Welcome to the 2020 Foundation and Diploma in Printmaking Exhibition

As regular visitors and friends of the workshop will know we always hold an End of Year Exhibition for our Foundation and Diploma in Printmaking students.
For us it's a real highlight of the year, seeing all our students' hard work displayed in the workshop - and it always looks so good! We love seeing how they have progressed through the year from sometimes real beginners to exhibiting printmakers. And for the students it's usually their first exhibition, sometimes their first sales and the initial step in becoming artist printmakers.

This year was no different; In March the course was coming to an end and our students were working hard on their exhibition pieces and looking forward to the exhibition.

And then it all changed. We don't need to go into the reasons here as it has had a huge effect on everyone's lives. The lockdown has meant that we are not able to hold our annual exhibition and our students were robbed of a chance to show you their fabulous work.

And therefore like so many other galleries we are going virtual! We hope you enjoy this first of three instalments of our Foundation and Diploma in Printmaking Exhibition. This time we are highlighting the work of the students that were studying on the Monday morning course.

The Foundation in Printmaking from September 2020

Monday Mornings 30 weeks
9:30am - 12:30pm
7th Sept 2020 - 19th April 2021

If you have been inspired by the work displayed here why not sign up for this year's Foundation in Printmaking which starts in September 2020.

Now in it's eighth year we are delighted to be the only printmaking workshop in the South of England to offer this comprehensive Foundation in Printmaking. This course is ideal for people who are looking for a more in-depth course than our single technique and introductory courses. It builds on practical printmaking techniques and also covers print related areas such as printmaking papers, inks, drawing for printmaking, self-directed study, tutorials with visiting Artist/Printmakers, presenting work for display or exhibition.

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