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Burke Road Vet Clinic & Hospital February Newsletter

This month we delve into the reasons for needing general anaesthesia for your pet's dental scale & polish, and teach you some easy at-home ways to maintain optimum oral health!
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Why is General Anesthesia Necessary For Your Pet's Dental Procedure?

When it comes to teeth, did you know that at least 60% of the actual tooth structure is under the gum line? Partially removing plaque and tartar from the exposed part of the tooth (the white part you can see) is only cosmetic and is not enough to fix problems lurking under the gum line. The teeth may look good, however plaque and bacteria can still be sneaking around where you can't see, which can cause disease, tooth decay, and gingivitis, all of which is very painful.

A general anaesthetic is essential for a thorough and correct cleaning, as we can't say 'open wide' to our pets and clean the teeth properly while they are awake. General anaesthesia also facilitates proper pain-free probing of each tooth's support structure, allowing correct assessment and treatment of fractured or rotten teeth. Proper scaling of each tooth requires dental instruments, which dislodge pieces of plaque. Also, without a breathing tube placed while your pet is asleep, there is nothing to protect your pet's precious airways from aspirating water and debris.

We care about your pet's dental health, and offer FREE nurse dental checks to ensure that together, we can keep your pet's teeth not only sparkly on the outside but disease and pain free too. Please call 9822 3268 to book your pet in with one of our knowledgeable, experienced nurses.


An Easy Way To Help Keep Your Pet's Teeth Clean...

Did you know a simple switch in diet can help maintain good oral health? Dry food is much better for teeth than canned food, however many dry food diets crumble when chewed which doesn't provide much mechanical removal of plaque.

Hills Prescription T/D is a premium pet food which contains a fibre that allows the kibble to maintain tooth contact whilst being chewed, providing mechanical cleaning! There is a significant statistical difference in reduction of plaque, calculus and dental stains in cats and dogs that are fed the diet exclusively by simply feeding Hills T/D to your cats & dogs.

Burke Road Vet Clinic keeps Hills Prescription T/D in stock for our canine and feline friends and is backed by a palatability guarantee - if your pet doesn't like it simply return it for your money back!

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Raffle - Win A Bag Of Hills Prescription T/D for your pet!

Simply guess how many T/D nuggets are in the jar on our reception desk for your chance to WIN a bag of Hills Prescription T/D dog or cat food! The raffle only costs a gold coin donation, which will go to Noah's Bark Dog Rescue, who work tirelessly to rehome pets in need. The raffle will be drawn at the end of February & the winner announced on Facebook & in our next newsletter.

Pet of the Month

Click here to meet Clio our February 2018 pet of the month!

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