africa but education entrepreneurs from the entire continent are invited to apply for the incubator program.

Pearson and Village Capital are looking for startups that serve students in low-income communities. Projects need to be for-profit but not necessarily tech focused. The program will start in fall, hosting up to 15 startups. The two winners, which will be selected through peer review, will receive up to $75k in seed funding.

Applications for the program are now open and close end of August with the selected participants being announced end of September. The program starts in October and runs through early January. (Click here for more details)

11th Annual Entrepreneurship Conference, Kampala - Call for Papers

The MUBS Entrepreneurship Centre with the Whitman School of Management, Syracuse, USA announce the 11th Annual Entrepreneurship Conference under the theme ‘Promoting Employment through Small and Medium Enterprises'.

The Conference will be held from November 10 - 14, 2014 in Kampala, Uganda. The Conference presents a great opportunity for researchers, practitioners, academics, and policy makers to present research findings, case studies, policy papers and life experiences about the theme. Contact us for more info.

5 Innovation Challenges you can apply for in the coming weeks

Devex highlights 5 Development-related challenges with deadlines coming up soon! Check them out here!

Demand Solutions: Ideas for Improving Quality of Life, Dec. 2 2014

The Inter American Development Bank (IADB) is hosting in Washington DC an event Demand Solutions: Ideas for Improving Quality of Life, a one-day event on Dec. 2 2014, where innovator and entrepreneurs will come together to discuss and share innovative solutions that address development issues in Latin America and the Caribbean. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from and meet the innovators as well as interact with some of the solutions being presented.

The event is also an opportunity to network with entrepreneurs, development professionals, and other like-minded individuals.
Conference organizers are open to the possibility of financing the arrival entrepreneurs from Israel with particularly promising initiatives.

For more information, please contact us.

Recommended Reading

Please see the IsraelDev website for a full list of our latest recommended reads on International Development.

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